Want a side business? Here are four great side hustles to consider in 2022

Want a side business

Want a side business? Here are four great side hustles to consider in 2022

With the cost of living increasing on the back of rising inflation, yet the economy enjoying healthy post-pandemic growth, millions of Australians are choosing to start a side hustle alongside their main career. In March 2021, an ING report found that a huge 48% of people surveyed had or were planning on starting a side hustle. If you’re considering joining the side hustle trend sweeping the country, here are four great businesses you can start.

Teach English online

If you value dotting your Is and crossing your Ts and have always had a knack for showing others how to do things, then language tutoring could be a great choice for your next side hustle business. Whether you teach English to people from other countries or fresh residents in Australia or leverage your skills in another language, there are plenty of tutoring sites out there – such as Language Lane – you can sign up to.

Learn to trade forex 

Trading foreign exchange (forex) involves buying currencies on the global market, then selling them when their price increases. A good side hustle for data-driven individuals and those with an eye for current events and business news, if you want to become a forex trader there are countless free resources online that you can check out – some will even let you practice live with professional traders! 

Freelance writing 

A great choice for skilled communicators, freelance writing of blog posts, landing pages, social media, or advertisements can be a great post-work hustle in the evenings and weekends. Via sites like Fiverr and People Per Hour, you can get your career started writing small jobs. Once you’ve brought together a good portfolio of work, it’s common for freelance writers to then approach and get work for marketing and advertising agencies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

Sell homemade goods 

If you have a hobby such as carpentry, knitting, painting, or crafting, there’s no reason why you can turn your joy into a thriving business. There are plenty of ways to quickly set up a website to sell your homemade goods, and if you don’t fancy the outlay, sites like Etsy make occasional sales simple.

Side hustles are a great way of getting a little extra money alongside your main career or business. Do you plan on starting a side hustle project in 2022? Let us know what your plans are in the comments section below. 

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Want a side business? Here are four great side hustles to consider in 2022

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