What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

Lean Six Sigma is a strategy pointed toward working on quality and productivity in processes. It does as such by utilizing different devices and practices to annihilate waste and shortcomings.

When taking a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course, this will be your primary objective. However, what precisely will you figure out how to accomplish that objective? In this blog we will go into the practices you will really get to know when you find out with regards to Lean Six Sigma. It will show you what you can hope to master and which abilities you will have a short time later.

Finding and taking out the waste

What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

Wastages of any sort are something you might want to stay away from, yet doing as such isn’t generally as natural as it sounds. The Lean Six Sigma course procedure distinguishes various types of waste in processes.

These are:

  • Defects and issues
  • Overproduction
  • Wait time
  • Under-utilized ability
  • Transportation
  • Stock
  • Movement
  • Additional handling

Numerous improvements can be made by finding and disposing of waste across these regions. You will do this by applying different tools to guarantee the upgrades.

Further improving processes

You will be working on most processes by dispensing any waste you can find. In any case, a process without waste doesn’t really mean no further improvement is conceivable. The Lean Six Sigma technique will subsequently not just show you how to further develop processes by eliminating waste, yet additionally by finding and executing better methods of doing specific things.

Working on quality

What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

Subjective upgrades can likewise be made by decreasing changes in process results. This is done dependent on information and factual strategies. That way, system execution can be improved. It is one of the standards on which Six Sigma was initially based and you can hope to turn out to be knowledgeable in this aspect.

Further improving administration and leadership characteristics

All of the Lean Six Sigma tools and practices require participation and backing from the partners (for example workers) engaged with requests to be effective. You will likewise need to ensure that you can depend on that collaboration and backing. The Lean Six Sigma strategy subsequently shows you how to chip away at this pivotal component of process upgrades.

Dealing with resistance

In an optimal circumstance, you will actually want to persuade your associates of the advantages of process upgrades and simply increase their support. Eventually, you will experience a considerable amount of resistance. Change is hard for individuals overall and as such you should figure out how to manage that. If not it will be tremendously difficult to appropriately kill waste and further develop processes. Lean Six Sigma will give you the abilities this requires.

Starting social change focused on continuous improvement

Subsequent to managing any resistance and acquiring the help of the multitude of partners included, your development project has the green light, as it were. In any case, subsequent to completing that task, you could think of it as a waste to be compelled to manage new resistance when working on the next project.

What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

Wouldn’t it be great if you would rely on the support and little resistance consistently? Totally, yet this requires a social change in the association. During your Lean Six Sigma training, one of the best IT certifications 2022, you will figure out how to start and defend this social change.


Any organization that strives for the highest quality, fastest turnaround times, and lowest operating costs have professionals in every department who spend time on process improvement.

These professionals are often certified Green Belts. They are involved in optimizing the department’s daily operations and are often instrumental in creating the mindset shift needed for a culture of improvement.

A Green Belts professional is ambitious and combines his knowledge of Lean Six Sigma with his experience to allow his organization to stand out in the market.

What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

For these reasons, a Green Belt course also contributes significantly to your career prospects.


The training is given in virtual classroom mode using Zoom.

The sessions last 4 hours, and the student will advance in the Lean and Six Sigma theoretical content. Upon completing the course, the student will receive a certificate attesting to theoretical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma at a Green Belt level.

In addition to completing this course, we recommend completing a practical project in your field of work, which will allow you to demonstrate practical experience in Lean Six Sigma objectively. 

At the start of your internship project, the Master Black Belt assigned to guide you will determine if your project is suitable. The criteria on which the project will finally be evaluated are based on international standards.

To implement a methodology as ambitious as 6 Sigma with a guarantee of success, the highest managers of the organization must promote the initiative and know, to the appropriate degree, the different aspects of it, how it will optimize management, the technical language you use, etc.

For this reason, different levels of training have been defined based on the responsibility that each person has in the implementation and development of 6 Sigma projects.

Six Sigma Levels

What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course? 2023

Green Belt: We believe that a 10-day program is necessary for people who will develop the projects led by the Black Belts. Their training will be required depending on the scope of the tasks to be undertaken.

  • The Green Belt is an internal change agent that develops improvement projects with a high impact on the company’s income statement, taking it to a level of competitiveness focused on satisfying the client’s actual needs.
  • Green Belts are people with the necessary knowledge of the fundamental statistical techniques to manage improvement projects autonomously. All those responsible for processes and middle management should be at least a Green Belt.
  • The  Six Sigma AEC training program has been designed based on the American Society for Quality (ASQ) methodology and with the participation of leading companies and professionals in our country.
  • The training includes teaching materials and software recognized worldwide for implementing Six Sigma. The faculty comprises highly prestigious and experienced Master Black Belts, leaders in dozens of top-level projects and benchmarks in Spain.

Black Belt: We believe that a 20-day program is necessary for those responsible for implementing and developing 6 Sigma projects. It is recommended that these people have statistical knowledge. They must have sufficient information and capacity to act on the processes in which the 6 Sigma projects will be carried out.

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What You Will Learn in Six Sigma Green Belt Course?

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