Why Is Conference Room booking Software Important COVID-19 Era?

Room Booking Software

Why Is Conference Room booking Software Important Post COVID-19 Era?

Returning to work after the COVID lockdowns will never be the same. As companies and organizations open up their workplace to their employees, customers, and clients, the management should have clear guidelines and protocols on health safety and standards.

Technology plays an essential role in achieving optimum health safety practices in the workplace. Desk and conference room scheduling software allows an organization to adequately plan their return to work scheme by providing a useful and reliable reservation system.

Simplify Conference Room Booking Software

DeskFlex conference scheduling rooms software, a leader in providing intelligent total space management business solutions, enables companies to simplify their space utilization and management. DeskFlex delivers a streamlined method in managing office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, facilities, and resources using online booking software.

The deskflex.com integrates seamlessly with existing company networks so that employees can make reservations using the mobile app, web browser, or using the company’s intranet systems. DeskFlex customizes meeting room booking systems according to the organization’s predetermined needs.

Total Office Space Management post COVID-19 Era

In a post-COVID-19 era, companies must have a concrete plan on how to redesign workplace dynamics that would support COVID compliance in the office. The management must strive to provide employees a safe work environment, maintain physical distancing, minimize employee interactions, prevent possible contamination, and plan for concrete steps in case of an outbreak.

DeskFlex conference room scheduling software allows booking meetings using a real-time booking system that shows the current availability of spaces. When making a conference room booking, users can also request the necessary equipment such as TV screens, projectors, telephone units, and laptops needed at the conference. It is a comprehensive conference room manager and resource scheduling system.

DeskFlex room booking software allows employees to have quick access to collaboration with other teams. Administrators and users will see who comes to the office on specific dates and times, and which office spaces they occupy during these reservations.

Analytics and reports will inform the admin of the overall data of the office space utilization during the day, week, and month. The system will generate reports on reservations made, cancellations, modifications, and the particular users who checked into these spaces.

Redesigning Office Spaces to Accommodate Returning Employees

Management must emphasize maintaining physical distancing, office sanitation, and monitoring returning employees for any symptoms of COVID infection.

DeskFlex conference room scheduling software upgrades its system with COVID compliance features that promote Social Distancing, thermal scanner, mask detection, automatic desk sanitation between use, and dynamic scheduling. These newly added features are the best and up-to-date response to the pandemic situation.

At DeskFlex, we care about families. Your employees are like your second family in the workplace. We strive to provide organizations across industries the suitable tools and room scheduling software technology to help preserve families and protect them from the threat of the current pandemic and other possible infections in the workplace.

Epazz DeskFlex desk and room booking software system is helping small, medium, and large organizations across the world in managing the number of employees returning to the office.

DeskFlex’s track record shows its years of reliability and efficiency when it comes to hoteling spaces that allow employees to reserve office spaces, desks, conference rooms, or meeting rooms using room booking systems.

The demand for the product is significantly rising with the addition of DeskFlex’s Social Distancing Software that helps in preventing COVID-19 infections in the workplace.

Room Booking Software – Which Room Booking Software Should I Use?

Room booking software is sorely needed in today’s businesses dealing with reservation scheduling the world over, even small type businesses. Why is this so? Consider this…

How many times have you had to decline a guest because of holding a reservation for another guest, only later to find that the expected guest was a no show… and upon further inspection, you find out that the reservation was not guaranteed – sound familiar?

Room Booking Software
Room Booking Software

Also, there are many businesses besides hotels that could benefit greatly from having a room booking software tool do this work for them – motels, campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, lodges, inns, guesthouses, and any business or event that needs customers to make reservations before attending.

But, is room booking software truly needed even for small-time business establishments? While for the most part, pencil and paper booking sheets can get the basic job done, imagine you are away from the front desk and inspecting a unit while you receive a call… what then?

Calls can be taken remotely from the office to be sure, but you would then have to go all the way back to the front desk and leave the customer on hold for however long it takes. In this situation, such room booking software can be taken with you on a laptop, wherever you receive a call from a customer, and attend to any inquiry – and it’s also helpful that booking sheets can be printed out if need be.

Room booking software on your laptop, for example, can be with you even while inspecting a unit. Even then, if you receive a call in such a situation, you have everything with you – reservation records, scheduling, all of the changes made most recently, and so on.

There are also room booking software packages that can be configured in any language. Having room booking software is truly a time saver and a must for today’s businesses that can benefit from it.

Why Is Conference Room booking Software Important COVID-19 Era?

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