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5 Types of Roommates + Deal With

5 Types of Roommates + Deal With

Navigating College Roommates: Types and Strategies for a Harmonious Living Experience 

Unfortunately, not every student can afford to live alone during their college years. In other words, you face the necessity to share your spot with a roomie or two (or more?). When you first think about the idea of living with a roommate in college, chances are late-night talks and parties come first. But the truth is that reality can differ a lot from what you imagine.

As a matter of fact, it can be quite frustrating if you have no idea of the existing types of roommates and how to deal with each to have the most enjoyable and memorable experience. In this article, we will explore the range of roomies students may have to deal with, as well as talk about how to share space with them so that both camps survive.

Meet the Types of Roommates

Student’s life is busy, and we know that for +. From the need to buy assignment for biology class to getting ready for tomorrow’s test in English, the to-do list never seems to end. That is why in the sections below, we will be short and clear to inform you about various types of roomies and how you can co-exist with each other in a harmonious way.  

1. The Introvert

 When you live in a dorm with an introvert, you have to deal with a quiet and reserved individual who is usually passionate about solitude.

How to survive: It is highly crucial to respect their privacy and need for personal space. The introvert needs to have regular quiet time. Your task here is to be the one who encourages conversation in order to stay away from any sort of misunderstanding.

2. The Clean-It-All Weirdo

If you think you are a highly organized and tidy person, just wait until you meet this clean freak roommate. They will raise their eyebrow when checking your room, and 100% call it a cave. Did you drop your sock? One more sin on their list!

How to survive: Ensure to establish schedules and always (always!) contribute your fair share in order to have a clean living space for both of you.

3. Party Animal

The party roommate is someone you will never get bored with! This person is the most outgoing human being you have ever met. They love socializing and enjoy friends’ get-togethers. Needless to say, you are going to see a bunch of people in your room on a regular basis.  

How to survive: It is important to set clear boundaries for friends, family members, and other guests. Besides, you will have to set times for communal and private spaces.

4. The Messy One

An absolute antagonist to the guy from section number 2. A messy roommate knows how to take dirt to the next level! Tons of laundry stuff, dirty dishes that have already spent a couple of lightyears in the sink, food packages with the new civilization already born in each…it’s all about your messy roomie.

How to survive: When it comes to the common spaces in the space that you share, it is crucial to set up a cleaning roster. Your task is to make them follow the routine. Don’t be afraid of that!

5. The Sportsman

They are always busy whether you approach them for homework help, the how-are-you conversation, or the movie night idea. Whether it is early Sunday morning or late evening on Friday, you see them working on their abs or doing squats. If you’re looking for a sports buddy, you’ll surely incorporate regular workouts into your routine once you share space with the sportsman.

How to survive: When it comes to staying motivated for sport, be sure to ask your roomie to help you. They’ll be overexcited!

How to Deal with Annoying Roommates

Living with someone who is more annoying than your family members during holiday festive gatherings is tough. But there’s something you can do!

1. Listen

Take your time to listen to them to understand what their perspective is. Who knows, perhaps this will enable you to diffuse tension and get along better.

2. Set Boundaries

Setting your personal boundaries is a must. Make sure to let them know what your expectations and needs are. You’ll surely find the best compromise possible.

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3. Open Communication Is a Must

When living in a college dorm, you need to set an environment where you and your roommate feel comfortable while being able to express your concerns and feelings. As a result, you will avoid any sort of misunderstandings and, who knows, maybe will make some lifelong friendships.

4. Always Look for Compromise

It’s not always easy; however, seeking compromise is a key to successful communication. If you are willing to meet halfway on every issue, you will definitely create a balanced living situation.

5. Be the Example

First and foremost, you have to be an example of respect and consideration. Show it in all your actions and words. This may inspire your annoying roomie to switch to a more positive behavior in your shared micro-community.

How to Deal with Messy Roommates

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to living in a college dorm is when you have to stay with a messy roommate under the same roof. No matter what happens, you have to approach every situation constructively.

1. Be the One to Inspire Conversation

Never blame and approach every situation with empathy. It is recommended to use the so-called “I” statements in order to say how their daily habits affect your mental or physical well-being.

2. Setting a Cleaning Schedule Is a Must

In order to have shared responsibilities, you need to create a schedule. For instance, you can include things like doing dishes, cleaning common areas, as well as taking out the trash.

3. Your Expectations Must Be Clear

You have to be explicit about what you expect in terms of cleanliness. Ensure to talk about what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to the shared settings.

4. Designate Personal Spaces

Many college students lack personal space when living in dorms. For that reason, it is necessary to allocate specific areas where both – you and your messy pal – can keep your belongings. This technique will also help you cut off clutter and maintain a clean environment.

5. Seek Pro Help If Needed

Do you feel like the current situation doesn’t change at all? Try bringing in a professional mediator. For example, you can approach a counselor who will help you find the right solution.

Keep in mind that living with roommates is a tough experience for both camps. If you ensure to be honest, set boundaries, and work to solve conflicts, you will definitely create a harmonious environment where you both enjoy the best years of your life.