What is a contemporary issue? What are some examples?

contemporary issue

What is a contemporary issue

The definition of contemporary issues is;

Any Issues which have its implications, applicability, relevance, significance, effect and material presence in the present time or at its given frame(period) of time can be sorted as Contemporary issues.

“A contemporary issue can be defined as any event, idea, opinion or topic in a given subject that is relevant to the present day.

Contemporary issues can be found in almost any matter of interest.”

If one were talking world politics the contemporary issues would be Syria, the fight against extremists such as ISSAL or the Taliban, dealing with North Korea or Iran, Russia and it’s many antics, etc.

In US politics contemporary issues may include border issues, illegal entry across US borders, President Trump, the Mueller investigation and an even more contemporary issue would be the confirming of a Supreme Court nominee.

A contemporary issue can be defined as any event, idea, opinion or topic in a given subject that is relevant to the present day.

A contemporary issue can be found in almost any matter of interest.

An example of a contemporary social issue in the US would be the concern about police violence against black and immigration issues.

Particularly related to DACA. A contemporary issue is anything pressing in our society today, usually a political or social issue that affects the present day.

What is a contemporary issue?

Social issues are really anything that is a concern for society.

They’ll depend somewhat on the culture, community, and country.

Here are 25 perennial ones for citizens of the United States:

  1. Gun Control/Gun Rights
  2. Corrections/Mass Incarceration
  3. Domestic and Gender Violence
  4. Children
  5. Child Care
  6. Educational equity/Educational access/Educational choice
  7. Workers Rights (fair treatment)
  8. Human Trafficking
  9. Immigration and Refugees
  10. Healthcare/Healthcare Reform
  11. Food/Health Access
  12. Law Enforcement
  13. Racial Equality
  14. Gender Equality
  15. Marriage Equality (LBGTQ Rights)
  16. Fair pay and Equal pay
  17. Environment and Water
  18. Religious Expression
  19. Fair Elections and Voters Rights
  20. Contraceptive (Women’s) Rights
  21. Right to Life
  22. Housing
  23. Gentrification
  24. Animal Rights
  25. Immunizations

I go to a liberal arts and science school in Central Ontario, which is based in a little city of just under 80,000 people.

The local pro-life signs originally looked like this, with maybe 15 of them scattered around town.

It includes a picture of a baby with the phrase, “Take my hand, not my life”, and a phone number for the local Peterborough Pregnancy and Support Services center for anyone who might want to choose another option other than abortion.

That’s it.

There are no graphic illustrations of torn up fetuses’, no accusatory attacking statements towards women, not even any urge to ask for donations.

Literally just a sign saying, Hey! There is another choice! You don’t have to abort your baby!

Regardless of these facts, every single one of these signs was graffitied across the entire downtown, in a similar fashion to the first sign above.

“Now why is this a social issue?” you might ask. “These are the actions of a minority, so why is society at large to blame?”.

 contemporary issue
contemporary issue

What is a contemporary issue?

The answer lies in society’s reaction to these vandal’s methods.

No matter which side of the political spectrum you’re on, we can all agree that the destruction of public property is wrong.

Yet this vandalism, and distortion of a message which is not even harmful, just contrary to popular university student opinion is being celebrated!

Now I’m not one to make assumptions, but if I was going to bet about who spray painted, marked, and cut up these signs.

You better believe my money is on a bunch of students from my university, (perhaps even from the gender studies department? but maybe I’m reading into it too much) and not the local permanent community.

When these signs came up in a Facebook discussion among students my age, the vast majority of the students praised these acts of vandalism.

Saying things like, “Any mention of abortion can trigger a woman into mental breakdown”, and “This graphic message is unfit for the public.

It’s right that it was covered up from the eyes of society!” and my favorite, “No one has the right to refuse the choice of women!”.

What is a social issue?

Ironically, these people are missing the very obvious fact that by purposefully covering the phone number and message of these signs, they actually take away the mother’s choice to choose literally anything except abortion. Which was all the sign was promoting.

Society’s problem today is that if anything is offensive, heck, if anyone disagrees with you, then they are a Nazi. And we are supposed to punch such Nazis.

How about instead we have an open, honest and civilized conversation with our political opponents, rather than exclaiming, “They hate group X !”, and completely discounting what they have to say as hate speech and political heresy.

What is a contemporary issue?


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What is a contemporary issue?

What is a contemporary issue? What are some examples?

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