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Why Is the Voice Assistant Becoming Popular in Homes and Offices

Why Is the Voice Assistant Becoming Popular in Homes and Offices

You may have heard of or probably used voice assistant technology in some way. Leading technology groups have launched all products that support voice technology like Google Voice Assistant for laptop. They have made people’s lives easier at home and at work giving them more time to spend with their friends and family.

Great for E-Commerce and Marketing

For people in the e-commerce industry, these chatbots with voice assistant technology are a great way to please customers by making online shopping easy on any device. In addition, businesses receive data from consumer information based on interests, devices, cart/purchase history, access locations, search history, and more. The data collected can be used to improve your personalized marketing strategy and website search engine optimization (SEO).

Voice assistants allow marketers to reach their customers at some point in their shopping journey when they are ready to make a purchase. To use voice assistants to get customers who have asked questions about a particular product or service, marketers can develop promotional campaigns such as instant digital coupons. Instead of looking for a coupon code, customers can take advantage of discounts. This may prompt the customer to complete the purchase.

Can Give You Company

Voice assistants don’t have the deep thoughts that humans have, but boring and lonely people can use their voice assistants as a form of entertainment or company. For example, if you ask Siri or Alexa to make a joke, these assistants will search for the joke on the Internet. Voice search and voice assistants are a further development of intelligent technology that has become an integral part of people’s lives. Like the movie “Her”, voice assistants and voice search apps still have not developed their emotions. When it comes to speech recognition technology, you have to wait.

Allows Businesses 24-Hour Support

Consumers want 24-hour support. Sometimes it can be a frustrating experience when they need help at unusual times and help is not available. A voice assistant can help you avoid this situation. Digital voice assistant does not require holidays or sick leave and disrupts customer care and experience. 

For example, if you run a hotel with voice assistant technology and your guests are too cold or too warm at night, they will use smart speakers in the room instead of calling the front desk. You can use it for ease convenience. Therefore, it is equipped with voice assistant technology and customer support is guaranteed 24 hours a day, so no nighttime support is required.

You Can Talk as if Talking to a Real Person

When using voice search, you do not need to change the sentence pattern as you would when entering a search into a search engine. For example, if you want to know the recipe for cooking fish, you can enter “How to cook fish fillets” in the Google search query bar. If you are using voice search, you can use regular conversational questions such as “How do I cook fish fillets?” Although the syntax differences are subtle, voice search allows users to control their device as if they were talking to a normal person.

Helps in Avoiding Car Accidents

Many car accidents in the United States are caused by smartphones. Make the world safer with the features of your mobile phone’s hands-free voice assistant. Google’s voice assistants, Siri and Cortana, can give you directions, make calls and send messages without touching the handset. 

With your smartphone on your seat or center console, say “Hey Siri, where’s the nearest gas station?” Or try “Hey Google, give me directions to the city” or “Cortana, Text Bill”. The voice activation assistant asks for the content of the message. After you dictate, it is read aloud and asked if you are ready to send. The same trick works when you make a phone call or send an email.

Helps You Switch to a Smart Office

Voice assistants also enable you to create smart and connected offices. A voice-activated personal assistant can connect to a smart office solution and turn off lights and other equipment until the area is occupied if it finds that a particular part of the office space is not being used. You can also schedule it yourself. To do this, simply set up a smart thermostat for your voice assistant and tell it to turn off heating and lighting when you leave the office. In addition, office and business resources can be ordered with simple voice commands and set to alert you when consumables run out.

You Can Easily Set Timers at Home  

Want to save time at home or in the kitchen? One of the best uses for voice assistants is to set multiple timers. It is convenient to set a pizza timer or broccoli timer during cooking. You can then perform other tasks. The device will notify you by name when the time expires. Timers also help prevent siblings from competing for their favorite toys. You can also set a nap or an alarm clock every morning. Tired of the murmuring of standard alarm sounds? Ask your voice-activated home assistant to wake up to your favorite song, movie quote, or ridiculous ghostly mourning. If you’re having trouble falling asleep for the first time, ask your HomePod or Echo to play a distant thunder or a rushing waterfall. 

The voice activation assistant is also a great secretary. If you have an event on a specific date, Siri asks for the date and time and puts it in the calendar. Of course, the same trick works with Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa. First, you may need to link your calendar in the Amazon or Google Assistant language settings. You can also use the device to take notes and add to-do list items in any app you use.

Final Thoughts

There is one thing for sure. Personal voice assist technology stays here for a long time. The idea of ​​talking to a device to complete some tasks is a fascinating innovation that offers a lot of potentials, especially for businesses. Voice call technology continues to transform consumer behavior, and businesses may need to be prepared to meet their needs. Starting voice technology today will make a big difference and give your brand an edge in a highly competitive market.

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If you like to take advantage of new and useful digital equipment in the home, surely you have heard of the voice assistant. This technology is incorporated into speakers or smart speakers and other home devices to which you can ask, through voice commands, to play music, news, answers questions of all kinds, turn lights on or off, or help make purchases or orders.

Why Is the Voice Assistant Becoming Popular in Homes and Offices

To date, voice assistants only understand English, so you have to speak commands in English, like, “What’s the weather today?”

Among the voice assistants (or speakers), there are three: the Amazon Echo, which uses Alexa; Google Home, which comes with Google Assistant; and Apple HomePod, which has Siri. These assistants are also accessible through other smart devices, such as Nest or Ecobee thermostats.

The main recommendation that we make is that you acquire one compatible with the technological system that you use the most because that way, you will save yourself technical complications. If you have an Android phone (a system developed by Google), consider Google Home; if you are a heavy user of Amazon, a good option would be Amazon Echo; and if you’re an Apple fan, you could go with the Apple HomePod.

You should also consider the specifications and the price since the three companies offer different models that range in price from $40 to $399.

While all three companies offer similar products, each product has its advantages.

how to use them

Normally, it would help if you had Wi-Fi and an electrical connection at home to use these speakers. To install the device, follow the instructions and try to locate the device where you can get the most out of it. Additionally, it is recommended that you download the voice assistant app to your smartphone to control some functions with your cell phone.

amazon echo

The Amazon Echo ($100), from the Amazon company, has built-in Alexa, your voice assistant, which allows you to play music from Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music, make calls, set alarms, ask questions and control smart home devices.

Echo is extensively integrated with Amazon shopping services and can help you track your packages. It offers you more than 15,000 “skills” ( skills in English), many more than any other voice assistant. These skills include reading recipes, ordering pizza delivery, calling a taxi (Uber, Lyft, Evo Car Share), or asking him to tell you a joke. To do that, for example, say: “Alexa, tell me a joke.”

The Echo comes in five models. It is worth highlighting the Amazon Echo Dot ($50), which is smaller and lends itself to placing several in the house, and the Echo Spot ($110), which has a screen for making video calls with others have the same device.

Why Is the Voice Assistant Becoming Popular in Homes and Offices

Google Home

Google Home ($129), the smart speaker from the Google company, comes integrated with Google Assistant.

Google Home gives you many options, such as setting the alarm, answering questions, reporting the weather, performing a calculation, playing music, adding items to a shopping list, or checking traffic on your way to work, among others.

This device is connected to the Google search engine, which gives it the advantage to answer any question you ask it.

Like the Amazon Echo, Google Home offers integrations with multiple smart home devices, like lights and switches from Philips Hue or Wemo. You can also connect it to music services like Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

You’ll find models like the Google Home Mini ($49), a smaller, cheaper version, and the Google Home Max ($399), made for those who can’t live without high-quality music and sound.

Apple HomePod

Apple recently unveiled the HomePod ($349). Although this speaker is equipped with Siri, the iPhone’s voice assistant, it is characterized by the sound quality and integration with Apple Music. This service offers around 45 million songs and feeds on your musical tastes to the extent possible. what are you consuming

HomePod can also be integrated with a wide variety of smart home devices, such as security cameras, switches, and thermostats. To find out if a smart device is compatible with HomePod, check the label “Works with Apple HomeKit,” or check out this list of Homekit devices.

For price and the high-quality music speaker feature, the HomePod competes directly with the Google Home Max and Sonos One ($199).

Protect your privacy

Before purchasing one of the speakers or voice assistants, you should keep in mind that all your voice commands (for example, “Alexa, what’s the weather today?”) are recorded on these companies’ servers. Of the three, only the Apple HomePod anonymizes and encrypts your messages, so even Apple can’t read them.

If you are not comfortable with these user policies, it is best not to use these devices.

But if you decide to use them, Amazon and Google allow you to delete your commands. To delete Alexa, you must go to your account, select “Your Content and Devices,” and then “Your Devices.” To delete your activity with Google Assistant, you must go to this My Activity link(in English).

Why Is the Voice Assistant Becoming Popular in Homes and Offices

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