Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Whether your career goals are to become a doctor, a renowned lawyer, or anything else, the college you attend will have a substantial impact on your path. For this reason, college admissions are a stressful process. 

You’ll be competing against a large number of students with impressive grades that are just as passionate as you. But with these valuable tips, you can rest assured that you’ll find yourself attending the college of your dreams. 

Rely On A College Admissions Expert

Instead of stumbling through the admissions process on your own, relying on a college admissions expert from Going Ivy is a beneficial decision. 

These experts will guide you through the process and ensure you get accepted into the most suitable college, considering your career goals. 

Since you were a young girl, have you worn your mother’s USC sweatshirt? “Roll Tide!” has been shouted. And have you wanted to attend the SEC for years? Or have you always pictured yourself hanging out with the other Ivy Leaguers at Yale or Dartmouth?

Many of us had a specific “dream school” growing up. And as the deadline approaches, it’s essential to translate your aspirations into doable plans to secure that coveted letter of admission. Here are 12 suggestions to help you get into the college of your dreams.

1. Concentrate on academics

Good grades and high test scores are crucial to impressing college admissions committees. Take Advanced Placement (AP) classes in your favourite disciplines to aid with this. The advantages of taking AP classes are extensive. 

They raise your GPA, expose you to college-level work, and (at some institutions) even count for college credit. Get a tutor if there is a subject that you find challenging. Find a program or school that offers SAT and ACT courses to help you prepare for the tests.

2. Identify yourself. Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

But, colleges take other factors into account while evaluating your application in addition to grades. Colleges are interested in learning more about you as a person, not just your GPA or SAT results. When composing your application, you must present the admissions committee with a clear picture of your genuine self. 

Remember that universities look for great musicians for their marching bands, great athletes for their sports teams, and creative thinkers for their science departments. And they want to showcase the various achievements of the kids they support to the rest of the globe. Hence, in your application, be careful to address how you will benefit your ideal school and how it will benefit you.

3. Get active – Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Participating in extracurricular activities is one of the best ways to demonstrate that you are a distinct individual, not just a number. They might include a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities. Why are extracurricular activities important to colleges? 

Beyond your IQ, your extracurricular activities show you are curious, motivated, responsible, and well-rounded. Also, colleges look for students who will contribute to campus life outside the classroom. 

Also, admissions committees will be able to predict better how you will contribute to campus life in general while in college by learning about your extracurricular activities before enrolling—from joining clubs and helping organize events to founding new volunteer organizations. 

Overall, by highlighting the extracurricular activities you have participated in in the past, you show your ideal college that you have done more than speak the talk.

4. Develop your creative writing abilities.

Do not simply create an “information dump” of all of your accomplishments for your college application essays. Instead, develop a narrative that draws the reader into the tale of your life. 

Why am I a compelling character, you might wonder. What aspect of my life to date has been the most fascinating? And why is going to my dream school the right thing to do next in my life? 

In the end, this is what your admissions essays are ultimately aiming to persuade the reader of. The process will be much simpler if you’ve had practice reading, writing, and considering stories.

5. Be apart from the crowd.

In a more visually and digitally oriented day, we frequently discover that mediums other than the written word better capture who we are. With this in mind, many universities have started to accept college essays in formats other than the typical essay, such as audio or video files. 

They are sometimes taken as extra application materials; other times, they are accepted entirely in place of a written essay. Check to see whether your ideal school allows these types of college essays and if writing in one of these formats could be more your style. Then start working! An application may truly advance in the stack with this kind of inventiveness.

6. Take pride in your origins. Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Colleges strive to have a student body that is as diverse as feasible. Hence, if your ideal university is far from home, explain in your application how your distinct cultural background and experiences might enhance the diversity and depth of the school. 

Colleges are also trying to improve access for low-income and first-generation students. To show your tenacity and grit, mention your many accomplishments despite these difficulties if you fall into either of these categories. 

Furthermore, remember the numerous scholarships available, particularly those for low-income and first-generation students. Check out this directory from to get a sense of some of these opportunities.

7. Apply early. Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Applying early to your dream school is another easy-yet-powerful approach to standing out from the crowd. An investigation by the U.S. found Some American institutions receive as many as 84,068 applications, according to News and World Report. 

Making an early impression is wise, given the influx of applications every fall season. See the College Board’s page for more information on the earlier application, typically in early November.

8. Internet, Internet, Internet

Establish relationships with professors and role models from other spheres of your life, such as clubs and religious institutions. Letters of recommendation are frequently required for college applications. 

You can invite older people with whom you’ve established lasting relationships to highlight your best traits in these letters. It is always best to ask your letter writers for letters of recommendation in advance so that they have plenty of time to complete them, to provide them with a copy of your resume as a reference, and to ask at least more people than necessary as a backup in case someone doesn’t submit their letter on time.

9. Show your concern – Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Plan a campus visit, a campus tour, or even set up an interview with an admissions team member to show that you have a sincere interest in attending your dream school. Ask to be put in touch with alums and current students while on campus to hear about their experiences. 

Establish more connections with academics who teach courses in your intended major. Please share your knowledge about the school during these communications by mentioning its history, sports teams, mascot, etc. After all, this is your ideal school.

10. Before going to college, attend a college

Check to see if the “bridge” programs offered by your ideal school are anything you could be interested in. These are initiatives that give high school students a chance to spend some time studying and frequently living on a college campus.

Courses are a fun way to learn more about your chosen subjects with other students who share your interests, and experts in their disciplines frequently teach them. Such programs include Boston University’s Research in Science & Engineering (RISE) program and Sarah Lawrence College’s Writers Village program for creative writers. 

If you participated in one of these programs while still in high school, the admissions committee would see that you are interested in and committed to the school you want.

11. Expand your dream horizons

Choose a trio or small group of “dream” schools instead of focusing your attention on a single “dream” institution. Is there a perfect school among all the amazing ones that exist? While one college might be at the top of your list due to its beautiful architecture and close access to the city, another might be due to its excellent study abroad program. 

The key idea here is that each school has distinctive capabilities. And let’s face it: getting into college is difficult. You might be less disappointed if you receive a rejection or two if you open your mind to considering many schools as “dream” institutions. You might even be more thrilled when those acceptances come in.

12. Have pride in yourself.

Because college admissions are so tough, it’s critical to remember to be confident and upbeat during the application process. The New York Times’s Eric Hoover cautions us not to take rejection personally and reminds us of the numerous elements admissions committees must consider when evaluating applicants.

He states, “Colleges are juggling opposing aims, like growing diversity and bringing in more income, when they choose applicants. Admissions authorities are looking for something other than applicants who just fit one profile, such as those who have gotten straight As or received the greatest honours. 

Thus, don’t take rejection personally. Since you can’t predict all the criteria that will be used to determine if your ideal school will accept your application, it is in your best interest to maintain your composure, have confidence in your abilities, and do your best.

13. Apply Early – Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams

Waiting until the last possible moment to send your applications is not advised. Unfortunately, the process of approval will prioritize student applications in order, which means those who apply later will have less chance of approval.

Instead of prolonging your application, consult a college admissions expert as soon as possible so that you can apply early; this will give you more of a chance of acceptance at your dream school. 

14. Choose At Least Three Colleges

Even though you may have your heart set on one particular college, it’s always best to apply to more than one facility. Instead, apply to at least three colleges that complement your educational and career goals. 

If you are still determining which other colleges you should consider, your admissions consultant will recommend suitable options and assist with applying to all colleges. 

15. Get Letters Of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation from your current teachers can amplify your chances of approval dramatically. With this, it’s best to carefully consider which teachers you ask for recommendation letters because you want to hand over a letter that genuinely depicts your ambitions and accomplishments. 

Be sure to provide a resume of accomplishments to your teachers so that they can include these important details in the letter of recommendation. 

16. Brush Up On Your Writing Skills

Irrespective of your immaculate grades, you’ll also need to showcase desirable creative writing skills for your admissions essays. Instead of creating essays that blandly list your achievements, it’s wise to ensure your essays grab attention and make lasting impressions. 

If your writing skills are lacking, consider opting for a short creative writing course before starting your admissions essays. 

17. Consider Bridge Programs

Bridge programs offer high school students the opportunity to attend college and sometimes live on campus for a short period. During this time, students get a close-up experience of the college. Once you have an idea of the college, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision and even find ways to manage common college challenges

Opting for this program will give your application the upper hand because you will show unwavering interest in the college of your dreams. 

College admissions can be a highly stressful time, so you will need to find ways to manage your stress. Even so, the tips listed above will significantly increase your chances of approval. 

Valuable Tips To Get Into The College Of Your Dreams