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Can you get a promotion and a salary increase after obtaining the CCIE certification?

Can you get a promotion and a salary increase after obtaining the CCIE certification

Can you get a promotion and a salary increase after obtaining the CCIE certification?

Whether it is CCIE or HCIE, as two advanced certifications launched by Cisco and Huawei, they are still one of the very popular and few certificates so far.

Based on this, we can see that, in theory, obtaining CCIE can realize the salary increase desire of most of the bottom-level net workers who are struggling in the front line. The gold content of the CCIE certificate with this course is still sufficient, although more and more people pass it. But in comparison, it is still a small part.

Theory is the theory, let’s discuss the reality. Take an ordinary undergraduate freshman majoring in network engineering as an example:

Generally speaking, graduates who want to enter the network engineering industry will generally choose to work in an integrator for 1-2 years, focusing on after-sales work and accumulating certain project experience.

After working for 2 years, you will find that your salary is lower when you work in the integrator, and you work more, but the salary range is not greatly improved. At this time, if you want to change careers, you have three options: pre-sale engineer, transfer to A Party enterprises, as well as transfer manufacturers work.

For pre-sale engineer, your eloquence and language skills are required. If you transfer to the first party and the manufacturer, there are requirements for academic qualifications and certificates.

Among the three options, the salary and treatment of Party A and the manufacturer are also the best. In this case, do you think a CCIE certificate can solve the problem that you want to change jobs?

If you have an IE certificate, your competitors don’t. Under the same circumstances, who would the company want? It goes without saying.


Is CCIE certification exam difficult to pass?

CCIE is the top grade certified by the two major manufacturers. Obtaining it means that you have obtained one of the top and most valuable network engineer certifications in the network engineer industry in the global Internet field, and it is also one of the most authoritative and respected certificates recognized by the IT industry.

Is it difficult to test CCIE exam? From an objective point of view, there is still a certain degree of difficulty. After all, there are not too many people who have passed, and it can be seen from the ratio. But from a personal point of view, when the institution is becoming more and more mature, choosing a good institution and following it carefully, we don’t think it is very difficult to pass it.

With the scientific course design and study arrangement, and the instructors who have won CCIE certificate to escort you, in fact, subjectively, it has made people feel at ease too much.

Where there is a will, there is a way. It is not just a formalist manifesto.

03 Is it better to take CCIE exam online or offline?

Although I used offline teaching when I learned CCIE, it did not prevent me from thinking that online education would be better than offline.


You see, with online education, your learning will not be limited by time and space. You can control your time to study anytime, anywhere, and fully realize the ideal state of fragmented learning. Most importantly, the sharing of educational resources can be used.

Maybe you are a small net worker on the fringe of a third-tier city, and you can’t get in touch with any bigwigs, let alone any offline institutions, which are sky-high prices.

But the development of online education gives you the opportunity of “fair education”, you will have access to the great lecturers of CCIE, you can contact the seniors who have worked in BAT for 10+ years, and you can watch the limited boring work to an infinite industry future.

Breaking down educational barriers is the real meaning of online education.

In addition, there are some people who are very concerned about the lab exam. They are not teaching offline one-on-one. They are afraid that they are too stupid to learn, and they are not able to learn well online. They always think that offline teaching can be more practical.

This is also an unnecessary concern. Online teaching is also one-on-one. If you have any questions, you will be bold. You can ask any questions after class. It is impossible only for you to use the real machine offline. We are all online and offline operation, what’s the difference?

04 Are there requirements for computer configuration to learn CCIE certification?

All the requirements for computer configuration are the practice part of the LAB. In fact, it does not matter much. If you have signed up for classes, generally speaking, we will provide you with solutions, such as opening a remote server for you, allowing you practice hard and make an appointment in advance. D2R runes Farming Guide including the best areas and monsters to hunt for high runes

In general, the minimum computer requirements are:

CPU: more than 2.5GHZ


Hard Disk: 100GB

Network: Internet access

Software: Windows 7 or later


CCIE is too difficult. Can I take the IA/IP test first? Many people will have this confuse.

It is certainly possible to take the IA or IP certification first, but the cost-effective is not too high.

From the perspective of market demand, if you want to achieve the so-called high salary, CCIE is a relatively clear choice. When most people want to take a test, they don’t directly search for job information like me.

You will sit there thinking and reluctantly choose the primary certification. You feel that these are just blank sheets of paper, and they don’t represent anything. It’s fine to have them. You don’t need to take such a high level, and it takes time and money.

But what if you can’t pass it?

Is it possible to spend the registration cost again and take the test again?

My level is not enough, and self-study is half a bucket of water, so let’s try the beginners first…

Is this your mental activity?

In the face of unknown things, people are more willing to choose conservative strategies to reduce their own risks.

Therefore, you are afraid to invest because you do not understand, not because you are not good, so you dare not invest.


How much is the Cisco certification registration cost?

The cost for the CCNA exam is 325 US Dollars, which is about RMB 2,230 Yuan, and the certificate is valid for 3 years;

Among the CCNP exams, the exam cost for ROUTE, SWITCH and TSHOOT are all 300 US dollars, which is about 2060 Yuan, and the three exams total 6180 Yuan. The CCNP certificate is also valid for three years;

The registration cost for the CCIE written exam is 450 US dollars, which is about 3090 Yuan in RMB. The CCIE written cost is valid for 18 months. During these 18 months, candidates need to take the CCIE LAB exam, which is the CCIE experimental exam. Registration for the exam, the cost is high. The registration cost for the Hong Kong examination room and the mobile examination room is 1,600 US dollars and 1,900 US dollars respectively, and the registration cost for the Beijing examination room is 10,800 Yuan.

07 What is the direction of Cisco’s new version of EI?

Is it different from the previous version of RS?

With the change of Cisco’s certification system, the direction of Cisco’s CCIE exam has also changed. In addition to adjustments in the addition, merger and cancellation of various subjects, the examination methods and examination contents have also been changed accordingly. This is a major change in the past two decades.

The EI direction is a key point that everyone is very concerned about. The cancellation of the RS routing exchange direction has led to the birth of EI.

D2R runes Farming Guide including the best areas and monsters to hunt for high runes

Compared with the old version of CCIE RS, the content of CCIE EI has increased by 50%. The new content includes 25% soft-defined SDN technology, 15% security and features, and 10% programming and other technologies.

The EI architecture is actually a new beginning of the digital transformation of the enterprise network, and automation and intelligence are the development directions of the EI CCIE assessment.

The future of the EI direction also indicates that we should be well prepared in the transformation stage of enterprise network architecture design.

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Can you get a promotion and a salary increase after obtaining the CCIE certification?

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