What Do You Need To Get Car Insurance in Canada?       

What Do You Need To Get Car Insurance in Canada?                    

Getting car insurance in Canada can be tricky, especially for new car owners. To find the best deal, you must know about the documents required and how to get one for yourself with the right coverage options.  

You cannot drive your vehicle without car insurance in Canada. Moreover, apart from the mandatory third-party liability insurance, you may need other types of coverage to protect your vehicle adequately.  

However, learning the answer to the question, “what do you need to get car insurance?” is the first step. 

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If you are looking for affordable insurance quotes in Alberta, you should reach out to an online insurance brokerage, like Surex. They are one of Canada’s most reliable insurance brokerages, where you can compare quotes from different insurance companies. Online insurance brokers can also answer any and all of your insurance related questions, including “what do you need to get car insurance in Canada?”.

How does the car insurance system work in Canada?

Depending on your area or province, you may find deals from private or public insurance agencies. Depending on your budget and requirements, you may choose to purchase your car insurance from either of the two. 

Canadian provinces, including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, have public insurance companies. Drivers get their insurance through the province-owned Crown Corporation. 

Generally, drivers prefer purchasing optional insurance coverage from a private or general insurance company. On the other hand, people residing in areas like Alberta or Ontario contact private companies for their auto insurance policies. 

In the case of public insurance systems, first, you need to connect with a representative of Crown Corporation or an insurance agent. 

Suppose you buy your insurance coverage from a private system. In that case, you’ll need to connect with a direct writer (a professional who works for an insurance company), an agent, or an insurance broker (a professional who connects buyers with potential insurance companies). 

Car owners can connect with any of the above professionals with their insurance requirements. One of the best ways to find the best deal is by comparing the rates offered by different insurance companies, getting the quote, and then connecting with an insurance agent or broker to get the final quote. 

What do you need for car insurance as a driver in Canada? 

Many drivers in Canada ask themselves questions like, “what documents do you need for car insurance?”. These can differ from one province to another. 

However, some of them are commonly required when applying for car insurance. 

Vehicle information — what info do you need to get car insurance?

Insurance companies need complete info on the car, including vehicle identification number, car type, year, and model. In addition, you are required to provide an odometer rating of your vehicle when applying for insurance. 

Remember that your vehicle model has a significant bearing on the insurance cost. If you buy a  luxury vehicle or a sports car, you may have to fork out higher premiums. On the other hand, if you purchase a car that is easy to insure, you will have a lot of insurance quotes to choose from.

Driver’s license

Whether you are looking forward to buying new auto insurance or renewing the existing policy, make sure you have a valid driving license. It should have your current residential address. Other personal details required include proof of birth date and phone number. In addition, you’ll need license details of other members residing in your households, such as your adult children, partner, roommates, or parents.

Driving history and experience 

The insurance agency determines its premium rates depending on the applicant’s driving history. Insurers consider the individual’s traffic violations of the past 36 months (excluding parking tickets). An at-fault collision impacts the premium rates for up to six years. Get your driving record copy to learn about the exact details. 

Insurance companies consider new and young drivers as a risky prospect. This is why they usually end up paying high insurance premiums. However, if you have been driving for the past few years without any blemish on your record, you can earn significant discounts.

Information of current insurance company

Suppose you have an insurance policy but want to switch it to another insurer. You must submit all the details (company name, policy number, etc.) to your prospective insurance company. Also, consider the renewal date of your policy. It will impact your effective date for car insurance with the new insurer. 

In case you had signed up for auto-renewal with your current insurer, inform them a few weeks ago that you are planning to switch your insurance company. If not, your insurance will get auto-renewed, and you will have to pay higher cancellation charges.

Previous tickets

A person’s driving record is another crucial piece of information required by the insurers in Canada. Most of the time, when obtaining car insurance quotes, the insurers will ask you about your driving infractions to determine whether you have any speeding tickets on your record. Make sure to report all the infractions, or else things can turn complicated at the time of claim.  

Previous insurance claims

Your insurance claims history highlights the details of your previous claims and accidents. This info becomes more critical in case of insurance renewal or if you decide to switch the insurance company. The insurer will be very interested in your collision or comprehensive claims. 

If you have made multiple insurance claims in the past, it increases the insurer’s risk. Thus, they will charge a higher premium to cover this risk. However, if you have not made any claim in the past few years,  you may end up getting a no-claim bonus discount. Some insurers offer a no-claims discount as high as 50%

What do you need to get car insurance? — Endnote 


Now you know the answer to the question, “what do you need to get insurance on a car?”. 

Before you shop for auto insurance, understand the best time to buy the insurance and how much a particular car model or type impacts the premium rate. All these little details will make it easy for you to land the right deal. 

And if you switch companies, cancel your policy with your current insurer before the renewal date to save yourself from cancellation charges. Keep in mind there is only a point in switching the insurer if you are getting an excellent money-saving deal. Research well to find the right insurer in your province or city.

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