Viewpoint (Dennis Quaid) Continues to Lead with Featured Content in the field of Medicine

Viewpoint (Dennis Quaid) Continues to Lead with Featured Content in the field of Medicine

When it comes to educational programs on TV that have an excellent track record for educating viewers on various content including a medical series, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid has you covered! Take advantage of Viewpoint playing on a number of stations around the nation. Over just the last 12 months it has developed and shown programs promoting amazing developments in technologies to help in the fight against infectious diseases like COVID-19, cancer, outstanding advances in cardiovascular surgery and mental health to name just a few. 

Developed by a top team working directly with leaders in their medical fields the content is high-quality, up to date and comprehensive. A leading Viewpoint spokesperson has said, “securing some of the best global medical minds has meant we can confidently offer a truly comprehensive education across our program.” Those minds as well as the less represented voices together help inform audiences so they can better understand the kind of progress people should see.

Caring for and treating Cardiovascular patients

One of the hot topics in this well-put-together series is that of Cardiovascular care and solutions. The last thirty years have seen a huge amount of advancement in all areas of medicine and technology and one of the places this is very clear is with cardiovascular surgery. While you might expect to see top surgeons and treatments in cities and busy urban hospitals, there is also the aspect of rural care and treatment too. Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid takes a look at cardiovascular treatment in the country talking to providers of healthcare and how advances are also happening there. It includes a look at the movement of many top specialists around the world into rural areas and how they bring their knowledge and advanced techniques with them.

Improvements in containing infectious diseases including COVID

Some of the biggest advances in medicine have occurred in history during health crises like a pandemic and this is true with COVID. The processes followed when it comes to dealing with an infectious patient have been vastly improved and this has an impact on more than just the treatment of COVID. Patient care and technologies to improve their condition have evolved and been developed so that healthcare workers and patients are safer. Things like hygiene and cleanliness practices, airflow improvement, and more are looked at in the program Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid shows.

Where is mental health now and what does tomorrow look like?

Another aspect of the pandemic is how it has affected people’s mental health. Anxiety fear, depression is being seen all around the world. Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid looks at using the realm of education on TV to highlight these issues and also highlight how they can be treated. The program focuses too on lifting the silence around the topic and destigmatizing it. All content comes from the work of the production team and the top mental health care professionals they worked with. It explores current treatments and what explores the future.


People globally worry about their health and access to medical care. Advances in medicine is big news and Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid takes a look at stories from all kinds of people and medical experts. It looks at hot topics and key issues, technical and medical treatment advancements and considers what patients need today. This is a great educational platform anyone can take advantage of.                                                                                         

More on Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

The people bringing you an expert education program for TV have worked over 20 years in the business of educational tv. They also come with expertise in areas that includes the production of top feature documentaries as well as top-end commercial content. Working with experts from around the world the award-winning team of producers, videographers, writers, and editors create accurate and detailed educational content based on what is understood currently in medicine and health care.

Of course, all of this is then presented by the top actor Dennis Quaid. With more than 40 years in the business and making outstanding contributions to film, his record and talent speak for themselves. Enjoy Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid! If you want to see older episodes or you would like to see what else it offers take a look at

Viewpoint (Dennis Quaid) Continues to Lead with Featured Content in the field of Medicine

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