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Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

Yes, conjoined twins can marry and have children. For example, Chang and Eng, the only known Siamese twins who married and had children, lived over 60 years old. Britt and Abby are also married conjoined twins who have married separate women and had many children. 

Legally, conjoined twins are two people even though their bodies are connected. However, some say that it’s difficult for conjoined twins to marry. 

An open heart and love for another can make many “unusual” things possible. Has conjoined twins ever gotten married to someone? Yes, Price Chang & Prince Eng of the Kingdom of Siam, Both Took Wives. Together, they Sired a Dozen Children.

Conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker – the original Siamese Twins from Siam (Thailand) – settled in North Carolina, married sisters Adelaide and Sarah Yates in a double ceremony, and fathered 21 children between them. Initially, both twins and both wives had sex with the deliberate intention of procreation.

Still, after this resulted in four children within two years, the couples alternated pregnancies, with the non-procreating couple practicing birth control. As of their deaths on January 17th, 1874, at 62, the youngest child, Eng’s son Robert, was five years old. As to how they did it, they made love in turns: the wife was on top, with the husband and his twin flat on their backs.

If a man marries a woman who is twins conjoined at birth (a woman born with two conscious heads), is it polygamy or monogamy?

Abby and Brittany Hensel are now 27 and have stated that they want to get married and even have kids someday.

Despite appearing precisely as you’d imagine a “two-headed woman” would appear, they consider themselves two women (of course) and are legally considered two individuals. 

(if it were another species, such as a cat, no one would have a problem referring to it as a two-headed cat)

But who knows what would work for their marriages? They share one set of reproductive organs, so that means that it would be impossible for them to have sex separately…they’d have to do it together. (well, I guess one could be asleep or something?) It doesn’t appear to be public knowledge as to whether they both share feeling down there, as that sort of factoid is probably none of our damn business.

If they chose to have a child, they’d do it together as well, but I think it would be only one who would pass on her genes (then again, they are identical twins, so the issue is somewhat moot). Who would be considered the mother is another yet-to-be-resolved issue. If only one were married to the father, that one would probably be regarded as the legal mother. The child would probably think them both to be their moms.

Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

If they chose to marry the same man, they would probably have to either do it outside of the legal system (legally, only one of them would be considered married) or have special accommodations written into laws for them, which could be done for such exceptional cases. I guess they would choose to marry two men, or just one of them marry someone.

Whether you want to consider them both marrying one man to be polygamy or monogamy is a semantic question that doesn’t matter. Both terms have negatives: “Polygamy” is often seen as both illegal and immoral, but “monogamy” makes the offensive assumption that they are one individual.

They are a rare exception, and the language and legal system don’t account for them. Regardless, I wish them the best, hope they have long lives, and wouldn’t judge them badly for however they proceed or for the terms they choose to refer to whatever they do.

The ability of conjoined twins to marry someone and have children depends on various factors, including their specific medical condition and the level of physical and reproductive functionality they possess.

Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

Conjoined twins are rare and can be joined at different parts of their bodies, such as the chest, abdomen, or pelvis. The following considerations may influence the feasibility of marriage and having children for conjoined twins:

  1. Physical and Reproductive Functionality: The extent to which the conjoined twins share vital organs and reproductive systems plays a crucial role. If both twins have functional reproductive organs, they might be able to conceive and have children.
  2. Medical Considerations: The overall health and medical condition of the conjoined twins will impact their ability to carry a pregnancy to term and undergo the physical demands of childbirth.
  3. Legal and Social Considerations: Laws regarding marriage and reproduction may vary in different jurisdictions. Conjoined twins may face legal and social challenges when it comes to marriage and raising a family.
  4. Personal Choices: Conjoined twins, like anyone else, have unique choices and preferences. Their decisions regarding marriage and having children depend on their desires and beliefs.

It’s important to note that each case of conjoined twins is unique, and the feasibility of marriage and having children will depend on the specific circumstances of the individuals involved. Additionally, advances in medical technology and reproductive assistance may provide options for conjoined twins who wish to start a family. Consulting with medical professionals specializing in conjoined twins can provide more accurate and personalized information based on the specific case.

If a man marries a woman who is twins conjoined at birth (a woman born with two conscious heads), is it polygamy or monogamy?

Conjoined twins are NOT one woman with two heads. They are two people, even if they share a body. It is disrespectful and hurtful to refer to them as one person with two heads.

If a woman had two heads (conjoined twins), how would she hold a relationship with a separate partner?

Well… I’ve read about Chang and Eng. They were attached at the hip, I believe. They fathered 21 children and have descendants numbering 1,500. They married sisters and were the origin of “Siamese twins.”

If I was one-half and I had a sister attached to me, I guess I would be so used to seeing her bodily functions that it wouldn’t bother me.

Now, relationships are another deal altogether. If we were lucky enough to have boyfriends simultaneously, there would have to be ground rules.

No peeking, no foursomes, and the most privacy one could be afforded in those circumstances.

Natural human desires would dominate, and if we found brothers or regular guys, we’d work things out. Hee hee

Millions of things are running through my head, and it might be a fun, exciting situation. Unless you couldn’t stand each other, you couldn’t be split apart.

I saw a documentary about conjoined sisters, and they solved the relationship problems with one sister going into a trance-like state. That was when boyfriends were around. There was a dominant sister who wanted to be a country western singer. The other one was quiet and was more into computers, reading, and such.

I’d instead be separated. If not, I would relax and accept it.

Who would control the body if you were conjoined twins like Abigail and Brittany Hensel?

According to the twins themselves, they each control half of the body. Their internal organs are doubled; however, their proportions are nearly normal to any other human being.

Doing things such as running, driving, clapping, and other activities requires symmetrical, coordinated cooperation — and they do it without ever thinking about it. Yet they can read and write simultaneously, each woman controlling her half of the body independently.

I remember seeing an interview several years ago in which their mother watched them poking different areas of their abdomen, trying to see who felt what. Near the middle, they both felt the sensation, yet on each side, only one of the two could feel the poking.

The show interviewed one of their high school teachers in that same program. Like any other non-conjoined twins, the twins had different academic strengths and weaknesses. Even their handwriting was different and unique.

The two are considered independent people, and each has her driver’s license even though they must simultaneously operate the controls. Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

The two both majored in education and initially wanted to have different specializations in the field. That proved prohibitive due to the class schedules, but they both graduated with bachelor’s degrees. Currently, they are both employed as elementary school teachers in Minnesota.

If someone were to marry conjoined twins, would it be considered polygamy?

Chang and Eng Bunker (born 11 May 1811) were the source of the term Siamese twins. They were the first well-known conjoined twins.

They married, maintained separate households, and had twenty-two children.

It is possible to marry one conjoined twin without marrying the other.

How do conjoined twins copulate?

It will depend on many things, some physical and some emotional. Let’s look at two cases.

A liver and some abdominal tissue joined Chang and Eng Bunker. Each brother was married to a separate woman, and they had 22 children between them. In this case, they could put up a sheet between them and have some privacy.

Abby and Brittany Hensel share a torso and legs. They have one set of genitalia. In this case, one literally cannot have sex with one person without having sex with the other. They would need to agree on any partners, or it would be rape. I expect that any dating they do would be with people with whom both sisters have a good relationship. If they each have partners, they would need to deal with jealousy issues between them and the other partners. They have expressed an interest in having children. Since they have one womb, I expect that they will test the child and use the father to determine who to put as the mother on the birth certificate.

Can conjoined twins (male and female) reproduce with each other making babies?

It is biologically impossible for conjoined twins to have different genders. It is because they always start as a single cell that divides into identical twins – even though they fail to separate.

Therefore, conjoined twins cannot reproduce with each other

If twins are conjoined at the head and share part of their brains, will it be more convenient for them to marry one man?

Well, both are two different people. Two other thinking processes and two different souls.

Finding a lover is their goal until they can handle themselves first.

How do conjoined twins get married?

The one getting married goes to a church, pastor, and courthouse and marries their fiancé; the other twin has to go along, so they darn well better have been choosing to be maid of honor or best man!! 🙂 Conjoined twins have married. Conjoined twins I knew about (joined at the forehead), one started dating, and the other read a book. Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

.Has conjoined twins ever gotten married to someone?

Yes. The eponymous Chang and Eng Bunker, from Siam, moved to the USA and became American citizens; each had his wife and his own house. The wives were sisters. Altogether, they had 21 children.

How would conjoined twins get married?

They are legally two people, so each would marry one person. The spouse would only be matched to one of them, not both.

If conjoined twins get pregnant, whose child would it belong to?

If they have two wombs, it will be obvious…if not, it will belong to both unless they agree between them for example, whose bf was involved.

What is it like dating conjoined twins?

Okay, I’m not a conjoined twin and haven’t dated one. It is strictly hypothetical. In this case, it would be not easy. The dater would need to be on good terms with both twins. But you probably aren’t just asking about dating; you’re thinking about what happens when the relationship gets physical. It will depend on the connection.

Sometimes, I could see one twin draping themselves with a sheet. In the case of Abigail and Brittany Hensel, it’s more complicated as the two share one set of genitalia. Their interviews have said that each feels one leg, so I am likely both women have sensations in the place between them.

A relationship that progressed to this level would need both of them to approve of the relationship. It would involve a lot of communication and trust. If each of them were involved with somebody, the other partners would have to accept that Abby and Brittany would be interested in interactions with either partner. It’s a difficult way of life, and it has some similarities to issues faced by the polyamorous community.

The Hensel Twins have said that they want children someday. The issue needs to be clarified as the two share one womb. Both twins would be the mother since they have the same genetic information.

If a man marries a woman who is twins conjoined at birth (a woman born with two conscious heads), is it polygamy or monogamy?

There is no such thing as “a woman who is actually twins conjoined at birth.” There are cases of twins who appear to be one body with two heads but are not “a woman” because they are two different people.

In the cases I know of, it makes far more sense to think of them as each having half a body rather than sharing one body. They don’t feel touch on the half that belongs to the other twin, nor do they have any control over it. And they are two different people with different personalities, just as any pair of identical twins have non-identical personalities.

Marrying one of such a pair of twins would require some non-traditional accommodations. However, it would not be possible to legally marry both at once except in jurisdictions where polygamy is allowed.

The medical term for such cases is “Parapagus (dicephalus, dibrachius, dipus) conjoined twins.” Parapagus conjoined twins are fused side-by-side, while “dicephalus, dibrachius, dipus” means those twins have two heads, arms, and legs.

For more information: Dicephalic parapagus twins – Wikipedia (As with all Wikipedia articles, this is a summary; read the referenced sources for the details.) Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

If you marry a conjoined twin, do you have to match both?

No, you only have to marry one, but you need to screw both or there will be jealousy

If conjoined twins get pregnant, whose child would it belong to?

The only case in dispute would be a shared uterus. Without doing a pile of investigation, the laws in most places I’m aware of only allow one mother and one father to be mentioned. (I believe there has been a landmark case where three fluid-gender individuals are somehow all listed on the birth certificate, but I digress.)

 The same issue arises with marriage.

If a uterus were shared, tricky as it may be, one twin would be legally designated the “mother.” As to the practical tasks of motherhood, each could assume whatever duties they wished or were most convenient.

In fact, in the sporadic cases of conjoined twins with separate upper bodies but fused abdominal/pelvic organs that survive until adulthood, they are often a delicate balance of trying to manage organ load between the two individuals. For instance, there may only be two kidneys working overtime. One healthy heart may be carrying the load of a less efficient heart. 

There can also be skeletal issues – for instance, Brittany Hensel has scoliosis. Though it might be technically possible for pregnancy to occur, it may be too risky to the health and organ load of the twins to proceed with a pregnancy.

The best option may be harvesting eggs, fertilizing them, or implanting them in a surrogate. Theoretically, if there is a healthy ovary on each side, it may be possible to gather eggs from one ovary at a time so that “motherhood” could be established. I think it would be better not to know for psychological reasons. Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?

I’m waiting to see what the Hensels do!

If conjoined twins get pregnant, whose child would it belong to?

That’s creepy to even think about, but I guess it would be whose ever uterus it came out of

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Can a conjoined twin marry someone and have children?