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Best Cooking Shows That’ll Always be on the top List

Best Cooking Shows That’ll Always be on the top List

Best Cooking Shows That’ll Always be on the top List

You don’t have to be an expert cook to binge on good old-fashioned cooking shows. Whatever your level of cooking ability, there’s always something captivating about sitting on your couch and watching the pros cut, sear, and plate those yummy dishes.

You can watch this scenario play out for hours on end if you add the added strain of a reality show competition. If you’re looking for something new to add to your watchlist, these cooking shows are the perfect addition. Think about the top chefs’ picks for the greatest cooking series ever. 

These top cooking shows served as a launching pad for a career in the culinary arts for several of the chefs from the shows. Others find inspiration from a wide variety of newer series. Ready to start playing? Look at the cooking programs that chefs enjoy, such as Chef’s Table, Emeril Live, and more.

Master Chef

There are many individuals who despise Gordon Ramsey, both in the food community and in the zeitgeist of popular culture in general, yet there’s no doubt that he knows his way around the kitchen and how to create engaging cooking shows. Gordon Ramsay was the ideal choice to host the American version of “MasterChef,” even though he may not have invented or hosted the original UK version. Ramsay had already established himself through other TV shows.

Although there is no lack of cooking shows on TV, “MasterChef” stands apart by emphasizing the chefs’ personal histories. Even if they might be overdone and sometimes feel “basic and familiar,” according to Robert Lloyd of the Los Angeles Times, they generally make for intriguing entertainment.

Numerous countries have adapted the programs, and it has spawned numerous spin-offs, including “MasterChef Junior” and “MasterChef Latino,” demonstrating that the model definitely works.

Hell’s Kitchen

The show may not appeal to foodies, and viewers are unlikely to learn much of anything new from the show other than the fact that Ramsay’s Kitchen is not a place they would ever want to work. This type of fast-paced, style-over-content reality show has a place in every genre, and cooking is no different. Hell’s Kitchen is popular enough to have its very own video game adaptations, making it one of the rare cookery programs (yes, adaptations, plural). 

Barefoot Contessa

Ina Garten, the host, is in her element, her kitchen at home while preparing a delicious meal that she will later serve to family and guests at a dinner party. Even though it sounds like a no-brainer for a cooking show, Garten was one of the pioneers in utilizing it, and “Barefoot Contessa” is still the industry benchmark for that particular genre.

When it first came out, it also stood out from most of its rivals by having a more cinematic flair, with lots of rapid cuts, dramatic pans, and extended close-ups of various cooking and serving phases.

The relaxed atmosphere of “Barefoot Contessa” still continues to be a pleasant change of pace from its competitors in a world where there are an increasing number of competition-based cooking shows that are all about fast-paced entertainment.

Man Fire Food

There aren’t nearly enough cooking shows that are exclusively about barbeque, which is a big drawback given that it’s such a popular food in so many different regions and appears on the majority of culinary shows in some capacity or other. Chef Roger Mooking understood that it wasn’t the kind of item that belonged on just one theme episode of a cooking show. In order to remedy it, Mooking debuted “Man Fire Food” on the Cooking Channel in 2012.

But “Man Fire Food” isn’t only about grilled food. Additionally, general cooking over fire is covered. In addition to giving demonstrations of his methods, Mooking also pays trips to the homes and eateries of other flame cooking experts to see the numerous variations in how food can be prepared over an open flame.

Viewers are shown both the more conventional items that people typically associate with being cooked over the fire as well as the more evident staples. The program also showcases numerous pits, smokers, and other fire-cooking tools, assisting aspiring pitmasters in selecting the best gear for their own fiery culinary exploits.

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Emeril Live

Even though Lagasse had several projects going on, especially during the 1990s and into the middle of the 2000s, “Emeril Live” takes the cake when it comes to entertainment. The show is filmed in front of a live audience, which as we all know is still very uncommon among culinary shows, which set it apart from other cooking shows at the time. It even had a house band and made us feel like it was more of a discussion show rather than a cooking show. Lagasse has permanently established his reputation thanks to the numerous ways in which “Emeril Live” and he himself helped pave the path for cooking shows and celebrity chefs over the past 20 years.

Top Chef

Top Chef is one of those cooking shows with the maximum spin-offs and the longest-running base series. The unique approach of the show, where the chefs live together and their lives are followed both during and outside of the competition, feels like a cross between a cooking program and a reality show. 

Surprisingly this tasty combination worked really well with the audience, the culinary competition is not only exciting, but it’s also dramatic because of the internal rivalry and backstabbing that goes on in the show, so to speak, “BTS.” Although the focus is still on the food and the clever cooking, “Top Chef” is still one of the most underrated yet top cooking shows to have aired. It’s a little surprising that more shows haven’t attempted this, but competing with the greatest isn’t always simple.

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