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CBD oil: the miracle cure for fitness and health 2023

CBD oil: the miracle cure for fitness and health 2022

CBD oil: the miracle cure for fitness and health 2023

CBD is the abbreviation for the cannabinoid cannabidiol. Cannabinoids are natural, chemical messengers that are mainly found in the hemp plant, i.e. in cannabis.

They act on a network of receptors – the endocannabinoid system or endogenous cannabinoid system – in the nervous system. Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is not psychoactive – you do not get “high” or “stoned” from it – and is found primarily in female hemp.

Before discovering all the benefits of CBD oil, you can also find out about CBD oil and relaxation and to treat stess.

The promised effects of CBD oil

Some effects are not only promised but have already been proven by studies:

– Pain relief for both chronic and inflammatory pain. For example, in arthritis/joint inflammation and other joint pain due to inflammatory joint diseases, rheumatism, neuropathic nerve pain in connection with inflammatory processes, headache, migraine, muscle pain and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease

But CBD oil has a lot more to offer:

  • – Stops nausea and vomiting
  • – Relaxing, antispasmodic
  • – Against skin problems such as dry skin, neurodermatitis, psoriasis and acne
  • – Anti-inflammatory
  • – No side effects, no addiction potential and no withdrawal symptoms as with many drugs
  • – Soothing
  • – No sluggishness
  • – Positive mood

How is CBD oil used?

The CBD oil is dripped under the tongue and kept there for as long as possible. Under the tongue, the mucous membranes can best absorb the oil and thus the CBD and the other ingredients in the oil.

The CBD oil is only intended for sublingual ingestion, i.e. under the tongue! Besides, you should not exceed the recommended daily dose of the drops!

Patients and users often say that they notice an effect or improvement after just a few minutes.

In what forms is CBD still available?

In addition to the CBD oils with partially different concentrations of CBD extracts, there are also:

  • – Liquids: CBD is crystallized out and then liquefied again as a filling for e-cigarettes, effect and legal situation unclear

CBD oil: the miracle cure for fitness and health 2023

  • – CBD flowers: are smoked, often challenging to assess the quality, it is legal in Europe and the UK.
  • – CBD capsules: Oil capsules for swallowing and are therefore easy to take without the taste of hemp, auxiliary substances in the capsules can hinder the absorption of CBD, as well as uptake by the stomach.
  • – Crystals: The CBD content of the crystals is 98 % and more. It can be vaporized and inhaled by vaporization or smoked, sucked under the tongue or dissolved in oil for ingestion or rubbing in, drinks or food.
  • – Creams: cosmetic benefits, possibly medical benefits externally.

Who shouldn’t use CBD oil?

In general, there are no user restrictions on the products. However, anyone who has or develops an allergy to CBD or other components in the dosage forms should understandably avoid it.

Besides, children should not merely get CBD oil, as there is no long-term study that can tell about the effects of growth. Pregnant women should refrain from this during pregnancy, as no statements about the impact on an unborn child can be made.

What should you look for in CBD products?

In addition to your tolerance, you should pay particular attention to the purity of the CBD product. Do you buy high-quality products from reputable suppliers, or is it the wrong stuff from “backyard dealers”?

If you want to buy a CBD product, it’s best to check this list beforehand:

  • – Do you get tips and hints from the provider on how to find the right product for you and how to use it correctly?
  • – Can you get in touch with the provider personally – by phone, email, etc. – to ask questions that will then be answered?
  • – Can the provider prove the origin, processing and quality standard of the CBD products?
  • – Is the provider certified?

Can you see the analysis certificates and pollutant tests from the provider?

If you have to answer even one point with a no, then you should consider whether you want to buy there because there are real providers who can answer all points with a yes.

You will now get to know a provider like this. One of these reputable providers with high-quality products is!

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How is cannabidiol used?

The CBD approved for patients with epilepsy (SD and SLG.) is the oil; Epidiolex. Despite this, some laboratories have developed other presentations to treat problems related to joint pain.

CBD oil: the miracle cure for fitness and health 2023

  • CBD oil. The correct use is by sublingual intake, either spray or drops. It should be placed under the tongue to absorb little by little. KERNNABIS soft capsules (also contains valerian and B vitamins). Here you have the best selection of CBD oils to buy.

Collection of CBD Oils at Angulo Pharmacy

  • Cremas de CBD: Por ejemplo, la crea DOLICBD CREMA 60 ML es una combinación de cannabidol, romero y árnica para ser aplicado de forma tópica y así aliviar las articulaciones. Incluso la famosa marca FISIOCREM ha sacado su crema FISIOCREM CANNABIS. Aquí tienes la mejor selección de cremas de CBD para comprar.

Colección de Cremas de CBD en Farmacia Angulo

Efectos secundarios

Tal como sucede con cualquier medicamento, es posible experimentar algunos efectos secundarios, los cuales son:

  • Presión arterial baja y mareos
  • Sequedad buccal
  •  Somnolence
  • Pérdida de apetito

If used in the proper dosage and orally, this medicine does not pose a health risk. Despite this, an excessive dose can cause liver damage. 

Regarding topical cannabidiol in cream, there is not enough information to warn about the side effects that it can cause.

Contraindications and special precautions

To avoid possible adverse effects, it is necessary to expose what type of patients this drug is contraindicated and the special precautions that must be taken in its use.

  • It is contraindicated in pregnant patients. Cannabidiol is not safe during pregnancy or lactation.
  • Kids. Although Epidiolex is allowed for pediatric patients, other forms of CBD may not be secure. Therefore, we recommend consulting your GP not to put your child’s health at risk.
  • Pathologies. Patients with liver diseases should consume lower doses of CBD. It is essential to avoid self-medication. For patients with PD (Parkinson’s Disease), indiscriminate use of this drug is not recommended since it can worsen the pathology. It is important to remember that there is still a lack of clinical studies to ensure the efficacy of this drug in this type of pathology.
  • Herbs. Care should be taken when taking this medication in combination with other herbs or supplements, as it may cause excessive drowsiness or dizziness.

Frequent questions

Next, we will indicate a series of questions related to the use and effectiveness of this medicine.

Is CBD safe for people with cancer?

Currently, clinical studies in mice are being carried out to verify the efficacy of cannabidiol against cancer. 

According to preliminary data, this drug positively influenced the development of cancer cells in mice with colon or lung cancer. Despite these positive data, no clinical studies have been conducted on cancer patients. Therefore, there is a long research road to travel.

It is common to find statements on social networks or websites of dubious origin that cannabidiol can prevent and even cure some types of cancer. Still, according to official bodies, this information is false. We do not recommend the use of cannabidiol in cancer patients.

Can I buy CBD?

The purchase of this drug is made with the prior indication. However, in some countries, CBD and THC are prohibited. It is due to the terrible consequences that the use of marijuana as a recreational method has caused.

Although some states and even the FDA have approved CBD for medicinal use, we recommend consulting the state laws of each State before transporting CBD; in this way, unpleasant moments are avoided.

What does it feel like to take CBD?

As we have explained, this medicine contains a low dose of THC, so it does not cause the effects of hysteria, dizziness, lethargy, and hallucinations of marijuana. However, a sensation of calm is experienced when using it that relieves ailments.

Where to buy medicinal cannabidiol?

It is recommended to go to authorized health centers to sell this drug. We do not recommend acquiring it from street vendors or unauthorized stores. In pharmacies, there are already creams to reduce ailments that carry CBD.

Suppose you buy this medicine from a place of dubious origin. In that case, you risk acquiring a poorly formulated treatment with a lower dosage of CBD or even with a high contribution of THC, which can cause health problems.


Cannabidiol is a medicine that is under investigation. It has been possible to confirm its comprehensive efficacy in patients with epilepsies due to Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. 

Of course, for the patient to benefit from this drug, it is necessary to follow the dosage of a health expert.

On the other hand, although there are some promising clinical trials in other areas of health, these are unproven, so we dismiss the use of CBD in other regions.

CBD oil: the miracle cure for fitness and health 2023

Now, we must consider that the use of this plant has generated controversy. Therefore, it is illegal in some countries. We recommend consulting the State’s laws to avoid fines or legal penalties.

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