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What is a Smart Prenatal Device?

What is a Smart Prenatal Device?

What is a Smart Prenatal Device?

As technology advances and improves, we are now able to do more than ever in our own homes. One of the newest devices in prenatal care is The Roo from Hubble Connected, a smart prenatal device that allows you to more closely monitor your baby and pregnancy while at home.

With the appearance of this device on the market, we are here to give you more information about what The Roo smart prenatal device can do. It is important to note that The Roo device is only designed to be used during a healthy pregnancy and does not replace your expert prenatal care. The device will provide you with information but not interpretation, so if you are at any time worried during your pregnancy, please seek medical advice whether using The Roo or not.

Basic Information

The Roo allows you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat reliably from 20 weeks of gestation in real time. The device lies against your skin on a band, so there is no need for the gel used in professional settings making it easier and cleaner to use for short periods at home. The device is linked to an app that you can download onto your phone to listen to your baby’s heartbeat.

The Roo has no radiation and has been deemed completely safe and non-invasive for use during pregnancy. You can also record the heartbeat detected by The Roo, and the HubbleClub app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets, meaning it is accessible to everyone.


In addition to listening to and recording the heartbeat as it is detected by The Roo, you can share the recording with your family and friends. You can also use the data collected to track your baby’s heart rate and developmental milestones during pregnancy. The Roo and HubbleClub app are both compatible with Alexa, and Google Assistant, too, so they can be integrated into whichever system you already have at home.

In addition to heartbeat detection, you can also use the HubbleClub app to track your baby’s kicks and movements. This is an important part of pregnancy as changes in the baby’s movement can be an indication of needing medical advice. Although the app does not provide medical advice, it gives you a reliable place to store the information a medical professional could need if you decide to seek advice. You can also store the information to allow you to analyze it if you are worried.

You can also use the HubbleClub app to track various details about your pregnancy day-to-day. This includes your water intake, weight, and bump changes. Having somewhere to track this information consistently will allow you to see patterns in both your and your baby’s behavior which can be nice to look back on and also helpful for your prenatal care.

Finally, the HubbleClub app also provides you with breathing exercises that you can use to practice breathing ahead of going into labor or if you experience any Braxton Hicks contractions.

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