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We’d like to introduce you to the raised floor intelligent system

floor intelligent system

We’d like to introduce you to the raised floor intelligent system

Have you ever come across the term “raised floor”? The intelligent solution has emerged as an alternative that is being considered for a growing number of projects in both the internal and the external areas.

First things first, what exactly is meant by the term “Raised Access Flooring”? 

The raised floor system is comprised of a framework that raises the floor in relation to the subfloor, thereby producing a space that can be utilized for the installation of passageway infrastructure. It is made up of modular plates that can be fitted and locked into either fixed or adjustable pedestals, and then porcelain is applied to the surface of these plates.

In addition to its aesthetic value, wireless functionality, and exposed pipes, some of its advantages include a reduction in project costs and increased flexibility in their execution.

If you have been giving some thought to redecorating your office, there is a good chance that you have become familiar with the term “raised access floor.”It’s possible that you’ve seen it in today’s modern workplaces; there, it’s already in widespread use, and it’s very likely that its notoriety will grow in the days and weeks ahead. If you are planning on moving your office or renovating it, then you may think about making it more efficient in every way possible during this time.

You have the opportunity to make it a future-proof workspace that is ideal for your team and turn it into an ideal workspace. We are here to tell you that paying attention to your floors is extremely important, despite the fact that it may appear that flooring should be ignored during any remodeling or redecorating project.

When you enter any building, the floors are almost certainly the very first thing that you will place your feet on. Floors are not just about that; comfort, noise reduction (in some cases), and accessibility are all important aspects of flooring. Floors are important. The atmosphere of a room can also be influenced by the design of the floor. It’s possible that you believe the only options available to you for the flooring are to simply replace the carpeting or rip it up. However, with the help of raised access flooring, you can completely transform a space while also achieving a level of functionality that you could never have conceived of.

Because of its adaptability and ability to be assembled in a variety of configurations, raised access flooring is gaining a lot of traction in commercial settings like workplaces and offices. Raised access flooring is basically a floor that sits on top of the existing floor and leaves space underneath for running ductwork, cables, and other things like that. It is also referred to as a floating floor. It is available in a variety of designs and configurations; for instance, a data management center may decide to go with heavy-duty solutions that have more free space below for installing airflow and cable management apparatus.

It is more convenient to use a floor with a lower profile in conventional offices because this helps maintain the space between the ceiling and the floor and also offers space under the floor for basic cabling requirements. Now, let me demonstrate the various advantages that come with using raised access flooring.

Sense of beauty

The most distracting eyesore in any office is any area that is cluttered with wires and cords that run in every direction down the room. A raised access flooring system typically includes a substantial amount of empty space below the tiles, which can be utilized to conceal a variety of unattractive technological raised access floor panels. If you can maintain order under the floor, then your area will always give off the impression that it is well-kept and well-organized. Any office space that houses a significant amount of technology will, almost immediately, have its aesthetic appeal raised several notches.

Modifiable and repairable with ease

In comparison to dealing with a standard floor, it appears to be very simple to repair or replace individual tiles if they become damaged or broken. If something goes wrong or a piece of a normal floor is damaged, it is likely that the entire thing will need to be fixed or an area will need to be ripped up and replaced, both of which will cost more money and cause more of a disruption. However, with a floating floor, if something goes wrong or a piece is damaged, it is likely that the entire thing will need to be fixed. Tiles can be replaced quickly and easily with this system, without the need to redo the entire room or cause a significant amount of disruption to the user’s routine.

Simple to Gain Entry to

When working with a complex and extensive collection of servers, you will need to be able to quickly access any of them whenever it is necessary to do so. These will be located beneath the floor, and whoever is performing maintenance will be responsible for ensuring that they are kept clean and organized. This enables hassle-free and straightforward access to any technology that may be running within them.

Temperature Management – We’d like to introduce you to the raised floor intelligent system

The air conditioning for the interior space of the system can be controlled from the floor. This design also makes it possible for air to move in a more efficient manner, which speeds up the process of cooling the space and reduces the amount of money spent on energy over the long term.

Elevated surface in interior public areas – We’d like to introduce you to the raised floor intelligent system

The use of an indoor raised floor makes it easier to perform maintenance and installation, enables the incorporation of air conditioning outlets, and improves the speed and flexibility of assembly and disassembly while remaining cost-effective and risk-free. The system allows for water drainage drain in wet areas such as locker rooms and public restrooms, and it maintains the slab’s integrity while also sealing it.

In large projects, where the installation or replacement coating causes major disruptions, the solution is even more advantageous, reducing the time of execution of works, offering greater durability and resistance to high impact, and reducing the volume of waste. In addition, the solution reduces the time of execution of works.

Raise in the ground level in the public areas

The raised floor can act as a small tank underneath the floor, capturing and retaining rainwater in areas such as terraces, roofs, and open decks. The volume that was captured can be utilized for the upkeep of these same areas, specifically as cleaning coatings.

The collection system is also compliant with the Master Plan for cities like Sao Paulo that have issues with flooding. The diminutive stormwater reservoir known as a piscininha eases the strain on the urban drainage system, thereby reducing the frequency of floods and other flow-related issues and controlling the severity of flooding.

In addition to its economic and environmentally friendly properties, the intelligent structure provides a solution for smoothing surfaces in outdoor areas. This is because it enables us to construct the balcony on the same floor as the internal level of the residence, thereby continuing the environment and increasing the available space.

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We’d like to introduce you to the raised floor intelligent system