Why are data-only plans becoming popular?

Why are data-only plans becoming popular?

The telecom industry is changing at a rapid pace. Earlier, most of the carriers used to charge you for voice. They used to provide you with very limited data.

These days, when looking to choose a phone plan, you will find such voice and data plans and data-only plans.

1. VoIP calling:

Why are data-only plans becoming popular?

If you’re confused between both of these, it is a good idea to go with the data-only plans. The popularity of such plans is growing at a faster pace. Before searching for the best data only plans, it is essential to understand why such plans are becoming popular. We will share the reasons behind the popularity of such plans below.

These days, you have various apps like Skype that allow you to call through VoIP technology. It means that when you have a data-only plan, you will not need calling minutes. You can simply use such a free or paid VoIP service to call almost anyone.

That certainly eliminates the need for calling minutes. It is one of the primary reasons why data-only plans are becoming popular.

2. Calling support across apps:

Many of the messaging apps have calling support.

Some of the apps which have recently added calling support include:

• Whatsapp

• Viber

As long as your friends and relatives have these apps, you will be able to call them over the Internet. It means that calling them will require data and not the calling minutes.

That is another reason why the need of opting for a plan with talk time is decreasing.

3. Versatility:

The data-only plans provide you with more data as compared to a combined voice and data plan. Since the amount of data that you get is more, these plans are much more versatile.

You can use these plans for much more than just calling. We will help you understand how versatile these plans are below.

• Business needs:

With the help of apps like zoom, you can attend business conferences with the help of your smartphone. You will need an Internet connection for the same. Since data plans provide you with the same, you can easily use them for your business needs.

• Gaming:

With a large amount of data available, you can play online multiplayer games with the help of your smartphone. It means that if you love gaming, then also these data-only plans can come to your rescue.

• Communication with friends and family:

With the help of VoIP calling and various messaging apps, you will be able to stay in touch with your friends and family. That is why you can use such plans for communication, text, and audio calls.

• Entertainment:

These days, with the help of data-only plans, you can easily stream movies and web shows. It means that if you want to use these plans for entertainment, you can do so without any worry.

With so many applications, these data plans are undoubtedly versatile. That is why it becomes easier for you to opt for data plans.

4. Affordable:

When you compare the cost of data plans with plans that provide calling and data, you will realize that the data plans are much more affordable. The affordability of such plans is certainly increasing their popularity.

Why are data-only plans becoming popular?

Due to these factors combined, the popularity of data plans is increasing at a rapid pace. That is why, instead of searching for calling plans or hybrid plans, it is time to search for the best data-only plans.

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