Worried About the Price of Smart Watch? Check Out These 4 Budget-Friendly Options

Worried About the Price of Smart Watch? Check Out These 4 Budget-Friendly Options

The era of smartphones has brought forth the era of smart living, where every activity and task is underlined with the economy of time and efficiency. Virtual assistants, smart lights, and even appliances have become increasingly self-reliant and offer to make our lives easier with their sophisticated algorithms and systems. This efficiency, however, comes at a price, and quite often an expensive one. But certainly not at the price of smart watch.

A smart watch is a part of the same lifestyle essential, one that has increasingly become a wardrobe staple for many. While it may seem that smart watches are pricey due to their functional and fashionable features. The price of smart watch, however, varies across various brands based on their in-built features. Therefore, if the only thing holding you back from buying a smart watch is the high price of smart watch, then do not fret. There are some great budget-friendly options for you to look through below to help you find your perfect smart watch, with features of your preference.

Reflex Curv Smart Watch

Laden with features within a stylish model, the Reflex Curv is one the best smartwatches that money can buy right now. A new take on the previous model, this smartwatch is one that comes with a 2.5D, 1.69″ HD display. The curved display gives it a polished and modern look all around. Apart from the great price of smart watch, you will be able to customize the watch face and choose from more than 100 watch faces. The Health Suite, 20+ Sports Modes, and 7-day battery life make it a worthy companion for all your fitness pursuits.

Reflex Vox

While browsing through price of smart watch, you must explore the Reflex Vox smart watches for all your smart needs. The Fastrack Reflex Vox is a smart companion that is designed to make your life easier and healthier. The 1.69″ display helps you check in with your virtual assistant, Alexa, and keep tabs on your important notifications and reminders. Built-in with a Menstrual Tracker, Stress Monitor, SPO2 level monitor, and Sleep Tracker, this smartwatch is one that looks out for you even when you forget to. Additionally, the watch also comes with 10-day battery life and has a 5ATM water resistance for extra durability.

Smart 2 Pro

The Smart 2 Touch Screen smart watch is a new and improved version of the existing smart watches, offering a better user interface and sleeker design. It comes with an increased 1.78″ AMOLED display and can be bought at an affordable price when compared to the standard price of smart watch in the market. 100+ watch faces and 14+ Sports Modes allow you to endlessly customize the smartwatch interface and function as per your preferences. The watch runs a 24×7 Heart Rate Monitor and other vitals such as an SPO2 level monitor and Stress Tracker keep you in tune with your physical well-being. 

Reflex 3.0 Dual Toned

A list that offers options for great price of smart watch is incomplete without the Reflex 3.0. The slim and trendy appearance of this smart watch may be deceptively simple, as it offers an impressive range of functions and features within its limited case structure. Complete with 10+ Sports Modes and a Full Touch colour display, this is one of the more affordable smartwatches that prioritize functionality over appearance. One of the most prominent features of this watch is how it is designed with aanIP68 water resistance making it ideal for all swimmers and water sport enthusiasts.

The main thing that weighs on our minds when we buy a smart watch is often the price of smart watch. Not in this case though. These smartwatches are an embodiment of the way modern living has evolved in the last decade, and it is perfectly logical to want to don a technological marvel on your wrist. In that pursuit, trusted brands like Titan are a suitable place to head over to, where you can filter your searches based on the price of smart watch and find your ideal match.

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Worried About the Price of Smart Watch? Check Out These 4 Budget-Friendly Options