What are the stickers on the grass, and how to deal with them?

What are the stickers on the grass, and how to deal with them?

Gardening is not as easy a task as it seems to be. One needs to go through different issues, especially the weeds, consistently. The sticker weeds are one of the most common issues that can prove to be a menace as they are lethally invasive. These sticky and sharp weeks get stuck to one’s clothes quickly and scratch or puncture your skin if pushed a bit. No one wants to stand by the sticker weeds as they are genuinely sickening. One needs to take immediate action to get rid of these weeds if found in your yard. From herbicides to manual gardening tools, people opt for different solutions that can kill these weeds almost instantly. 

What are Sticker weeds?

Sticker weeds are a group of weeds that feature sharp pines that easily stick to the clothes. These weeds can effectively grow in every soil type and affect the overall growth of the other plants. These plants usually start growing in the colder season and fully develop when it’s too hot.

What are the different types of sticker weeds?

The sticker weeds serve to be a huge problem. One can quickly identify these and can remove them using perfect tools. These weeds often grow in winter and develop fully during spring. Here is the list of the most heard types of weeds. You can also get to know more about the types of stickers in grass.

  • Sticker weeds
  • Burwood
  • Lawn burrs
  • Grass burrs
  • Grass stickers
  • Sandburs 

How to identify sticker weeds?

Controlling the weeds without recognizing them is something quite impossible. The best thing one could do to identify the weeds ideally is to look at their physical characteristics. 

  • Most of the time, the sticker weeds have bright green, and the lobed leaves are the opposite. These hairy weeds include sticky, sharp leaves that get stuck to your clothes and can pierce your skin quickly.
  • The sticker weeds are the low-growing plants that tend to branch out once they get matured. These weeds often produce small flowers while developing into seeds. It is a bit harder to figure out the flowers and the seeds as they have a hard coating and sharp spines.

How to get rid of the sticker weeds ideally?

Sticker weeds are one of the most stubborn types that gets difficult to control when they start attacking your grass or other plants. We have effective solutions that make your control over these weeds a bit easier.

Mechanical Control

Taking weeds out of the ground is the best way to control them. Manual weed removal requires hard work and seems to be quite effective to some degree. 

Pulling weeds with hands

If the sticker weeds have just come out in your yard and have concentrated over a smaller area only, you can also pick them out with your hands. You can wear gardening gloves to protect your hands and hold the weeds by the center to drag them out. 

Using gardening tools

In case the sticker weeds have covered a larger area in your yard, you can easily pick them out using some garden tools. You can easily find a convenient type of gardening tool for picking weeds and can dig the weed in the lawn.

Chemical control

It is harder to remove the sticker weeds from your yard if they have spread widely over there. Handling such weeds may take a few days or even weeks. Herbicides serve to be a great help in controlling such weeds. Herbicides are the perfect combination of chemical compounds that feature adequate power to kill sticker weeds and prevent their further propagation. We advise you to understand the type of herbicides you will pick up before making the final selection. 


Sticker weeds are one of the most annoying types of unwanted plants that grow up in your garden along with other plants and affect their growth. The seeds of these plants are pretty sticky, and the leaves have been changed here to spines that get stuck to one’s cloth. We have added up in detail about the sticker weeds and have landed some solutions for effective removal. Use your preferred sticker weed removal option from the above ones and enjoy hassle-free gardening anytime.


What are the stickers on the grass, and how to deal with them?