What are the advantages of zero net energy building?

Sustainability and eco-friendliness are two essential things being considered in every field all across the globe. Be it a car, an industrial estate, or a building, with so much damage done to the environment already, human beings are constantly trying to repair the damage and minimize the effect of their activities on the environment and the climate of the Earth. While sustainability and eco-friendliness are the foundation principles in many industries and for several or most major global companies, the energy services sector is no exception. 

Amongst several notable transformations adopted in the industry, one of the most popular and effective trends have been zero net energy buildings. Such a building has a specific method of design and construction that primarily aims to achieve an energy-efficient, grid-connected building. These buildings generally can generate energy from renewable energy sources and subsequently compensate for the energy demands of the building itself. They’re like the most sustainable skyscrapers that are made ‌of wood. These buildings (that you can read more about here) produce less carbon than concrete. 

What are the advantages of zero net energy building

Zero net energy consumption means that the total energy used by the building on an annual basis is almost equal to the amount of energy generated by the building on-site or at a nearby location. That being said, significant corporations, builders, and real estate developers all across the globe have had substantial interests in building such premises, especially when it’s for commercial purposes. 

This is because the need for energy services in commercial buildings is much more than that of residential ones, which makes zero net energy consumption buildings more preferable for commercial purposes. Zero net energy buildings may include residential homes as well since this concept of engineering is applicable and are scalable to any sized structure. 

The Key Advantages of Zero Net Energy Buildings

When we say that zero net energy buildings are preferred all across the globe, there must be reasons for that. With so much damage being done by the consumption and usage of fossil fuels, eco-friendliness is definitely a key advantage offered by such buildings. Along with that, here are a few other key advantages of such buildings. 

  • It offers a hedge to building owners against future energy price increases. 
  • It enhances the comfort, health, well-being and productivity of the building occupants. 
  • Reducing the energy consumption and costs of energy bills. 
  • More reliability. 
  • Much higher resale value for such buildings. This is because the demand for such net-zero energy buildings surpasses the supply. 
  • Reduced impact on the environment in the short run as well as in the longer run. 

Final Thoughts 

All that being said, zero net energy buildings are definitely a better choice both in terms of sustainability and to reduce the costs of usage of energy services of the building. Both residential and commercial properties can be built to have zero net enrollment consumption, and while it may involve a little more investment, it definitely is worth it. It offers much better savings and returns and is worthwhile in the longer run. Amidst the current crisis, it is definitely the best choice! 

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What are the advantages of zero net energy building

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