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17 Creative Gifts for January Birthdays 2023

17 Creative Gifts for January Birthdays 2022

17 Creative Gifts for January Birthdays 2023

January birthdays are special because their month marks the beginning of the year and all the good that is to come. For most of the United States, a January birthday means dealing with snowstorms and frigid temperatures. This also means there aren’t any outdoor poolside celebrations or picnicking in the warm sun. This is why January birthdays deserve extra love and care when choosing their corporate gifts!

  1. Garnet Necklace. January’s birthstone is garnet, a dark red stone that resembles the seeds of a pomegranate. A birthstone necklace shows that you are paying attention enough to choose an item that is unique and personalized for them.

  2. Trendy T-Shirt. Help your loved one be proud of their age! Get them a t-shirt that boldly and confidently touts their birth year so they can have fun with it.

  3. Visa Gift Card. Easily purchased an online, your January birthday loved one can select their choice from millions of retailers worldwide with a Visa gift card. You can also personalize it with a special photo of them or the two of you, and text that reads, “Happy Birthday!”
  4. Family Calendar.  Is your January birthday friend a busy mom or dad? A Family Calendar for the coming year is a great way to start them off on the right foot – scheduled, organized, and (seemingly) in control!

  5. Microwavable Slippers. Don’t let your loved one walk barefoot on cold floors! These plush, softer than soft slippers are super easy to warm up in the microwave and will feel so luxurious they’ll never want to take them off.

  6. Handwarmer Oatmeal Bowl. This stoneware bowl is crafted with an extra-wide handle to fit your entire hand. There’s even a notch for the spoon so you can keep both hands around the entirety of the warm bowl goodness while you’re eating your oatmeal or soup.

  7. Weighted Blanket. Regular blankets will keep you somewhat warm, but will they soothe? Will they pacify anxiety and cure insomnia? A weighted blanket is a different holistic experience that will lovingly send your January birthday friend into calming lala land
  8. Herbal Tea Box. Herbal Tea Box. There’s simply nothing like enjoying a warm cup of tea on a cold, bleak January day. Choose a box that runs the gamut between energizing combinations like green and oolong and relaxing teas such as chamomile and lavender. In fact, this is one of the best corporate gifts you can gift anyone in the office.
  9. Storm Glass Weather Predictor. This attractive, teardrop shape glass is filled with clear materials that have long been known to predict thunderstorms, cloud cover, snow, and clear days. Its elegance will give it a prominent place in the house and its conversational nature makes it fun and appealing.
  10. Shower Steamers. Aromatherapy meets warm, shower massage! Make showering an extraordinary experience and help your birthday loved one get rid of their stress with these tabs that melt in the shower and bring about relief from fatigue, stress, and even congestion.

17 Creative Gifts for January Birthdays

  1. Burt’s Bees Gift Set. Winter is often the driest season of the year. All of the snow is deceptive as winter can be just as dry as a desert. Combat dry skin with these products from Burt’s Bees – hand cream repair, cuticle cream and cotton gloves infused with luxurious lotion.

  2. Aromatherapy Soy Candle. Scent is deeply associated with comfort and well-being. Foster that feeling with a lavender soy candle that will ease stress, promote relaxation, and because it is crafted out of soy, is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

  3. Pajamas Warming Pouch. Ever slip into cold pajamas? You’re nice and warm in your everyday clothes, only to change for bed and shiver. Your birthday guy or gal will adore this electric warming pouch exclusively designed to get their PJs toasty warm in a mere ten minutes.

  4. Siamese Slanket. This fleece jumbo blanket is large enough to cover two people, with arm inserts so the blanket can be pulled right up to the neckline. Promotes relaxation, comfort and couple connection.

  5. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. Charged up, this smart mug will keep your drink and your hands warm for 80 minutes. If the coaster charger is used, your friend can keep their mug of hot cocoa or coffee warm all January day long.

  6. Wireless Weather Station. This HD color screen reads humidity and temperature digitally, and also provides a weather forecast, humidity, time and date, and is conveniently wireless. 

  7. Zippo Hand Warmer. Known for their lighters, it’s only natural that this company would create an item to effectively warm the hands. Perfect for skiing, football, ice fishing, hunting or any other outdoor activity. Provides 12 hours of warmth with just one filling.

Treat your January birthday friend right by presenting them with a gift that not only celebrates who they are but also pays appropriate respect to the bitter cold of their birth month.

Beauty and body care kit

Cancer patients often experience itching, dryness, sores, peeling, and chapped lips during treatment. You can give her a pack or a basket of specific cosmetic products without aromas, natural, soothing, and potentially nutritious. Pure aloe vera gel can help soothe your skin, and moisturizing lotions, hand sanitizer, or Vaseline to moisturize your lips are other ideas we give you.

Comfortable clothes

Chemotherapy, radiation, and other drugs used to treat cancer can affect the body, such as weight changes, itching, sores, and other side effects. Gifting is sweatshirts, a robe, pajamas, slippers, socks, comfortable cotton underwear, tracksuits, yoga pants, and t-shirts are just a few ideas. These items will help keep you comfortable during trips to the hospital and days spent resting at home.

A notepad or notebook

So you can capture your thoughts, draw, doodle, etc. You can complete the gift with pencils, colored pens, markers, a pen, stickers, and everything.


It can be turbans, hats, caps, oncological scarves, or even a sleeping cap. These garments are what you will need for an extended period if you undergo chemotherapy treatment since, with the treatment, the hair usually falls out. So a lovely headwear can be a good gift. In addition to being pretty, they must be of quality and comfort.

A good book or magazine relaxes

Books and magazines, tablets, and e-book readers can be excellent options for cancer patients. You can give him a gift from a magazine that you know he likes, your favorite book, a novel, a recipe book, a comic, poetry, or a book with testimonial stories in which a person who has gone through the same situation can help him with humor, strength, and optimism. Some of the many ideas could be:  No, I’m not dying by María Hernández Martí and Javi de Castro,  Woman of a thousand battles by Nieves Morano,  Don’t give up in the face of cancer by Carmen Martínez Núñez or  The accounts of happiness by Sandra Ibarra.

17. Give her a gift as if she weren’t battling cancer.

The chance to feel normal is a natural gift. The same gift you would give someone who wasn’t going through cancer treatment is a great option. It could be framed photos, a light perfume or cologne, nail polish, or makeup.

19. The best gift is for yourself

The most important thing you can do in your hands is to support him and give him a lot of love and the attention he deserves in his day-to-day life. If your friend, loved one, or family member is in this situation, the best gift and detail you can have is to worry about him, support him, and help him in these delicate moments that he is going through.

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17 Creative Gifts for January Birthdays

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