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What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform? – Everything You Need To Know About It!

Exchange platforms are one of the best ways to buy bitcoins or any other crypto. It is a place where you can buy or sell bitcoin or any other crypto. Selecting the best exchange platform to buy digital coins becomes tricky if you are a newbie. There are several applications or sites available on the internet, and you can search for the best one by doing brief research. If you think you can visit an exchange platform and select it randomly, you are going in the wrong direction. An individual should not hurry while selecting the exchange platform and never make the mistake of leaving all the bitcoins on the exchange platform. 

There are so many things which one should consider because one wrong step and all your investment will be gone. Therefore, one should always invest in this digital currency with comprehensive research and wisely take every step while selecting the exchange platform. Please take all the steps by checking things from different angles and keeping in mind that it is safe to buy bitcoin from it. If you are looking for a selecting guide for an exchange platform, you should visit bitcoin rush. It will help you select the best exchange platform for buying digital coins. 

Security and working experience of the exchange platform!

Security and working experience play a vital role while selecting an exchange platform for buying bitcoins. New investors should keep this thing in mind because they don’t have enough idea of what they should look for in the selecting process of the exchange platform. It is necessary that their exchange platform is well secured and has better working experience in the past. 

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

Working experience tells you about the whole history of the exchange platform, and you can also get a preview of the security of the whole exchange platform. Security assures the investors that their money will be safe and can make the purchase quickly. You can also check out the reviews of the exchange platform on the internet and compare it with the better one. If the platform seems reasonable, then you should never miss it.  

Standard payment methods!

Another primary consideration while selecting the exchange platform is that one should check whether the payment options given by the platform are familiar or not. Familiar refers to the option given by the exchange platform you use in your daily routine life. It is much better to have a variety of payment options so that an individual does not need to worry about the lack of options available on the exchange platform. 

The exchange platform should be offering payment options like PayPal, debit cards, credit cards, net banking and other options. Most people usually use debit and credit cards to make the transaction safely. If the exchange platform offers you the option that you have never heard the name of, you should ever make payments through them. They are not healthier for you. The process of buying the digital coins from the exchange platform can take a long time, and your order will be in your digital wallet in a few days. 

A fee chart is an important thing!

The fee is one of the essential things considering which one should never choose an exchange platform that offers you shallow charges on your transaction. The reason is these exchange platforms are not real, and these platforms are only made for attracting people so that they can make money from them. One should always take a deep look at the fee chart. If you think that the charges are suitable and affordable for you, then you should carry on with the process of creating an account on the platform.

It would be great to have an exchange platform with affordable fee charts because not all have the exact charges. All the exchange platforms are different. The fee system is based on the number of bitcoins you have purchased from the exchange platform, and then you have to pay for them. All the charges will be done on the buying amount, and at the time of selling, there will also be charges taken. If you think that your exchange platform offers you the best free charts compared to others, you should not wait for a single minute.

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Discover the best Bitcoin exchanges in 2022

Using a trusted cryptocurrency exchange to trade Bitcoin safely and keep your coins safe is essential. We’ve found and compared all the leading platforms, so you know you’re making the right choice.

What are the best Bitcoin exchanges?

We have compared all the Bitcoin exchanges or platforms to find the best one. Plus, we’ve thoroughly reviewed them to make sure you can find the forum that’s right for you. Check each one out below. If you’re not ready yet, scroll down to learn more before deciding.


What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

What is a Bitcoin exchange or exchange platform?

A Bitcoin exchange is a market where Bitcoin can be bought and sold. On exchanges or platforms, you can quickly and easily exchange fiat currencies (for example, GBP and USD) for cryptocurrencies and different trade cryptocurrencies for each other. Some exchanges, like Wirex, are built with a user-friendly interface, which makes them attractive to beginners. While other platforms like Bittrex and Binance have a more advanced interface for more experienced traders.

How do exchanges work?

There are two main ways to trade Bitcoin on an exchange:

  • Market Orders. With a market order, you can buy or sell Bitcoin at the best price available at that time on the exchange platform. Since the purchase is usually instant, market orders are the fastest way to buy and sell Bitcoin.
  • Limit Orders. With a limit order, you set the price you want to buy or sell your coins, and the trade is made automatically when Bitcoin reaches that price. If you think the value of Bitcoin is going to drop, then you can set a limit order to buy at a lower price and get more for your money.

How to use a Bitcoin exchange platform

You first have to set up (and usually verify) your account to use an exchange. Once you’ve done that, you can link your card to that account or top it up by paying directly into the account. After doing this, there will be an option to buy Bitcoin – choose your payment method and buy the coins.

Depending on your preferred purchase method, the period over which your account will be credited will vary. For example, exchanges like Wirex credit your account instantly when you buy Bitcoin using a credit card, but it can take 3-5 days if you use a wire transfer.

What should I look for in a Bitcoin exchange platform?

There are several factors to consider when choosing which exchange platform to use, including:

Accepted payment methods

Not all exchanges accept the same forms of payment. Most will accept credit cards and wire transfers, but some like Binance and Bittrex will only allow you to trade different cryptocurrencies. One thing to keep in mind is that it is tough to find exchanges that accept PayPal. Make sure you use a platform that allows you to pay how you want to make it more convenient.

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

Trading fees

iT is one of the most important factors when choosing an exchange, as it directly affects how much you will pay. Businesses typically charge maker (sell) and taker (buy) fees, which vary from platform to platform and depend on the volume of your trades. These fees are usually between 0.1% and 1.25%. Getting the most Bitcoin for your money means finding a trading platform with a low price.

geographical restrictions

Not all exchanges are accessible in all countries. Platforms like Binance are available in almost every country, while Wirex is unavailable in the US. Check that the business you want to use is open where you live before creating an account.

payment rates

Fees vary from one exchange to another and often depend on your payment method. Most sites charge around 1% – 5% when you buy by credit card and about 2% when you use a bank transfer. When choosing an exchange platform, ensure that your profits are not too dented by the fees charged.

Design and ease of use

An important consideration when choosing an exchange platform is the quality of design that the site has. For example, Wirex comes with a user-friendly interface to help beginners buy and sell Bitcoin. At the same time, other places like Binance are designed for more advanced users, displaying complicated graphs, charts, and prices of cryptocurrencies and allowing different trading tools. You only want to focus on buying the coins, not figuring out how the site works, so find a comfortable exchange for you.

Do I have to verify my trading platform account?

Yes, you will need to verify your identity when you sign up for an exchange. You will typically be asked to provide 2 forms of identification (such as a passport or driver’s license) and often a selfie of you holding one of the required documents to prove that it is yours. Platforms like Bitstamp and Bitpay may also ask you for other verification documents like bank statements or utility bills to confirm your address.

Are Bitcoin exchanges safe?

Bitcoin exchanges have many security features, but they are a big target for online attacks. They have been cases in which some exchanges were hacked and a large amount of cryptocurrency, equivalent to millions of British pounds, stolen by hackers, such as the case of the Mt Gox exchange in 2014. Therefore, it is not recommended to store more than a small amount of Bitcoin at a time in the account of this type of platform. Instead, transfer your coins to a personal cryptocurrency wallet to keep them safe.

If you are buying many coins as a long-term investment, consider using a hardware wallet or paper wallet for added security. If it is a small amount that you intend to access regularly, then the ideal option would be to get an online wallet.

What happens if I forget my password?

It will depend on the platform, but typically Bitcoin exchanges will have steps to reset a forgotten password via the email address/security questions you registered when setting up your account. Just choose to reset your password, and a link will be sent to your email address to help you set up a new one. Your exchange account has access to your Bitcoins, so it is essential to choose a strong password that is not easy to guess.

How fast are transactions on Bitcoin exchanges?

For the most part, transactions on Bitcoin exchanges are instant. As soon as you make the payment, the purchased Bitcoin units will be in your account immediately for trading. It is not necessarily the case when transferring your Bitcoin units between exchanges, which will take a bit longer as it has to be verified on the blockchain. Exchanges like Binance will credit your account after two confirmations from the blockchain, taking a few minutes.

If you place a limit order, the transaction will only occur once the Bitcoin reaches the value you have selected to buy/sell. At this point, however, the speed of transactions will be the same as market orders.

What payment methods can I use to buy Bitcoin on exchanges?

It depends on the exchange platform that is intended to be used. Typically, debit cards and bank transfers are the most used payment methods. Some exchanges also accept credit cards or PayPal payments, which is less common. Use an exchange platform that supports many different cryptocurrencies. You can also use your other currencies like Litecoin or Ether (the cryptocurrency of Ethereum) to buy Bitcoin and vice versa.

Do exchanges charge fees for buying and selling Bitcoin?

Yes, exchanges will charge fees for making transactions, especially if you buy your coins directly with your card. Typically these will be between 1% and 5%, depending on the platform, payment method, and how much you are spending. If you intend to trade a large amount, you will surely pay less commission than with a smaller number of coins.

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

Fees can often be avoided entirely by transferring money to your account via bank transfer and using that money to buy Bitcoins.

And do you charge fees for transferring in and out of my account?

When transferring coins to another wallet or exchange, you will be charged transaction fees associated with the Bitcoin blockchain (also known as mining fees). These vary depending on the number of transactions taking place at the time, but the price is usually around 0.2 mBTC (one mBTC is one-thousandth of a Bitcoin coin).

When it comes to withdrawing fiat currency (such as GBP or USD), exchanges typically charge based on the payment method you choose to remove the funds. The range is usually around 1% – 4%, with lower fees when using bank transfers.

Do I need a Bitcoin wallet to use an exchange platform?

No, it’s not like that. Exchanges typically come with built-in wallets to store various coins, so you’ll need an account that allows you to keep your coins. However, it is strongly recommended that you transfer the cash from your exchange account to a personal wallet if you do not intend to trade them soon or want to store a large amount of them. It is safer not to keep your coins on an exchange platform.

What other platforms can I use to buy and sell Bitcoin?

The other platforms in everyday use are cryptocurrency brokers and CFD trading platforms. 

Brokers manage the buying and selling of Bitcoin on your behalf and receive a small commission as a percentage of the total amount (but these commissions are included in the advertised price of the coins), while CFD platforms are more focused on allowing you to trade quickly to capitalize on market fluctuations; this is what online operators use.

Should you use a Bitcoin exchange platform?

Well, it’s up to you. If you want an easy way to buy and sell Bitcoin with fiat or another cryptocurrency, an exchange will be the perfect option. You should consider CFD platforms if you are still unsure.


  • Exchanges allow you to buy Bitcoin instantly.
  • You can often buy and sell other cryptocurrencies on the same exchange platform.
  • You can set the price you want to buy and sell coins.


  • There is a risk that the exchange platform may be mismanaged or hacked.
  • You may not understand how to use an exchange if you are starting.

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform

What Should One Consider While Selecting A Bitcoin Exchange Platform 2022

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