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The earliest forms of shoes were in Mesopotamia when soldiers wrapped a piece of leather around their feet to protect themselves from the sharp Earth. That nascent leather shoe has given rise to so many different footwear today! There is footwear based on occasion, on style, why even based on weather! 

From women’s UGG fashion boots to men’s leather derbies, the variety is endless! Australians love a lot more than their beach sandals–the footwear market amounts to $3800 as of 2021! It is one of the biggest Aussie retailers, and there is no doubt that the female demand for footwear is much bigger and broader than the male market.

This goes without saying; women love a good pair of shoes for their outfits. But there are so many outfits! That’s why there is a pair of footwear for every outfit. Just like how a white shirt or an LBD is a wardrobe essential, there are a few shoes that one needs to have in their closet! 

How many types of footwear are there?

There are over 70 types of footwear just for women! This is exclusive of the local variations, materials, and DIY styles! Ballet shoes, women’s UGG fashion boots, gladiator sandals are a few famous names. Despite so many types, footwear is primarily decided by weather and topographical quality. 

For example, one cannot wear ballet sandals or flip-flops in a snowy or freezing area. This is because the feet play a vital role in regulating internal body temperature. So keeping them warm is essential, and that’s why people tend to wear thick boots in such areas! 

How the Earth is in a particular locality also decides several things. For example, if your city has many cemented floors, one would choose flip-flops over boots or fitting shoes. Since cemented floors already retain much heat, wearing shoes with no ventilation might make one sweat. Choosing footwear is a lot more complicated than it sounds!

Closet Essentials: Footwear

Despite weather and land conditions, nothing ever stopped us from donning black boots when we’re feeling a little gothic or pumps when we want to party a little longer! Sometimes, even footwear has no rules. But what it does have is a few essentials!

Here is a list of footwear that one must stock up their closet with:

  • Flip-flops: Aussies need no explanation for this one! Flip-flops are flat-heeled footwear that can be worn for a quick run to the supermarket or a walk with your dog. They are highly versatile and slip-free. Nowadays, they even come in fancy patterns! 
  • Stilettos: These are highly pointy heels that are worn for parties or award shows. Based on the user’s height, these can be exchanged for pumps or wedges–all of these types have different heel heights. Many big fashion brands have their signature stiletto collection, which shows how popular they are in the fashion world. 
  • UGG Boots: Women’s UGG fashion boots are a fan favourite! Aussies love these sheepskin boots that are worn by many surfers even today. Nowadays, they are made from more sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials as well. 
  • Sneakers: Sneaks are well renowned for their casual fit and comfort. They come in various colours, styles and themes. Sneakers can also be paired with a pair of jeans as much as a denim skirt! That’s how versatile they are. 

Ballet Flats: These are just as essential and comfortable as flip-flops. They are a little thicker-heeled and are inspired by ballerinas. Their closed-toe style and thin sole are the best choices for a day out in the park! 

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