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It can be a wonderful experience to work as a travel nurse. For young nurses seeking expertise in both their career and personal lives, combining the responsible and demanding work of nursing with the fun and novelty of travel is excellent.

Consider accepting assignments in one of the major cities if you aim to expand your expertise and get a good travel nurse salary. Traveling to different places and embarking on new adventures can be made more interesting by trying out new cafes, visiting nearby tourist sites, and living like a local. Each place you visit will provide memorable experiences, whether to further your knowledge or to check out a famous restaurant.

The global pandemic has shown us how important our essential workers are. Especially in underserved communities and areas, skilled nurses can make a huge difference in communities. For this reason, and with the rest of the world turning to remote work and lifestyle changes, more nurses than ever are considering options for working on the road.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a travel nurse, pursuing a career in nursing, or finding a better way to juggle your work and personal life, read on to learn more about ways to become a travel nurse.

Nursing programs and education

The first step to becoming a travel nurse is getting your nursing credentials. Whether you want to become an LNA, RN, MSRN, or even a nurse practitioner, you’ll need to start by finding the accredited program that’s right for you.

Once you’ve decided on the type of nursing degree you hope to get, consider contacting a college counseling service with a search such as “college coach near me” to get in touch with consultants from agencies like Empowerment.

Empowerly counselors can help improve your chances of getting into your best school and can give you a good head start on your career path to becoming a traveling nurse. From help preparing for the interview to advice on the application process, they will be able to help you get into the nursing program that is best for you.

The right recruiting network

After completing your education and clinical rotations and completing the licensing process, the best way to become a traveling nurse is to connect with a recruiting service.

Especially if you have experience under your belt, places like Fusion Marketplace can help connect you to businesses all over the United States where you can choose the locations and assignments that are right for you. If you are someone with a sense of adventure, you can also take advantage of your free time to discover new regions.

The perfect balance of work and play, becoming a travel nurse through a hookup platform like Fusion is a fantastic way to put your professional and personal needs first.

A desire to make a difference

As someone willing to work hard to become a traveling nurse, chances are that making a big difference in the world is important to you. By becoming a traveling health care provider, you can be sure that your desire to make positive changes in the world will be fulfilled.

Able to work in underserved communities or even in crisis situations, your flexibility will benefit the entire country. Not only will you improve your skills working with a more diverse group of people, but you will also gain experience working in all types of healthcare settings and environments.

As a traveling essential worker, you will be on the front line for situations like the pandemic, but you can also choose to work in specialist areas of interest. Through the use of a fantastic recruitment service, the power will be in your hands on how you decide to make a difference.

Ultimately, your essential work as a travel nurse could be great not only for the people and communities you serve, but also for your own quality of life and peace of mind.

If you’ve always wanted to explore new places, enjoy challenges and variety, and hope to make a difference as a nurse, consider researching your dream school or contacting a travel nurse recruiter today. You and your patients will be glad you did in the future.

Here is a list of places you can consider in the US to work as a travel nurse:

·       New York: It doesn’t get any better than a big NYC hospital if you’re searching for chances to grow your skill set and want to be engaged in a bustling hospital environment. Mount Sinai Hospital, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and NYU Langone are some of the more well-known hospitals.

Furthermore, in New York City, there is never a shortage of things to buy with your income. Before your mission is up, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy things like the Met, Central Park, and Broadway performances.

·       Alaska: Alaska has to be one of the US’s most gorgeous and wildest regions. This sparsely populated state is far away and only loosely connected to most things we take for granted in the lower 48.

Medical staff is undoubtedly one thing Alaska needs. For first timers wishing to optimize their earnings while experiencing Alaska’s breath-taking scenery, the salaries in Alaska are often much more significant than those in the rest of America. The hub for all travel nurse jobs is Anchorage because it is the state’s largest city.

·       Texas: Austin offers a totally different experience from Alaska. This metropolitan setting in central Texas provides a way more comfortable environment to live and work.

Austin and Anchorage do, however, share the requirement for a larger pool of qualified nursing personnel. For many years, Austin has seen one of the nation’s fastest population growth rates. A consistent result of this population growth is a rise in the need for trained personnel, especially nurses.

Austin is a magnet for nursing staff due to its reputation for excellent food, pleasant weather for much of the year, and fantastic music culture.

·       San Francisco: There are many exciting spots to discover in this seaside metropolis, such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Golden Gate Park, and Alcatraz Island. Although living expenses are high, travel nurses can earn an average of $99,000 to $128,000 annually. This city’s healthcare organizations are setting the standard for cutting-edge treatments and innovations.

San Francisco can be a perfect option if you’re trying to improve your expertise while having access to a wide range of tourist attractions to explore.

·       Boston: Some of the top medical schools are known to be located in Boston and the surrounding cities. This calls for an abundance of learning, research, and new technologies. Working at renowned institutions like Beth Israel, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Children’s Hospital will significantly help your career.

On your days off, there are many things to do in Boston, such as attending a sporting event at Fenway Park, viewing the Old North Church, and going to the Museum of Fine Arts.

How to decide?

There are a few things most people stress when it comes to traveling nursing jobs. Most of the time, people seek a combination of the two—a fascinating place that offers the chance to make money. However, if your main goal is to make as much money as possible while you’re there, you should concentrate on the places that offer the best income without being unreasonably expensive.

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