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Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

YouTube is considered being the most influential tool for business. Often online entrepreneurs set up advertisements, buy YouTube views, increasing video popularity but don’t attach importance to involvement. In this article, we will view the webinar as one of the audience involvement formats and sales conversion tools.

How to promote your business with webinars?

The webinar format presents a pre-prepared clear structure that you follow step by step. You need to learn how to convey the product’s value well, be interesting to the audience, and then people will buy.
The first step is to understand the target audience to find out what objections they have and what motivates them to come up with solutions. In the structure of the webinar, you need to insert techniques for processing and eliminating such objections to be closed by the time of sale. 

After, you need to create content and apply different sales techniques, amplifiers, triggers that motivate the audience to make decisions.

Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

One of the good enhancers is involvement. Ask questions for getting feedback, offer the interactive for doing some kind of exercise. Use words-magnets: important, necessary, useful, they sharpen attention on important phrases. Promise some useful gift at the end of the performance. This technique works well for audience retention.

Self-presentation is one of the key skills in performance. The main part of it is to build trust. It is important for people to see a person who can become a guide, who has the experience, results, and who was able to reach the level they want.

In addition, save your webinars and you will create long-term material for your YouTube channel. To increase the credibility of your information, add social proof: buy real YouTube views, subscribers, raise the number of likes, comments. This will be a working instrument for your business for years.

The main mistakes of the sales speech

During the webinar process, people make mistakes that hinder sales.
The first is to provide useful content and expect people to buy. Someone makes a decision emotionally and is ready to buy right away, but someone needs more time to make a decision. As a rule, people do not take the initiative themselves, so you need to direct the audience to take the target action.

The second mistake is not to waste time. The webinar should be structured and have quality content. Keep the audience’s attention with useful and rich content and value the time. More doesn’t mean better.

In the first stages, people feel the fear of performances. This applies to live broadcasts,  stories on Instagram, etc. The fear of selling goes away when you learn how to have satisfaction during the performance. Fear occurs because people overestimate the value of the webinar. If there are no suspended expectations, then the performance is much easier.

There are many areas on which it is worth directing the focus of attention: someone has problems with retaining attention, oratorical presentation, working out objections, etc. Anyone can learn to sell on webinars and this is a habit that needs to be developed.

With the arrival of the pandemic, we saw a huge explosion of different content marketing initiatives, such as downloadable pdf templates, interactive tools, or even e-books. These initiatives do not have sales as their main objective but to generate value, educate or inform. They allow us to take advantage of the fact that people are already motivated and searching for content on a certain topic.

Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

Among all the ways of doing inbound marketing that exist on the market today, webinars, better known as webinars, stand out.

 Surely you have attended more than one or even organized one for your brand or the company you work for.

More and more companies with B2B and B2C models add webinars to their marketing strategy to acquire leads.

However, are webinars useful for all businesses? What should be taken into account before doing one? If you are thinking of exploring webinars to achieve your goals or if you are already doing so, this article is for you.

Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

First, what is a webinar?

A webinar gets its name by combining “web” and “seminar.” It is a class, conference, or course in video format on a specialized topic offered through the internet. It is usually done in real-time, although it can also be recorded.

A characteristic of webinars is that they facilitate the audience’s participation, allowing a back and forth between the participants and the presenter so that they can resolve their doubts and be heard as customers.

Generally, the presenter is an expert on a topic and, depending on the format, may be accompanied by a moderator. The first part of a webinar is dedicated to the presentation of the expert (which can include other videos, material to download, images, or graphics). Then, space is usually opened for the participants to ask questions.

Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales 2022

There are many online platforms that you can use to stream webinars. Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar are two very popular ones, but even on YouTube, you can stream one. Depending on your strategy and goals, conducting a webinar may involve payment by attendees, or it may be free.

Daniel states that developing the webinar channel as a central channel of a company’s sales strategy is “tremendously complex” because, according to him, “Not everyone has to do webinars, but if you get involved, you get seriously involved. Don’t mess around a bit.”

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Webinar on YouTube as a tool for involvement and sales

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