Window Styles for Your Home

Window Styles for Your Home

There are a lot more options when it comes to window types, shapes and styles for your home than many homeowners realise. There is more to the choice than just going for the most open option or your favourite shape though. There needs to be practical thought and planning as well as aesthetic preferences to consider.

A large window might let in more light and open up a room but it also means you have less privacy. A small window might offer more privacy but you might not have enough light and can’t see what might be a great view. There are also factors like energy efficiency to think about when you look at different types of windows.

Some popular types of windows

1) Double-Hung – Also called sash windows these have two panes of glass that can move down or up in the frame so that you can have the air come in from the top or the bottom. 

2) Bi-fold –  When you are looking at bringing the outdoors in and merging living areas the bi-fold windows are a great option. The whole window frame can be opened up and you can get frames in PVC, Aluminium, Composites, Timber and Steel.  

3) Bay – Also called box windows these project out from the external wall they are on to create an area at the window that can be turned into a seat or extra storage. Bay windows are also popular for letting in a lot of warmth and light. 

4) Geometric – Often this window is used with other types of windows a geometric shape above another window but they can also be used on their own. You can have arched windows, hexagons, and different shapes and lines create inside a window that really enhances the visual appeal in the architecture of the home. 

Window Styles for Your Home

5) Louvered – Also known as a jalousie window this has slats of parallel glass looking like a blind, that you can rotate closed and open to have more control over how much. The rotation is usually done with a crank. These types of windows are not airtight though so are more used in smaller places and where the security issue and the draft issue is not a problem.

6) Picture – Picture windows are also called fixed windows and these are very versatile but simple windows. They let in the light but do not open so do not let in any fresh air. They are great used with other windows or on their own. 

7) Sliding – You can get sliding windows with multi-opening panels, double panels or single panels and are a popular choice with areas where there is a walkway or deck nearby. 

Window Styles for Your Home

8) Awning – An awning window is made to let in light and air but still give privacy to a home as it is positioned higher up. There is a hinge at the top of the window so you can open it all the way to a horizontal position.  

9) Casement – A lot of new builds use casement windows, they have hinges on the side and swing out door like. You can have multi-pane windows or single pane. 

10) Skylight – When you want to add light to a space you have created in the roof a skylight is a great window to add and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some you open electrically and some have a log rod, and some do not open at all.

Window Styles for Your Home

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