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Benefits To A Shared Office Space

Benefits To A Shared Office Space

Benefits To A Shared Office Space

The dream used to be the big, private corner office with a view. While that may still sound nice, experience is proving that shared office spaces are a great way to get the job done. There are wonderful benefits to putting coworkers in a room together, many of which outweigh the allure of separate, designated spaces.

Inviting Social Interactions

People need people. It’s that simple. Both social and professional connections are important. When colleagues inhabit the same space, those connections can happen spontaneously and naturally. That’s quite different than announcing there’s a team meeting on the back patio at 3:00 and bringing cookies to share. Common space takes those connections from awkward to organic.

It’s also easier to plan and have online meetings when everyone attending the meeting is in the same room. Quickly bridge the gaps between employees in different buildings or cities with video conferencing. The use of virtual office background for teams further strengthens the group dynamic and identity. 

Better Collaboration

Collaboration and innovation help companies grow. And while you can plan meetings in which your employees are to “collaborate,” the reality is that it happens more effectively when it’s a natural outgrowth of spending time together. The collaborative advantages of sharing the office include:

  • Learning from each other new ways of working
  • Having free-flowing and spontaneous conversations
  • Mixing with employees from other departments and divisions
  • Discovering colleagues’ areas of expertise in problem-solving

When it’s time for a big presentation, your team members will already be on the same page. The most difficult aspect of your meeting with the clients will be which of the free Zoom backgrounds to choose from. 

Flexible Working

The flexible workweek is here to stay. More and more employees want the ability to work from anywhere, at least a few days a month. Shared office space is ideal for companies promoting a flexible schedule. The room can be set up so that all desks and tables are simply open to first come, first served. Whoever is in the office on a given day can take their pick.

With the traditional model of private offices lining a hallway, there is too much wasted space. If employees are at home, their offices sit empty until their return. Companies are paying rent for unoccupied desks.

Shared offices can become creative spaces that are configured over and over again for each day’s needs. They can serve as a central meeting point for anyone who needs to check in with colleagues and then maybe step out again. They also serve as the locus for important company-wide video conferencing and as a place to use the best teams background professional

Moving Forward

The work landscape will continue to flex and change as technology drives companies into the future. Ensure that your office space is ready to handle the challenges of a modern workforce. Look into the shared office space options. It not only makes sense from a creative standpoint, but it also works well for your company’s bottom line.

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Benefits To A Shared Office Space