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Why MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification Is A Worthy Investment If You Are A Project Manager?

Why MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification Is A Worthy Investment If You Are A Project Manager?

If you are a project manager seeking to validate your leadership skills and expertise, the Project Management Professional or just certbolt is the best certificate to earn. You may ask why? It relates to the fact that this designation is the world’s leading certification in the business environment that will give you instant credibility anywhere you go.

What Is The MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification?

There are five phases in project management: project initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and closing. As an effective project manager, you will need to execute these phases perfectly to lead your team in smarter and faster ways to meet deadlines efficiently. 

certbolt is a certification created by project experts and offered by the Project Management Institute, which helps project management professionals set themselves apart from the crowd. Simply said, it’s like an industry standard for qualified project managers around the world. 

This is why this is not an entry-level accreditation, and you will have a few prerequisites that need to be met before qualifying to sit for the final MS-101 qualifying exam. In more detail, you are good to go if you have a degree and 35 hours of project management education/training with added experience in leading projects. 

Will This Certification Improve My Salary Prospects?

Project leaders are necessary for any industry for the smooth sailing of projects in organizations or companies. Therefore, the certbolt certificate is a mark of excellence that tells recruiters and employers you have the skills they need. Moreover, some of the positions you can gain from earning this certification are IT project manager, software development manager, program manager, and engineering operations manager. 

As a result, individuals with a MICROSOFT Project Management Professional accreditation can fetch around $108,000 per annum depending on their experience as per PayScale. Meanwhile, a general project manager makes an average of $75,059, but thanks to the development of certbolt as project coordinating, oral communication, client interaction, as well as strategic project management you can earn up to $114,000. 

Is The Certification Worth It?

Yes, it is! This is not an easy certification to acquire as you need a degree and experience prior to sitting for the final certbolt evaluation. And the exam in itself can be tough to crack. But remember that the higher the level of qualification, the higher the benefits you can reap. 

Anyway, once you are certified you will have a competitive edge and sharpness to handle projects applying predictive, agile, and hybrid methodologies which are crucial for organizations to complete tasks effectively. As a project leader, you are responsible for all aspects of the given project from delivery and leading to directing teams in any given industry. You might not need an MS-101 accreditation to be a project manager but having one will certainly increase your chances of getting hired and growing on the career ladder. 


As the most recognized designation for project managers, the certbolt certification is worth every penny as well as your time and effort. Project management is not just a skill but the key to running a successful business. And, with increasing projects in a technology-driven world, this well-recognized certificate is the key to your success.

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Why MICROSOFT MS-101 Certification Is A Worthy Investment If You Are A Project Manager?