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Why Does Snapchat Say “Time Sensitive” On Snaps?

Why Does Snapchat Say “Time Sensitive” On Snaps

Why Does Snapchat Say “Time Sensitive” On Snaps?

Simply put, the time-sensitive notifications feature on Snapchat gives some messages or Snap a higher priority, requiring immediate user attention to ensure you do not miss anything important. This new notification type was enabled for Snapchat users with an update sometime in May 2023.

Snapchat has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, known for its unique features such as filters, lenses, and disappearing messages. However, the “Time Sensitive” label that appears on snaps has caused some confusion. In this article, we will explore, Why Does Snapchat Say Time Sensitive On Snaps?, how to turn it off and more related queries to this, So buckle up and get ready to uncover the mysteries of Snapchat’s time-sensitive snaps!

Snapchat sends time-sensitive notifications that require immediate attention. These notifications are displayed even if the user has Do Not Disturb mode enabled.

Examples of time-sensitive notifications include:

  • Find My alerts for lost AirPods or Apple Watch
  • Ride-hailing app notifications that a driver has reached their location

To turn on time-sensitive notifications, you can:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to Snapchat.
  3. Tap the Notifications tab.
  4. Find the Time Sensitive toggle.

You can also mute Snapchat notifications if you want to be undisturbed for a certain period of time.

It’s to draw you in, or to keep you constantly engaged whether you like it or not.

You see, in other apps, you can only tell that the other person is creating a message when the app is open and the chat is open. This usually only happens when you’re having an active conversation. If the app is not open, you have to wait for them to finish and send it to be notified. You might not even think about the person until you go to check your messages!

But with Snapchat, you’re always in “having a conversation” mode. When you see the message “<name here> is typing a message…”, your mind starts to race like when you press the accelerator on a car in neutral. Here’s an example:

“Woah, <name here> is going to send me something! I wonder if it’s about our group project, her new dog, some good food or maybe something new! Oh jeez, I sure am excited to see what it really is!”

Notice how excited the Snapchat user gets so excited and pumped when they received the message? It’s like an artificial way of telling your brain that somebody’s thinking of you and wanting to talk to you! How special!

This “teasing of the brain” is what happens every time you get one of those typing messages. It’s actually a well-designed way to keep users engaged in using Snapchat because once you open the app, you’ll be pulled into the standard cycle of opening the app, reading the message, and then thinking “Oh snap (no pun intended), I’ve got all of these new stories and messages?! Better go read them!” This happens every time you see that message, making what seems like a short little glance turn out to be another few minutes gone.

Funny how a little pop-up box with five words can be used so effectively, eh?

Why Does Snapchat Say “Time Sensitive” On Snaps?

“Time sensitive” notifications are a special type of notification given higher priority than regular notifications. Your snaps say “time sensitive” because your iPhone has been set to allow time sensitive notifications from Snapchat. 

They are designed to break through Do Not Disturb and Focus mode and stay on your Lock Screen for up to an hour. There are a few reasons why you should allow time sensitive notifications from Snapchat. 

For example: You might want to ensure you don’t miss a Snap from a friend trying to reach you urgently. Or, you might want to make sure you don’t miss a Snap that has a time limit, such as a 24-hour Snap. If you don’t want to allow time sensitive notifications from Snapchat, you can turn them off in your iPhone settings:

Why are my snaps saying time sensitive?

These are usually notifications that require immediate attention from users, such as a Find My alert if they’ve left their AirPods or Apple Watch behind. Time sensitive notifications may also appear for ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft, letting users know that a driver has reached their location.

What does it mean when it says time sensitive?

(of a product, document, or information) useful or relevant for only a limited amount of time: These time-sensitive papers must be signed immediately.

Can you get notified when someone opens your Snap?

Snapchat Messaging Notification Guide

Purple: Notified sender that he played the video messages with the sound on. Blue: Notified sender that their chat messages were opened and read. Grey: Indicator that the snap message is expired or runs out of time.

What does sensitive content mean on Snapchat?

Limiting sensitive or suggestive content will reduce posts that contain images or captions that do not explicitly violate our Community Guidelines yet contain sensitive or suggestive content – for example, references to sexual activity or visual emphasis on certain body parts.

How To Turn Off “Time Sensitive” Notification in Snapchat on iPhone?

Here are the steps to turn off time sensitive notifications for Snapchat on iPhone:

Step 1: Open the Settings app.
Step 2: Tap Notifications.
3th Step: Scroll down and tap Snapchat.
Step 4: Under “Alert Style,” tap Time Sensitive.
Step 5: Toggle off the switch for “Allow Time Sensitive Notifications.”

Now, you will no longer see the “time sensitive” label on your Snap notifications.

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Why does Snapchat have a “Time Sensitive” feature?

Snapchat’s “Time Sensitive” feature allows users to set a time limit on their snaps. This makes the snaps disappear after a certain amount of time, which gives it a sense of urgency and excitement. Time Sensitive messages will get through both the “Do Not Disturb” and “Focus” modes.

It also protects the privacy of users and encourages them to share personal information that they might not want to be stored or shared online forever.

Can I save a "Time Sensitive" snap on Snapchat?

Can I save a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat?

No, you cannot save a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat. Once the snap has been viewed or the time limit has expired, it cannot be retrieved or saved.

However, you can take a screenshot of the snap before it disappears if the sender allows it, but the sender will receive a notification that you took a screenshot.

How do I know if a snap is “Time Sensitive” on Snapchat?

When someone sends you a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat, you will see a timer icon next to it. The timer icon looks like a small clock, indicating that the snap is Time Sensitive.

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Can I send a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat to a group of friends?

Yes, you can send a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat to a group of friends. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Swipe right to open the Chats tab
  3. Tap the New Chat button
  4. Select the friend or group you want to send the snap to.
  5. Tap the Snap button.
  6. Open or record your snap.
  7. Tap the Send button.
  8. Under Send to, tap My Group.
  9. Tap the Send button again.

Each group member will only be able to look at the snap once before it disappears, and the timer will start as soon as they open the snap.

This means that if you want everyone in the group to view the snap simutaneously, you should coordinate with them to make sure they all open it at the same time.

How long does a “Time Sensitive” snap last on Snapchat?

The length of time that a “Time Sensitive” snap lasts on Snapchat can vary depending on the sender’s preference. When creating a snap, the sender can choose how long they want the snap to be available for viewing.

The available time options range from a few seconds to several minutes.

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What happens if I screenshot a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat?

The sender will be notified if you screenshot a “Time Sensitive” snap on Snapchat. The sender will receive a notification saying, “[Your Name] took a screenshot of your snap.” The sender will also be able to see the timestamp of the screenshot.

Screenshotting a Time Sensitive snap is considered a form of harassment on Snapchat. If you are caught doing this, you could be banned from Snapchat.

Why Are My Snapchat Notifications Not Working?

If you are not receiving notifications from Snapchat, there are several reasons why this might be happening:

  1. Notifications are turned off: Ensure notifications are enabled for Snapchat in your device settings. Make sure that the toggle for notifications is turned on.
  2. Do not disturb mode is on: If your device is in do not disturb mode, you may not receive notifications from Snapchat.
  3. Battery optimization is enabled: Some devices have a battery optimization feature that can prevent apps from sending notifications.
  4. Snapchat needs to be updated: If you use an outdated version of Snapchat, notifications may not work properly.
  5. Connectivity issues: If you are not connected to the internet, notifications may not be received. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

If none of these solutions work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If the problem persists, contact Snapchat support for further assistance.

Can I send a “Time Sensitive” snap to multiple recipients?

No, you cannot simultaneously send a “Time Sensitive” snap to multiple recipients. When you mark a snap as “Time Sensitive,” it can only be sent to one person or group at a time.

This feature ensures that the intended recipient receives and views the snap within the specified timeframe.

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Do I want time sensitive notifications?

The Active option is the default option, and it alerts users by sound, vibration, or a banner on the iPhone screen, depending on their settings. The Time Sensitive option is for essential notifications that users do not want to miss. The Off chance disables time-sensitive notifications for all apps.


I love this feature. It keeps me engaged and also let’s me know when my friend is about to respond to me, which may have been a few seconds ago, to merely a few minutes. We live in a world based completely on stimuli. Shiny buttons, red notifications, buzzing, popping sounds: these all pique our interest and get our mind buzzing. This type of notification is no different; it is another type of stimuli.

When you get this notification, you want to go straight back to Snapchat. You stop thinking about what you are doing for a second and think about Snapchat. Sometimes you open the app, browse around a bit more, and then when your friend has concluded typing to you, you view the text and head back on your way.

But now you are drawn in. You are in the Snapchat app; you will be more likely than not to continue to view more stories, which means more views and more ads, resulting in more money, which is overall good for Snapchat.

And, a little bit more narcissistically, it is quite helpful. I want to know when my friends are typing me back, and it gets me prepared. Overall, I find this to be an extremely helpful feature for me as a consumer, and it also serves a good purpose in drawing in and containing users, especially ones who easily get distracted (i.e. teens).

Why Does Snapchat Say “Time Sensitive” On Snaps?