Why should you invest with eToro in 2022?

Why should you invest with eToro in 2022?

A review of a broker is not just about the pros and cons of a platform. You should know that the features of a platform are very important. Knowing that a platform is offering profitable trading conditions, you will join it immediately. So, in this blog, etoro review is presented in the context of features it offers for traders and investors. 


As you know the market is loaded with different kinds of brokers. It has become hard to distinguish one from the other on the basis of features. Well, eToro is known for its socially-oriented approach and online trading platform. Moreover, it has a unique CopyTrader system that makes it very popular among traders. It also integrates auto-follow functionalities. You may copy the transactions, and hence you duplicate a trade that generated profit for another trader. 

Social trading works so simple; for example, you are trading, and the more profit you generate, the better rank you get. When an investor will try to copy your traders, he will first evaluate your strategies, ranking, and success rate. After this, the investor will choose 1 or more (but the limit is 100) of your trade strategies and link them to the account. You (the trader) will get a commission for the profits the investor will generate using your strategies as all the transactions are copied online. The commission you will get (as a trader) is a fixed ratio and your income percentage depends on the asset type traded. 

The Popular Investor program allows advanced traders (and well-known traders) to generate extra revenue. The program allows traders to earn up to two percent of the volume of assets they handle annually. Take an example if 1,000 people copy a trader for a total of $10M, the additional revenue would be $200,000 annually.

Another distinctive eToro offering is CopyPortfolios, which is an investment strategy template created in accordance with specific parameters. This investment formula is ready to use, with a diversified portfolio of assets and reduced risk. Portfolios of successful traders, conservative portfolios, thematic portfolios, and portfolios of the top financial organizations in the world can all be copied.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is another addition to amazing features by eToro. You may work on a single or a multi-level referral network. In both cases, you are making money. However, the broker has not mentioned the commission percentage. When you have registered on the website as an affiliate, you will get access to unique and effective banners, landing pages, and advertisement widgets free of cost. On your personal account, you may explore the detailed statistics on affiliate payments. 

Trading Conditions 

Considering the worth of the service offered, the trading conditions offered by the eToro broker can be regarded as being reasonably attractive. Your trading career begins at eToro after depositing two hundred dollars. After it, you can deposit a minimum of 50 dollars. If you want to copy trading strategies, you should have at least 500 dollars in the account. The minimum copy position size ranges from $1 to $2. The specifications of the European regulators determine the leverage.

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