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Secrets to level up in World of Warcraft Classic

Secrets to level up in World of Warcraft Classic

Secrets to level up in World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is a relaunch of previously popular updates in order to bring back most of the active players who played the WOTLK version on the Azeroth se rvers and missed the hardcore additions and want to return to them, but with updated graphics and a more pleasant and responsive interface, but all with the same difficulty of leveling up, the value of leveling up in groups and the acute dependence on resource extraction.

In order to upgrade efficiently, effectively and, most importantly, in an interesting way and get wotlk boost, you need to use key mechanics that will speed up the process.

Complete quests

To quickly and efficiently progress through game levels and even collect gold in WoW WOTLK, you need to focus on the quest system.

This is a format in which you interact with local NPCs and complete their tasks in order to receive a WoW Classic boost upon completion. An additional bonus will be all the experience, gold and materials that you collect as you complete quests.

The main tasks will be story-based – which will tell the main story of continental Azeroth and all the reasons for the confrontation between the two factions and the history of the Lich King update itself, within the framework of which your gameplay takes place.

The main quests are more gameplay and longer, but they also bring much more experience for all the execution. In addition to the main quests, there are many more minor ones that need to be taken into account and, if possible, also taken on in order to get the maximum when going to one location for WOTLK boosting.

When you take a quest, you first see all the conditions, the task and the reward that you will receive for completing it.

You will be able to see the general location and if it is possible to complete both the story mission and a secondary one at the same time, then these are ideal conditions for accepting it.

This is the most stable way to gain experience, since you earn a fixed percentage for your efforts and in such difficult conditions, when each piece of experience is given very hard, it is through quests that you will progress, especially when playing as support classes.


If you want to develop your hero at a pace and conditions that are comfortable only for you and are determined by the time that you are willing to devote per day to your hero, then you better focus on grinding.

The only thing that needs to be taken into account is that although you yourself have the right to decide how much time you are willing to spend on the project, if it is less than a couple of hours a week, then you will simply take too long to comprehend the basic mechanics and even within one gaming session you will not be able to progress in the game plan and then you better pay attention to the main version, which is faster, more dynamic and arcade-style in terms of pumping.

There are many benefits to grinding, but it’s important to consider that each class hunts differently and at a completely different pace.

Offensive classes level up faster, but can be in the threat zone if they overdo it with the number of enemies without support and healing.

Supports are pumped up slowly, without the help of attacking classes and tanks.

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Dungeon mechanics are another opportunity to get cheap boosts in World of Warcraft Classic in exchange for team actions and solving difficult problems.

You must gather your group, or join a ready-made one, to enter dangerous territory and challenge the boss and his retinue.

A boss is a buffed-up monster with a large amount of health, a boosted attack, and unique skills that differ depending on the raid and must be taken seriously, otherwise you can easily lose the entire raid by simply missing a powerful attack that will kill most of the group without the possibility of resurrection.

If you do raids regularly and start with the main version, you will be able to obtain unique equipment and weapons that are often impossible to obtain in any other way, or are difficult given the difficulties that present players with truly difficult tasks.

A regular raid is an introductory phase that will help you learn all the main mechanics of the boss and get equipment that is relevant for the current level.

After completing the normal stage, you will have access to the heroic, and then the mythical difficulty level.

Each level increase will be accompanied by more valuable drops and the amount of experience per playthrough, but the requirements for starting equipment to access the zone will also increase.

The Mythic raid will be the most difficult, but at the same time profitable, especially in the ratio of legendary equipment and weapons, which can be obtained with a high chance, not to mention the increase in WOTLK boosting.

Focus on group rather than solo leveling

WoW WOTLK is a complex and lengthy project in terms of leveling up, and the group leveling format may be more profitable for players.

The magic of numbers works here – a group will always kill more monsters than any single player, simply because of the speed and even if the experience is divided among all group members, it is more profitable than grinding alone.

A group can not only pump up quickly and steadily and act coherently by collecting large groups of monsters, keeping them on a defensive character, using healing and buffing, and simply killing monsters while covering each other.

This format will also be useful in case of confrontation with representatives of another faction.

In World of Warcraft, there are two irreconcilable factions that will have many adjacent locations, where constant clashes can occur, and it is better if you are part of a group in order to fully join PVP if necessary, or simply level up steadily if no opponents appear on your horizon.

If you play alone, then your chances of encountering enemies will be higher, and if an enemy squad gets in the way, the situation will become more complicated, and you will need to change the spot, or avoid them.

Secrets to level up in World of Warcraft Classic