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5 Clever Ways to Check If Your Smoke Alarms Work

5 Clever Ways to Check If Your Smoke Alarms Work

5 Clever Ways to Check If Your Smoke Alarms Work

The Queensland government recently announced new legislation requiring residential rental property owners to install interconnected units of smoke detection devices starting 1 January 2022. It will let everyone have enough time to escape when one of the smoke alarms goes off since it will activate the other units. The legislation also requires other types of dwellings to comply with the new rule by 2027.

But aside from installing your smoke detection system at home, it is also necessary to ensure that the unit is working properly. Here are some life-saving tips that you and your household must always keep in mind to check if your smoke and fire alarm are functional. 

#1: Check the Type of Alarm Installed 

There are two varieties of smoke detectors available in the market. The first is the battery-operated variety. Anyone can install this affordable variant anywhere they want without any complicated procedures. The other one is the AC-powered smoke detector, which requires installation by an electrician. 

Understanding which type of alarm will let you know how to take care of it. If you are using a battery-operated kind, the first thing you will check is the battery’s condition. Meanwhile, AC-powered varieties need an inspection if they are still connected to a wired power source.  

#2: Let the Household Know About the Alarm Testing 

After determining the type of smoke alarm installed in your home, you must check if it is functioning regularly to avoid life-threatening problems in the future. 

When doing the testing, you must alert everyone in your household that you will conduct smoke detector testing before doing anything. Most of the time, smoke alarms produce a high-pitched sound that may distress or frighten young children or elderly family members. So alert them about your plans to avoid making everyone in your household scared.  

#3: Determine How Far the Alarm Can Reach 

Ask someone to stay at the furthest area away from where you installed the smoke detector. It will help you gauge if the alarm is audible in all areas of your home. This information is necessary because you want the sound of the alarm to be heard all over your property, particularly in every bedroom. 

If some areas cannot hear the sound of the alarm, you may want to install extra units of smoke detectors so everyone will be safe in your household.

Step #4: Inspect the Smoke Detector 

To check if your smoke alarm system works, you need to press and hold the unit’s smoke detector. You must expect to hear an intense, deafening sound from the smoke alarm while pressing the button in a few seconds. 

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If you get a weak sound or cannot hear anything, you may need to replace the batteries if the unit is battery-operated. Likewise, you may need to change the built-in battery backup if using an AC-powered smoke detector. It is also necessary to check if any dust, grime, or substances blocking the unit’s grates may affect the device’s function even if you use new batteries. 

Step #5: Replace Old Alarms 

States like Queensland require households to change their smoke alarm systems to be more than ten years old. You must replace these units with a government-compliant photoelectric smoke detector system. It will ensure that a functional smoke alarm protects your home. 

Making sure that all the smoke detectors at home are working correctly will help save the lives of everyone in your home. It will also give you better peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted anytime a sign of smoke appears on your property. So always include smoke detector checks in your regular schedule. 

5 Clever Ways to Check If Your Smoke Alarms Work

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