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Which Cakes You Can Opt-In Times Of Pandemic 2022

Which Cakes You Can Opt-In Times Of Pandemic 2022

Which Cakes You Can Opt-In Times Of Pandemic 2022

This pandemic has been tough for everyone, irrespective of their age. In late December 2019, scientists first predicted the cases of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China. It’s been almost a year; still, fear of this virus is knocking at our doors every day. In these difficult times of lockdown, people did take up some hobbies to spare themselves from boredom. Be it cooking, baking, painting, and they did it all. According to the survey conducted, around 70% of the population found their new hobbies in baking. 

As a result, some people got so engrossed in baking cakes that they made this their part-time profession where they send Photo cake online in Vizag and made this profession as a part of their earnings. What made people realize in these difficult times is that they can work on something they like and are passionate about. According to these 70% people, when asked why they choose baking as their only mode to remove boredom? To which they replied that it is a form of soothing and meditation for them.

Which Cakes You Can Opt-In Times Of Pandemic 2022

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Well, isn’t it true for all of us? In this highly competitive we all forgot to live our lives and work continuously to fulfill our materialistic needs. We need some time to focus on those things that make us happy and feel like coming home, and for this 70% population, baking is one.

Because of this lockdown, people who do enjoy eating cakes but couldn’t eat them. But you need not worry as there are some simple cakes to bake at home.

 Chocolate Cake

The one cake which is a guilty pleasure for all of us is a chocolate cake. One of the easiest categories of cakes to bake is a chocolate cake.  All you need is Five ingredients to bake it. It does not matter if you have an oven or not; you can still bake it in a pressure cooker eggless or with eggs; the choice completely depends on the consumer.

If you happen to be in Ghaziabad, it’s a treat for customers, and they happen to make the best chocolate cake, which customers can order cake online in Delhi for their loved ones. The texture and guineas depend on you.

Red Velvet Cake 

As fancy as it may sound, but is not at all difficult to bake at home. All you need is the same ingredients that you need to bake a chocolate cake, but instead of cocoa powder, red food coloring is used to give that red texture. And if you are a fan of cream frosting, you can make it at home with the help of full cream. The recipe of which you can completely find on any YouTube channel. Either you want to make a one-layered cake or a double-layered cake, the choice is completely yours. While baking this cake, the main point to remember is to keep in mind the proportion of food coloring while adding in this cake.

Cup Cake

Cup Cake is another easiest cake for late-night cravings. But for these cakes, the oven is a must as these cupcakes cannot be baked in a pressure cooker. In this lockdown, if you want to impress your family with your baking skills, then this form of cake is your go-to cooking style as it does not require any handwork as such. You can decorate your cake with some choco chips toppings and some cream frosting. Cream frosting in a piping bag is simple to use and is less time-consuming also. Peanuts keep you stay healthy in 2022

Vanilla Cream Cake

This list is incomplete without vanilla cream cake. A guilty pleasure of many, this cake has its separate fan following. Vanilla essence is the main ingredient of this recipe. The right amount of this is always hard to determine, but 1 spoon is enough. You can decorate with some icing on the top or sprinkle some white sugar at the top. The cake can be made in both pressure cookers as well as in the oven. The best part about having this cake is that it can be eggless too. If you are in Indore, it’s a must. Cake delivery in Delhi is also available online.

These easy-to-make cake recipes are suitable for every age group. As baking does not require anything to do with fire, kids can also enjoy it as well, and it can be the best hobby one can acquire during the lockdown.

Maybe your older sister just had a baby, and you want to bring her a homemade dish. Or you’d love to swap some sourdough for your neighbor’s famous beef stew. Or maybe you baked a birthday cake for your immunocompromised neighbor.

Cooking, baking, and sharing what you made is one of the few ways we can connect tangibly right now. But is it safe?

“The answer, in general, is ‘yes,'” said Elizabeth A. Bihn, a professor in the Department of Food Science at Cornell University.

Which Cakes You Can Opt-In Times Of Pandemic 2022

The risk of transmitting or contracting the coronavirus through sharing food or from the food packaging is shallow, but you should still take precautions. And the virus shouldn’t be your only concern.

“The last thing we want in this age of COVID-19,” he said, “is to get a foodborne illness and go to the emergency room, which can put us at greater risk of contracting the virus.”

Here are some tips for preparing, delivering, and receiving food to reduce the risk of transmitting or contracting the virus or illness through food.


When delivering food, wear a mask and place the food in a neutral location six feet or more away, then let your friend or loved one pick it up. Credit…Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Follow food safety guidelines and take allergies into account.

  • Follow the four leading practices of the Association for Food Safety Education: clean, separate, cook, chill. You know them and, in general, tend to follow them, but now you must abide by them to the letter. Be sure to wash your hands and the surfaces you use carefully and be aware of cross-contamination. Cook foods to proper temperatures and refrigerate promptly.
  • There is nothing wrong (in fact, it is a lovely touch) to bring food to a pregnant woman or a nursing mother, or an immunocompromised individual. Just follow the mentioned guidelines more carefully.
  • You don’t have to wear a mask while preparing food but go ahead if it prevents you from touching your face or calms you down. The same goes for gloves.
  • From the beginning, ask if the person has allergies. is not a good time to have an allergic reaction. Also, and this should be implied, don’t bring (or prepare) food that certain groups of people shouldn’t eat. For example, no raw milk cheese for pregnant women and no honey for children under one year of age. If you are hesitant to use something, ask before handing it over.
  • Do not use soap (or bleach) to clean vegetables and fruits. Soap and bleach can be very harmful to health. Instead, rinse them with plenty of cold tap water.

Arrange for contactless delivery or pickup.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus is thought to spread primarily through droplets produced when a sick person coughs or sneezes. So the most significant risk occurs when making a delivery in person. When you deliver the dish, put on a mask and place the food in a neutral spot, six feet away, then let your friend or loved one pick it up.


If they are reusable, wash the containers in hot, soapy water. Credit…Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Pack and unpack carefully.

  • Wrap the food in plastic or foil, or store it in a reusable container that can be washed. It prevents the food from getting contaminated on the way.
  • If you are worried about receiving food from someone else, think about how you will open and handle it.
  • Bihn suggests this: Bring the food indoors and make room on your kitchen counter to put the containers. (If they are in a bag, put the load on the ground and take out the containers.) Open them in the designated space and transfer the food to a bowl, plate, or one of your containers. Throw the bag in the trash and wash the containers in hot, soapy water if they are reusable. (If they aren’t, throw them away.) Clean the countertop. Wash your hands. Eat.
  • Bihn admits that not all of us will take these steps every time we receive something, but this process might put your mind at ease if you’re concerned.

Try not to stress.

Please take a deep breath and remember that the chances of contracting or transmitting the virus from food or its packaging are meager. So bake that batch of cookies or boil that soup pot and take it to someone you love. It will do both of you good. Just don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home.

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