Why Do You Need to Have Six Sigma Certbolt Certification on Your Resume? Six Reasons to Pursue One

Why Do You Need to Have Six Sigma Certbolt Certification on Your Resume? Six Reasons to Pursue One

Understanding the Six Sigma methodologies can significantly influence on your future career. Having a Six Sigma certbolt certification on your resume demonstrates your commitment to enhancing your analytical skills and business intelligence.

The principles of Six Sigma can be applied across different industries and organizations. Today, the enterprises, such as Bank of America, Amazon, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, Credit Suisse, Starwood Hotels, Boeing, the United States Army, and Sears, have embraced the Six Sigma principles. 

Six Sigma is an approach used by the organizations to remove defects, enhance production processes, and ensure quality. Earning a Six Sigma credential validates the skills and competence of the professionals in identifying and eliminating risks, defects, or errors in the business processes. With such a certbolt certificate, your expertise becomes credible and you also become a certified specialist in process enhancement.

The Six Sigma certification program has different levels. These include White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. Each of these credentials can be earned through any of the accreditation bodies, one of which is the ASQ (American Society for Quality). Let’s have a closer look at these levels. For more visit Certbolt.com     

Six Sigma White Belt

This is the fundamental credential level that focuses on the basic Six Sigma theories. The White Belts support change management within an enterprise. They also connect with the local problem-solving team that assists with projects.

  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This certbolt certification level focuses on the essentials of Six Sigma. It covers how and where it can be applied. With this badge, the individuals can work to support the project teams in the field of problem-solving functions.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt

The specialists with this certbolt certification are equipped with the relevant skills for advanced analysis. They can solve a variety of quality problems. They also lead projects and help the Black Belts with the collection and analysis of data.

  • Six Sigma Black Belt

The Black Belts are the experts and change agents. They lead the project teams and also offer training to other Six Sigma lower-level professionals.

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  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

This is the highest level in the Six Sigma certbolt certification program. The experts with this credential have the skills required to develop key metrics, shape strategies, and function as the coaches to the Green and Black Belts. They also offer consulting services to many organizations.

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Six Reasons to Earn a Six Sigma Certification

So, you’ve heard so much about the Six Sigma certbolt certification program and you’re wondering if it is the right path for you. Below are six reasons why you should get one of these credentials.

  1. Assist your organization to minimize risk and remove defects and errors;
  2. Enhance business processes and maintain quality improvement;
  3. Become valuable in any industry;
  4. Ensure stringent compliance;
  5. Grow your career to the managerial level;
  6. Gain exceptional practical experience in quality management.


The Six Sigma certbolt certifications are worth your while. In addition, they can offer an excellent salary. When it comes to preparing for the prerequisite exams, many resources are available online. Use practice tests and exam dumps to enhance your performance in your Six Sigma test and obtain any certificate with ease.    

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