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How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

There hasn’t been any widely reported information or confirmation about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meeting or having any significant interaction. Taylor Swift is a well-known singer-songwriter, and Travis Kelce is a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs.

They operate in different industries, with Swift primarily in the music industry and Kelce in the sports world. While it’s not impossible for them to have met at events or through mutual acquaintances, there is no public record or news suggesting a direct connection between them. If there have been any developments since then, I wouldn’t be aware of them.

I read in one of the rag mags that they met on BedWeGo. I find it hard to believe Taylor Swift would be on such a site, but would not be surprised to see Travis Kelcie on there. Who knows! These days, where everyone has completely lost their minds, anything is possible.

The unfolding tale of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, stemming from a missed bracelet exchange to a budding romance, has captivated fans worldwide. Swift, known for her chart-topping albums and melodious voice, has redefined the contemporary music industry. Kelce, on the other hand, is celebrated for his prowess on the football field, but few are aware of his deep-rooted appreciation for music.

When the songstress was spotted at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, showing support for the American football star, speculation about a potential love story began to gain momentum.

After her breakup with Joe Alwyn early in 2023, Taylor Swift’s name was linked to The 1975’s frontman, Matt Healy. Despite attending several of the singer-songwriter’s shows, their relationship remained shrouded in mystery, and it appeared to be a fleeting connection.

When did Travis Kelce reveal the time he got together with Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appeared to confirm their romance with surprise skit during ‘SNL’ last week. Travis Kelce appeared to have dropped a major hint about when romance with Taylor Swift began to bloom. During a press conference on Friday, the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end, 34, talked about how he knew about Halloween costumes inspired by him and the Grammy-winning musician, 33.

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

According to a report by MSN, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce met through a mutual connection. It is not clear exactly when they met, but it appears that they did so as a result of a story that Kelce shared on his “New Heights” podcast 23. Kelce explained in July that he had attended a performance of Swift’s “Eras Tour” at Arrowhead Stadium during the NFL offseason. He made a friendship bracelet with his number on it to give to her, but he wasn’t able to meet Swift as planned. Later, Swift “cautiously reached out” after the athlete’s failed attempt at giving her the bracelet with his phone number on it at her concert in July.

Who are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

We’ll start with Taylor. She’s a singer and songwriter who got her start in country music before transitioning to pop. She is currently (as of January 2024) doing her Eras Tour, which celebrates all 10 of her records to date – and each record is very different.

Travis plays tight end for the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs. He already has Hall of Fame caliber stats in addition to 2 Super Bowls. He also does a podcast called New Heights with his older brother Jason, who plays center for the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

How they met: In July 2023, Travis attended an Eras Tour concert at Arrowhead (the Chiefs’ home stadium in KCMO) and tried but failed to get Taylor a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it. He talked about the experience on his podcast later the same month – which got Taylor’s attention and they started privately dating right away (according to her). They became public in late September, when Taylor attended the first of many Chiefs games, and have been together since.

Let’s put it this way: Travis spent his bye week in Argentina to see Taylor perform (“Karma is the guy on the Chiefs”); and Taylor saw him play in Green Bay (in December), in subzero temperatures, and in snowy Buffalo (with a shirtless Jason).

In the photos that have been made publicly available, they definitely love each other and definitely have an affinity for Christmas themed bars.

How did Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift meet? What was the failed attempt by Travis Kelce to meet her and who got them together?

Travis went to Taylor’s Eras Tour concert in Kansas City on July 8. He tried to give her a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, but she ignored him. Then, according to the Kansas City Star website on Oct. 4:

The “Calm Down” podcast with Fox Sports broadcasters Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson may have swayed Swift. Thompson shared a clip on Instagram from an Aug. 3 podcast episode in which they discussed why Swift should give Kelce a chance. “Taylor, I don’t know what you are doing in your life right now besides rocking the world, please try our friend Travis.

He is fantastic,” Andrews said. … Take us up on this. Go on a date with this guy. Do it for America.” Thompson added: “I was just gonna say do it for yourself, do it for us and do it for the people. Because there is no one that would give you a better time than this guy.” Apparently Swift did just that.

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Do you think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are using their relationship to gain attention for themselves or their respective careers?

No. I think Kelce pursued Taylor. She felt surprised and she liked that….He is secure enough in himself. He doesn’t “need her money”, nor does he need more.She doesn’t have to wonder “does he like me for my money”. She is certainly secure enough financially.

They are both in their 30’s, they can both handle the attention, they both like the other person and they share some common values.

We should just back off, give them space, allow them the time to get to know each other and to have some dreams along with some fun in their new relationship.

Think about it….where in this world can T.Swift go without being known? Where can Travis Kelce, in the US and in some other parts of the world, go, where he isn’t known? Not an easy way to live. Do they really need any more attention to themselves?

Let’s grant them some grace, some space, and some time.

To gain attention?

You’re talking about the biggest celebrity on the planet. She has all the attention she needs all by herself. There is no more attention that can be paid to her. I couldn’t tell you the name of one of her songs and I think I’ve heard her sing once. She’s not my genre .

With that said, let me say this. As a 50+ yr old American male that lives and breaths sports, absolutely everybody that watches football has heard of Travis Kelce. He’s literally the best at his position in the history of the game. He’s plenty popular without Taylor Swift. Now, I do think he will get more fame than she will. The vast majority of the people in her world probably have never heard of this guy.

The people that follow Kelce will absolutely not give a s*** if they ever break up. On the other side of that coin, her legions of fans will probably threaten bodily harm if he ever upsets her. They work and move in very different worlds. He’s the bad boy. He’s the shit talking frat boy on the football field and the guy Taylor probably never saw herself with.

She’s the Barbie doll and wholesome image. I doubt she knew who he was before he asked her out. I’ve seen the guys she’s gone out with and I would describe most of them as femme and soft. They look like a bunch of pussies to me. This isn’t the same type of guy she’s going out with now.

It will be pretty interesting, but the type of people she hangs out with may not be the type of people he wants to be around every single day. She’s also super busy most of the year. Obviously I don’t know either one of them ,but this is what I gather from listening to them on various pods. Time will tell

When he starts dressing queer and wearing his hair like a fuckboy, you know she’s got her hooks into him. Giselle turned Tom Brady into a woman. That was the last celeb football relationship I can recall. That didn’t work out.

No, I don’t think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are using their relationship to gain attention either individually or for their career.

  • Taylor Swift Perspective: After recently breaking up with Joe Alwyn, she wanted a supportive partner, which she found in Travis.
  • Travis Kelce Perspective: He was a Taylor’s fan since long. When he knew about her breakup, first he wanted to give her a bracelet with his number on the tour but couldn’t, but his love and his manifestation took him to Taylor.

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance began in July 2023 when the NFL star attended Swift’s Eras Tour at Arrowhead Stadium. Kelce had planned to give Swift his contact information via a friendship bracelet but didn’t get the chance to do so. However, a mutual connection played cupid, leading to their introduction. Swift’s dancer, Kameron Saunders, who performed on her tour, is the brother of Kelce’s former Kansas City Chiefs teammate, Khalen Saunders.

This surprising link brought Swift and Kelce into each other’s lives. The couple’s relationship timeline continued to unfold as they attended each other’s events and were spotted together at various public outings, confirming their romance in October. The details of their relationship are being revealed gradually, and they are said to be in the “super, super early days” of getting to know each other, with no pressure and just having fun.

The mutual connection between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is through Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid. Reid revealed that he knew Swift and her father, Scott, from his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. He mentioned that he had met Swift when she was young, as her father was a big NFL fan. Reid jokingly claimed that he “set Kelce up” with the pop superstar, indicating that he played a role in bringing them together. This surprising link ultimately led to the introduction of Swift and Kelce, sparking their romantic relationship.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have confirmed their relationship. They sparked dating rumors in September 2023 after being spotted together at various public outings, and they confirmed their romance in October 2023 when they were seen holding hands at a Saturday Night Live afterparty. Swift also revealed in an interview with Time magazine that they were officially dating before she attended her first NFL game and that they had been “hanging out” for a significant amount of time before making their relationship public.

What are some key moments in the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?

Quit trying to over analyze everything. They’ve got a long way to go before they have any idea themselves. He’s in the middle of a football season. Not a second to himself. Taylor is going on tours around the world; practicing & in tons of business deals. Not a second to herself.

What do Taylor Swift and Patrick Mahomes bond over?

Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift are both huge music fans. They’ve even been spotted getting along because they both think well of each other’s work. NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a gifted player, and Taylor Swift is well-known for her amazing songwriting and vocal abilities. Seeing people from different fields connect through their shared passions is always enjoyable. Please don’t hesitate to ask any more questions or to learn more about their bond!

there hasn’t been any widely reported or confirmed information about specific things that Taylor Swift and Patrick Mahomes bond over. Taylor Swift is a highly successful singer-songwriter known for her chart-topping music and artistic endeavors, while Patrick Mahomes is a professional football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, known for his athleticism and leadership on the field.

While they both have successful careers in their respective fields and have connections to Kansas City, where Mahomes plays for the Chiefs, there isn’t public information available about specific shared interests or activities that they bond over. It’s possible that they may have crossed paths at events or through mutual acquaintances, but any details about their personal interactions or shared interests would likely remain private unless they choose to share them publicly. If there have been any developments since then, I wouldn’t be aware of them.

How would you describe Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce love story?

Subtleties keep on being uncovered about the early starting points of Taylor Quick and Travis Kelce’s relationship. The pop hotshot and NFL winner’s relationship has been in plain view since disclosing their sentiment in October 2023.

Most as of late, the couple bested titles when they shared a kiss on the field after the Kansas City Bosses beat the Baltimore Ravens on Jan. 28. Presently, Travis and his group are gone to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl with fans hypothesizing Quick’s participation because of her Periods Visit in Tokyo.

Notwithstanding, the pair have demonstrated that they could uphold each other in the midst of their separately bustling plans for getting work done. In any case, who connected Quick and Kelce in any case?

In a genuine meeting for the front of WSJ Magazine’s December/January issue, the NFL genius imparted how his sentiment to the vocalist came to be after he gone to her Times Visit in July. During a past episode of his New Levels with Jason and Travis Kelce web recording, Kelce uncovered that he had wanted to give Quick his digits by means of kinship wristband when she performed at Sharpened stone Arena, yet didn’t get the valuable chance to do as such.

Fortunately for Kelce, there was an “undetectable string” driving him to Quick: he told WSJ. Magazine he “had someone playing Cupid” for his benefit. Quick, as well, gave further understanding into how their sentiment came to be as she was named Time’s 2023 Man of the Year.

Here’s beginning and end we are familiar the way that the couple got together.

Quick and Kelce’s relationship timetable initially begun in July 2023, when the NFL football star was spotted going to her Periods Visit at Pointed stone Arena where he plays football for the Kansas City Bosses. The football star was seen watching the show from his confidential box as well as exchanging companionship wristbands with fans inside the scene.

However Kelce had plans to give Quick a fellowship wristband with his telephone number on it, the two didn’t really interface after the show. “I was disheartened that she doesn’t talk previously or after her shows since she needs to save her voice for the 44 tunes she sings, so I was a little butthurt that I didn’t get to hand her one of the wristbands I made for her,” Kelce made sense of on his webcast.

Despite the fact that that didn’t work out, Kelce made sense of in November 2023 that, following his bombed endeavor to get her his number, he got some assistance from individuals near Quick to definitely stand out. “There were most certainly individuals she realized that knew what my identity was, in her corner [who said]: Yo! Did you realize he was coming? I had someone playing Cupid,” Kelce told WSJ. Magazine, adding that he ultimately found that out from Quick when she reached him straightforwardly.

Kelce added that a couple of individuals from the Quick family even helped with assisting him with definitely standing out. “She’ll presumably despise me for saying this, but…when she came to Sharpened stone, they gave her the enormous storage space as a changing area, and her little cousins were taking pictures…in front of my storage,” he said.

So who precisely was the “Cupid” in Quick and Kelce’s sentiment? There are a few group who might have associated the vocalist and football star as they have a couple of common companions.

Miles Teller could potentially be the “Cupid” in the sentiment between Quick and Kelce. Both Kelce and Quick have connections with Teller, as they have been seen together at various events and have mutual friends. Additionally, Teller has appeared in Quick’s music video and has been associated with both Quick and Kelce separately through social and professional circles. However, without explicit confirmation from Quick or Kelce themselves, it remains speculation.

First off, both Kelce and Quick are friendly with entertainer Miles Teller. In 2022, Kelce joined Teller and Bosses quarterback Patrick Mahomes for hitting the fairway practice in front of the American Century Title. In the mean time, Teller already costarred in Quick’s “I Bet You Contemplate Me” music video close by his significant other Keleigh Sperry. The couple additionally went to Quick’s Times Visit in New Jersey close by football star Aaron Rodgers in May 2023.

When did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce go on their first date?

It seems more likely that the “Cupid” in this sentiment refers to Taylor, as she became romantically involved with Kelce in September 2023. Taylor’s presence at Kelce’s games and their public relationship could have contributed to his increased profile and the surge in demand for his jerseys. Furthermore, if Taylor’s presence has had a significant impact on the NFL as suggested, it strengthens the case for her being the “Cupid” in this scenario.

The couple first started dating in September 2023Taylor has become a regular fixture at her Chiefs star boyfriend’s games, and Travis has also seen a rise in profile with his jerseys skyrocketing in demand by 400%. Taylor’s presence has also had a major impact on the NFL too.

Travis Kelce probably taken a few notes from Taylor Quick’s Midnights track “Brains,” in light of the fact that after only two months of going all out with the multi-Grammy-winning hotshot, the “Screw-up” vocalist was first spotted rooting for the Kansas City Bosses tight end at his football match-up in September. Discuss sign!

Fans are cherishing the surprising matching, and Swifties have even begun a clever pattern on TikTok of let their male accomplices know that Quick put Kelce “on the guide.”

While the coupling among Quick and Kelce could appear to be arbitrary to the relaxed amusement shopper, Board takes care of you. Beneath, we’ve gathered a full course of events of the pair’s relationship, from the football player attempting to give a kinship arm band to Quick during her Times Visit stop in Kansas City back in July, Quick uncovering when she and the NFL star began dating, to the vocalist going to his football match-up with his mom and that’s just the beginning.

One of those times made an awe-inspiring mainstream society storm, with Quick plunging on New Jersey’s MetLife Arena close by well known companions Blake Exuberant, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on Oct. 1, 2023, to watch Kelce’s Bosses take on the New York Planes from an elegant suite. Things looked a ton chiller on days after the fact on Oct. 12 during the Bosses’ Thursday Night Football coordinate against the Denver Mustangs, with Quick murmuring in Travis’ mother Donna Kelce’s ear in the family suite.

A timeline of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship, from Chiefs games to Time magazine:

Here’s a timeline of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship based on the information provided:

  1. July 2023: Travis Kelce attempted to give Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet during her Eras Tour stop in Kansas City.
  2. September 2023: Taylor Swift was first spotted cheering on Travis Kelce at one of his Kansas City Chiefs football games.
  3. October 1, 2023: Swift, accompanied by famous friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Hugh Jackman, attended the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.
  4. October 12, 2023: During the Kansas City Chiefs’ Thursday Night Football match-up against the Denver Broncos, Swift was seen whispering to Travis Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, in the family suite.
  5. Throughout 2023: Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship continued to garner attention from fans and media, with Swifties jokingly claiming that Swift “put Kelce on the map.”
  6. Beyond 2023: Their relationship possibly continued to evolve, with potential public appearances, interactions, and other events that may have occurred after the provided information.

This timeline highlights key moments in Kelce and Swift’s relationship, from their initial interactions to public appearances and continued interest from fans and media outlets.

Does Taylor Swift like to kiss Travis Kelce or not?

Yes, she loves to kiss him. Taylor Swift gave Travis Kelce a short peck and embraced him with a big hug after he and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens to advance to the Super Bowl, and then the two locked lips with a smooch seen around the football world.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce had an emotional moment after they shared their first public kiss after the singer’s second concert in Argentina.

Everything seems to indicate that the relationship between the singer and the American football player is going better than ever, well He even dedicated songs to him in the middle of the concert.

More than 70 thousand fans witnessed this special moment in the lives of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, as the moment went viral as did the reaction of the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end.

What does Taylor Swift see in Travis Kelce that we don’t?

She finally graduated from the JV’s to the Varsity,he happens to represent what she has lacked in the past with her assortment of male suitors, He is a specimen 6’5” 250 lbs, masculine, bright good at what he does and while Taylor has many male admirers , he appears to match her in that department. He’s a great looking guy and they make a nice duo, She’s surrounded by tons of admirers but very lonely.

I’m not sure what you don’t see. From my perspective (having never heard of him before the past couple of weeks), his politics are closely aligned with hers, and they apparently both value philanthropy. They each seem to have a terrific sense of humor (his hosting stint on SNL was far beyond anything I expected—he was considerably better than some of the season regulars, was a great sport, and did not take himself too seriously!).

They are both extraverted, kind, and comfortable in the spotlight. They both value and are close to their families. They each have a brother. Both sets of their parents were divorced after 20–25 years of marriage. They came from neighboring midwest states. Really, they seem to have a fair amount in common. Not sure how important it is, but he is also 6′5″ to her 5′11″—almost the tallest man she has ever dated (Calvin Harris is 6′6″).

Also, for what it’s worth, she is a Saggitarius and he is a Libra—a good astrological pairing—and she is supposedly an ESFJ on the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, while he is supposedly (did either of them actually even take this test?!) and ESFP—so a lot of overlap, which makes communication easier.

Travis Kelce is making headlines for his alleged romantic connection with Taylor Swift, sparking rumors of a potential power couple in the making.

While neither party has confirmed the relationship, the duo has been spotted enjoying each other’s company at various events, fueling speculation about a budding romance.

Recently, Taylor Swift attended an NFL game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas, marking her second appearance after sharing the VIP box with Kelce’s mother during the first game.

Did Taylor Swift greet Super Bowl-bound Travis Kelce with a kiss after the Chiefs win the AFC title game?

BALTIMORE (AP) — Taylor Quick gave Travis Kelce a short peck and embraced him with a major embrace after he and the Kansas City Bosses beat the Baltimore Ravens to progress to the Super Bowl, and afterward the two locked lips with a kiss seen around the football world.

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Will Taylor Swift write a love song about Travis Kelce?

I’m not an official “Swiftie,” although I am a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, her generosity, her encouraging young people to vote, and especially her business acumen.

Clearly she is a branding and marketing genius, as illustrated by the explosion in ratings and ticket sales after she began being seen in public with the Kelces and by her upcoming film that will reach a wider audience beyond her concerts.

Even if the award-winning , hit-record-selling Swift doesn’t write a song about her current potential love interest, I believe it’s likely that she will reference him and their relationship in a way that’s certain to make her even more of a mover, shaker, news maker, and economic engine for all things Swift.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: It’s her MO to write songs about her love interests – including what she’s best known for, break-up songs.

Did Taylor Swift greet Super Bowl-bound Travis Kelce with a kiss after the Chiefs win the AFC title game?

To some, Travis Kelce is the best tight end in football history. To others, he’s Taylor Swift’s rumored boyfriend. While Swift and Kelce’s relationship has not been confirmed, their apparent connection has people across a pop culture divide talking — and debating who made who famous.

Taylor Swift enthusiasts find themselves in a state of disagreement regarding the speculated romantic involvement between the singer and Travis Kelce, a prominent American football tight end. The jerseys donned by Kelce have become highly sought-after commodities in stores ever since Swift was observed passionately supporting him during a recent sporting event.

Nonetheless, a faction of Swift’s fan base has raised concerns about the compatibility of Kelce with the songstress. Their reservations stem from his past instances of confrontational conduct. One fan, whose passionate rant has since been removed, expressed their apprehensions, stating, “This individual appears to resort to physical aggression when provoked. It is entirely justified for me to express my concerns regarding Taylor’s association with such a man.”

On the contrary, there are supporters of Kelce who assert that he possesses commendable qualities and is being subjected to unwarranted judgment. A loyal follower of Kelce commented, “Travis is an outstanding individual. He has consistently exhibited kindness towards me and my acquaintances. The negativity directed at him is undeserved.”

The confirmation of a romantic relationship between Swift and Kelce remains uncertain at this point. In the interim, fans will continue their deliberations concerning the compatibility of the two individuals.

What do you think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will do if they see the walls closing in on their relationship once she hits the road in February?

“Walls closing in”? These are two adults, but Taylor has shown a lot of interest in Travis, enough to show up for many of the Chief’s games, and been seen kissing him. Travis and Jason’s mother Donna has hugged with Taylor in the Kelce box at home games. Donna has a busy schedule, being that she has two sons, Travis and Jason, who are top offensive players for top teams in the hunt for another Super Bowl ring.

Yes, Taylor has had several significant others over the past years (my favorite was Tom Hiddleston, AKA Loki in the Marvel Universe). But she’ll want to settle down sometime, despite seeming like she could go on forever. She’s a lovely person, and I personally hope they stay together. She’s certainly putting in the time, even if Travis can’t.

Does Taylor Swift give Travis Kelce head?

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Is Taylor Swift in a “serious” romance as Travis Kelce shows “perfect” signs?

It is difficult to say whether Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in a “serious” romance. They have been seen together on a few occasions, and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company. However, there is no confirmation from either of them that they are dating, let alone in a serious relationship.

Some people believe that Swift and Kelce are in a serious relationship because of the “perfect” signs that Kelce is showing. For example, he has been seen holding Swift’s hand and putting his arm around her waist. He has also been seen talking to her parents and friends.

However, it is also possible that Swift and Kelce are simply friends or that they are in a casual relationship. It is important to note that neither of them has spoken publicly about their relationship.

Ultimately, only Swift and Kelce know the true nature of their relationship. If they decide to go public with their relationship, we will likely find out more about it then.

Here are some possible reasons why Swift and Kelce may be keeping their relationship private:

  • They may want to keep their personal lives private.
  • They may not be sure if their relationship is serious enough to share with the public.
  • They may be waiting until they are ready to settle down before going public with their relationship.
  • They may be concerned about the public scrutiny that would come with being in a relationship with each other.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that Swift and Kelce are enjoying each other’s company. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops in the future.

Do you think Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce would have a lasting relationship?

It could possibly end up as a blip or a liaison covering an extended period, Kelce in my opinion could qualify for the sexiest man of the year,I think he needs a little polish and not the one connected to kielbasa.His taste needs some work,it appears he buys his apparel in the basement of an Army Navy Store, The shirts must be one at regular price and two free. Taylor is mostly dressed to the nines,He needs to clean up his act.

Long term, not intending to disparage the opposite sex,when women start the decline possibly early forties the sliding board begins to make an adjustment and the forty something’s begin the downward trend and the twenty something’s emerge,and with a wagging bum and a wink, men succumb to the charms of these delicious delicacies. A man like Kelce will have them spellbound.i think that even Taylor will see the ravages of time.


I am so pleased she is happy and secure in her relationship to be so public about it! It must feel good for her after years in the basement lol (no shade to Joe, every relationship has a purpose). Thanks for giving us insight into how things unfolded Tay. I’m glad she clarified that, yes, Travis shouting her out on his podcast was how she knew he was interested and she went for it. How refreshing it must have felt for her to have a guy not afraid to say in public that he wanted a shot with her.

I wish them well as a couple!

ETA: This quote is so badass, “I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much and pissing off a few dads, Brads and Chads.” Cry more football fans lol, she doesn’t care.

“Pissing off a few dads, brads and chads” I need that in a song PRONTO

This big time. I love watching baseball and I don’t particularly like when they celeb spot too much, but at the same time, it’s not the celeb’s fault. Ofc they’ll show celebrity attendances since it’s good for publicity: it’s common across all North American sports, especially since celebrity culture and sports have been tied together for decades. This isn’t anything new at all.

Edit: Also having just read the interview, I absolutely love that she said they’re proud of each other. In a relationship if both partners can’t say this… there’s something wrong there. Life’s too short to hide out of fear, and especially more so if it’s not in your nature to be reserved (and neither Taylor nor Travis seem to be).

Maybe because when they look at the players’ partners, they kinda make the association with the players and that’s that (sorry to make this association but it’s giving trophy vibes). But when you look at Taylor, she’s like…how should I put it – like yes, yes she’s Travis’s partner BUT she’s Taylor and she’s known for a lot of things outside her male partner. Dunno man, I’d feel honoured and do my best if she showed up at some event I’m working for.

How did Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce meet?