Whose Salary Is Higher, CCIE or HCIE?

Whose Salary Is Higher, CCIE or HCIE?

Cisco CCIE and HCIE are expert-level certifications from two major vendors, the former of which belongs to Cisco Certification and the latter to Huawei Certification. Since both are expert-level certifications, their difficulty can actually be said to be comparable, and the value is actually very high. But which certification should we choose?

Some people will take both CCIE Exam read and HCIE Exam and the certificates are a double IE, which naturally is able to prove their ability very well. But not everyone has the time and money to take both exams, so many people still have to make a choice. Which one is better? Many people will focus on the salary of CCIE and HCIE. About the CCIE and HCIE salary, which is higher?

Treatment of CCIE Network Engineer

How much is the salary of a CCIE network engineer in general? The salary actually ranges from a few thousand of monthly salary to hundreds of thousands of annual salary. Some may ask why the range of the salary of CCIE network engineers is so large.

In fact, in the market, there are many factors that affect this salary difference, such as the city, the company, the specific position, the personal ability and experience, etc., in which, in fact, the greatest impact is the ability and experience of the individual.

To know the network engineer is actually a very experience-oriented career, if you have a relatively large project experience, then you will get more salary. If you are a fresh graduate, then even you have a CCIE certification, the salary may be a little higher than that without Cisco CCIE Certification, but the overall is also a few thousand to ten thousand. And with the accumulation of experience, you can achieve a higher position, of course, this is also related to your personal ability. If you have excellent ability, your salary will naturally be higher.

In addition to personal ability and experience, if you are in a first-tier city, then the salary level is certainly higher. A further factor is what company and what position you are in, for example, the manufacturer of pre-sales engineers with a salary about USD 15000 to 45000 annual salary, the manufacturer of the technical department manager with an annual salary of about USD 23000 to 75000, the product manager with an annual salary of USD 45000 to 75000.

For party B, the pre-sales have an annual salary of about USD 15000 to 45000, and a technical director can have USD 39000 to 75000. If it is party A, the highest salary can also reach USD 15000 to 45000.

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Treatment of HCIE Network Engineer

In fact, the HCIE network engineer salary level is similar to CCIE, but there is an advantage of having HCIE than not having HCIE. According to the data found on the network, we know that the average salary of Huawei-certified practitioners exceeds the industry average by about twenty to thirty percent, and the gap between first-tier and second-tier cities will be relatively large.

HCIE salary factors are the same as those of the aforementioned CCIE, in addition, the choice of direction also determines the degree of popularity later. HCIE network engineers will have different directions, different directions salary also has a certain difference.

In general, the salary of CCIE and HCIE can not be directly compared, the two vendors actually similar in market share and influence. In fact, the gap will not be very large, but it is worth noting that the CCIE in foreign companies could be more useful than HCIE, and now the domestic recognition of HCIE is also very high.


Whose Salary Is Higher, CCIE or HCIE?

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