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Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone and Your Face Shape 2023

Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone and Your Face Shape 2022

Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone and Your Face Shape 2023

If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a new piece of jewelry, knowing how to match it with your skin tone and face shape could make a real difference. Use the guide below to learn how to ensure your bling makes you sparkle as much as it does!

Determining Your Skin Tone

To get started, you first need to identify what your skin tone is: there are three main tones, cool, neutral, and warm. Knowing this will help you to find not only the best type of jewelry for you but also the colors and shades to plump for, in terms of clothes and other accessories, to pull off the best look possible.

Those with a cool skin tone will usually burn easily in the sun and rarely tan. The veins of the wrist will appear bluish. Warm skin tones tan easily and don’t often burn; for these people, the veins on their wrist will have a green tint. Those whose veins look neither green nor blue usually have a neutral skin tone.

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Best Type Of Jewelry For Your Skin Tone

If you have a cool skin tone, then jewelry made of lighter colored metal will look best on you: think silver, white gold, and platinum, while those with warm skin tones will normally find that yellow and rose gold, brass, and copper colors look beautiful against their skin. People who have neutral skin tones will probably find that they can wear all colors of metals to equally lovely effect. Have a look at my name necklace to get an idea of how the same item of jewelry appears when made from different metals and for the options available when it comes to personalized pieces of jewelry.

When it comes to jewels and precious or semi-precious stones, your skin tone will come into play, too, to select the type that will look best on you. Cool skin tones look fabulous against emerald, bright blue, and deep purple and red colored stones; lavender, light pink, and lavender look beautiful, too. Those with warm skin tones should select ruby, yellow, and earthy toned jewels, while gray, white, and navy blue shades of stones will particularly benefit neutral skin tones.

Finding Your Face Shape

It’s super easy to determine your face shape: simply snap a selfie on your phone, or stand in front of a mirror and have a look! There are six face shapes, and here’s how to tell which you have:

Round – You have a round face shape if your cheekbones are the widest part of your face, you have a rounded chin, and the sides of your face are slightly curved.

Square – This face shape is approximately as long as it is wide, and you may have a fairly sharply angled jaw; the sides of your face will appear straight.

Heart – Heart-shaped faces can be identified by their foreheads, which will be the widest part of the face and a slightly pointed chin. If you have this shape of face, your hairline will be about the same width as your cheeks.

Oval – This type of face is longer than it is wide and features a soft, curved jawbone; your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face.

Rectangular – This face shape is longer than it is wide, and the chin will be slightly curved. Your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead will all be roughly the same width.

Diamond – Diamond-shaped faces will have a pointed chin and high cheekbones; these types of faces are similar to heart-shaped faces but will have a narrower hairline.

Choosing The Best Jewelry For Your Face Shape

If you have a round face, then choose earrings that are long and straight, or tear-dropped shape, to elongate your face. Similarly, look for necklaces that are V-shaped and extend beyond the collarbone.

Square-shaped folk will benefit from choosing round earrings, as these will help to balance out the angles of the face; anything too angular should be avoided, although chandelier earrings can be worn to great effect by those with square-shaped faces. When it comes to selecting a necklace, princess-length is likely to look best on you, and round or curved pendant necklaces will also be lovely; necklaces that are shorter than the collarbone are probably best avoided.

If your face is heart-shaped, then chunky or oversized earrings are a great option. Cluster and chandelier styles are also likely to be extremely complimentary too. Necklaces that sit on or above the collarbone will suit you best, and an eye-catching jewel or pendant serves as a beautiful way to balance out a strong jawline.

Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone and Your Face Shape 2022

Oval-shaped faces can wear stud or cluster earrings to wonderful effect, and small hoops are a good choice, too. Avoid long earrings with a straight drop, which can result in the face looking longer than it actually is. When selecting a necklace, go for one that sits on, or close to, the collarbone; avoid V-shapes, but opt, instead, for chunky necklaces that sit in a curved shape against the body when worn.

If you have a rectangular-shaped face, then round or curvy earrings will look best on you; square shapes are best avoided – small hoops embellished with some sparkle are a good choice, too. Find necklaces that incorporate round features or jewels – such as pearls, which are set to be huge on the fashion scene this year. Necklaces that sit on or near the collarbone, or choker styles, will look particularly lovely with your face shape.

Diamond face-shapes will look fabulous with hoop earrings or statement round or long earrings, while square shapes wouldn’t be the best choice. For necklaces, plump for princess length, or options that feature round central stones or pendants, and steer clear of chains that sit above the collarbone.

Picking The Perfect Jewelry

Use the guide above to determine your skin tone and face shape so that you can select the perfect jewelry every time, whether you’re looking for a fancy occasion set or a personalized piece for everyday wear.

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Choosing Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone and Your Face Shape 2023

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