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Tips For The Perfect Video Intro 2023

Tips For The Perfect Video Intro 2022

Tips For The Perfect Video Intro 2023

There is no denying the fact that creating and editing videos is not an easy task. It would help if you worked on different aspects of video creation, such as creating a script, shooting, and then editing it. 

However, the workload doesn’t end here; there are so many little things you need to take care of when creating a video for your channel. Intros are some of the most critical parts of your video, which many newcomers neglect in content creation. 

The first 5 seconds of your video needs to be attractive enough to hold the audience. Today we will show you some of the ways to make a perfect intro for your videos. 

Tips on how to make a perfect video intro 

Find the purpose 

When it comes to making videos, you always think about the idea of why you need to make a video on the given topic. In the same way, when you are making an intro, you should know its purpose. 

In case you are making short videos like tutorials and how to a brief intro of 10 seconds is sufficient. 

Moreover, you need to know what kind of feelings you want to share with your audience in the first 10 seconds. Are you trying to develop some themes, or want to show brief detail of the video’s content? With the help of a video intro maker, you can easily make a custom intro for your videos to make the video. 

If you cannot come up with your intro’s purpose, this means your video doesn’t need one. An advertisement doesn’t need an introduction, in the same way, a TV commercial doesn’t need an opening. But ultimately, it all depends on your requirement. 

Every single second counts

When you are making an intro, every second matter. An introduction should not last longer than  10 seconds. It would help if you kept this in mind. As a result, you have this time constraint, so there is no single second for you to waste. Make your intro so catchy that the first 5 seconds are enough to grab the viewers’ attention. The best way to make your viewers stay on the video is by going straight to the point in your intros. 

Intro equals teaser 

You have seen the teaser of “The Batman” it has created so much hype on social media platforms. In the same way, your intro can promote up to your audience for what’s coming next. Do not give away everything that you will be talking about in the video. This way, your audience will stick around and watch the whole video. 

One thing you can do is give a question to your audience to think about, and then provide them with an answer in your video. This way, you are telling viewers that they will receive knowledge from watching this video. 

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Don’t go bonkers over special effects

You do not want to make your audience cringe or annoyed at the start of your video. So try to keep your jokes in check. Also, one rookie mistake new video editors make is glorifying the intro. Instead, try to keep it simple. 

You can use the special effects as you slowly start to move down in your video. It would help if you made sure that your viewers can quickly get through your video’s first few seconds with ease. 

Tips For The Perfect Video Intro 2022

Create a visual identity

If you have a well-defined plan for your YouTube channel, you must have a design or theme in your mind. This can help you in creating visual identity among your viewers. A simple picture with a theme color is enough to make an identity. 

Feel free to experiment with your ideas and do add some personal touch now and then. But at the same time, don’t overdo it. The main goal of creating a visual identity is to introduce your channel to the viewers in a pleasant manner. 

Add cool music 

Videos are a great way to communicate with your audience. You activate two significant senses, the hearing and seeing senses by playing music. The latter you managed to do with your editing skills, but a video is as good as it sounds. 

Choose a specific song for your intros and stick with them. As a result, when the viewer listens to it, they instantly know who’s video they are watching. There are so many YouTube channels that associate their logo with sounds. Some of the great examples are MKBHD, Linus Tech Tips, etc. 

Keep Things Less Crowded

This goes for both your intros and outros. It is better to use plenty of whitespaces as it will make your videos easy to understand and not so overwhelming for the eyes. 


We all need change to see how things work out when we approach it differently. But when it comes to video editing, you might need to stick around with your templates as they add consistency in your work. 

Consider yourself having different social media handles with the help of a consistent template; you don’t have to worry about adding buttons at the end of the video manually each time. In addition to this, you can check out some great YouTube outro templates online to get some inspiration. 

If you have a template set for your intros and outro, you don’t need to think about your 20 seconds. You can add the topic of your video in the pre-decided template, and you are done. 


There you have it, and these are some of the tips you should keep in mind while creating an intro and outro for your videos. You can use these tips anywhere. The insights are not limited to just YouTube videos. You can benefit from them while you are creating Instagram videos or Facebook marketing videos. 

Tips For The Perfect Video Intro

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