What is the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

What is the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

It seems to be an alarm that sounds off when a person makes too much noise lifting. Things like grunting and having the weights bang around.

The thing is, if you’ve ever deadlifted heavyweight, it’s inevitable that there’s gonna be quite a bit of noise. Squatting a lot tends to elicit grunts as well.

People seem to have correlated this alarm with the culture at planet fitness which is summed up like this: You’re fine the way you are, but if you want to be fitter without the intimidating presence of bodybuilders, then our place is for you.

You don’t need to feel inadequate around people who have a fierce drive in physical self-improvement.

The thing is though, any gym you go to doesn’t even promote the idea of judging newcomers or whatever. Most people just go about their lifting.

Planet fitness in a sense feeds off of your insecurities.

They create an environment that is more comforting to people who don’t want to face the reality that they aren’t as fit as other gym-goers.

This all sounds pretty harsh but is there any other reason why there would be alarms against anyone pushing their limits?

lunk alarm at Planet Fitness
lunk alarm at Planet Fitness

What is the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

When someone drops weights, Miss uses equipment and lets it slam or lunk to the floor.

They also judge the clothes people wear to the gym.

Lunk alarm sounds and they embarrass the heck out of the person who they deem as not fit

. PF is good for walkers who can’t deal with outside walking on hot or cold weather, their leg machines and rowing or step machines are good starter machines but if one needs to step up in workouts go elsewhere.

I have been a member for 5 yrs. But I only use PF to walk on the treadmills to stay out of the cold or the heat.

Their sanitation of the machines sucks. Our PF uses hand sanitizer instead of a good germ killing anti-bacterial disinfectant.

Flu season – they still use the diluted hand sanitizer I take my own wipes.

I care about my health they don’t care! But a great place to stay out of the weather.

Is Pee Stored in the Balls

The “Lunk alarm” is funny and irritating, but it is part of planet fitness marketing tactics, although it is silly and annoying to a weightlifter.

Unbeknownst to me, If there was a “Lunk Alarm” in my backyard weightlifting area, or one installed inside my garage gym, it would activate every minute or would continue “alarming.”

I engage in high impact, loud, noisy, weightlifting drills, which not only would trigger the lunk alarm but would bar me from public gyms.

I routinely drop massive deadlifts, drop the loaded bar after some back squats, drop weights after a barbell snatch/clean/jerk (you are supposed to drop the weights).

Friends, I also use plenty of chalk, I may even curse occasionally. I train alone at home.

For this reason and many other reasons, I don’t frequent a public gym.

If you intend to grunt, make noises, drop weights, use plenty of weightlifting chalk, and make them fly in the air, or, pose a danger to the little old man doing cardio, then a weightlifting club is the only way to go for you. There are no silly Lunk Alarms there. Everyone grunts, drop weights.

It’s an alarm the staff will pull that alerts the entire gym that someone is acting like a ‘lunk’ (see pic above for details).

Although a real alarm, it’s mostly just a gimmick they have to solidify their stance on not letting anyone get intimidated by some guy (yes, this is clearly directed at men only) “slamming his weights” or god forbid drinking water out of a gallon jug.

Honestly, I find it to be stupid, and quite ironic to boot.

What I mean by the latter point is that Planet Fitness is casting judgment on a guy wearing a tank top drinking water out of a gallon jug – yet designating their weight room as a ‘no-judgment zone’…how does that make sense?

If you pick and choose who is going to be kicked out, that’s almost literally the definition of justice.

Back in the day, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart did a satire on Planet Fitness where they outline the link alarm specifically.

Here you get to see it go off, and see their hypocrisy in a hilarious way:

What is the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

The Lunk Alarm is part warning system and part safety system.

The alarm is turned on at the discretion of employees at the desk at each gym.

Most gyms frown upon dropping/tossing equipment.

At PF it can actually be a safety hazard. The dumbells at several locations I have visited have ends that are screwed/twisted on.

If these are continually dropped they will come apart and could cause potential injury.

Each gym can be different about how crazy they get with the alarm.

I have heard it more at gyms where I worked rather than the gym where I worked full time.

It is the Judgement Gym even though they say it is a Judgement FREE Zone.

They have created a safe space for soft-minded customers.

Planet Fitness is accommodating your feelings to get your money.

If the sound of working out hard is affecting your workout, they sound an alarm to quiet people down.

If you want to work out of your mind, find a place real fit people workout. Don’t hide in a safe space.

Imagine a lunk alarm in a public bathroom?

Does Planet Fitness still have a lunk alarm?

While the “Lunk Alarm” rules themselves are occasionally mocked by fitness enthusiasts, most neither fundamentally oppose them nor feel incapable of following them.

Planet Fitness, therefore, can (and previously has) maintain its low-key, inviting environment without viciously excluding certain people.

What is the lunk alarm at Planet Fitness?

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