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6 Unisex Fashion Items That Can Spice Up Your Wardrobe 2022

6 Unisex Fashion Items That Can Spice Up Your Wardrobe 2022

6 Unisex Fashion Items That Can Spice Up Your Wardrobe 2022

When choosing the right kind of accessories, there is no need for you to stick to one sex or the other. Society, especially in western countries, has been moving towards the demolition of gender gaps in clothing. Hence the growing popularity of androgynous and genderless fashion. 

Suppose you are a man, and you feel that your female partner would appreciate some funky accessories with a bit of bling in them. Why not surprise her with gorgeous unisex accessories like bracelets, earrings, watches, sunglasses, and hair bands? Similarly, if you are a woman who loves to experiment with fashion, it would be delightful to shop for unisex items for a change. You will be able to create a look that is both innovative and effortlessly cool. 

Here are some fashion items that defy gender division. 

  1. Wristwatch 

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Wristwatch brands like Tudor make quality timepieces that both genders can wear. It has an inner or dial self-winding mechanism to maintain a constant, accurate movement no matter the various activities brought about by the individual’s actions. This is one reason why a wristwatch has become such a popular accessory for both men and women, even in the age of smartphones.

There are different types of wristwatches available on the market today. Many people choose to wear a wristwatch that tells the time or one that also displays the date. Either way, wearing a watch is always a sign of style and sophistication.

More than telling time, there are many different kinds of features available with watches in the market, including alarms, countdown timers, and pop-up displays. Suppose you are interested in trying to build a collection of wristwatches.

In that case, it may be a good idea to do some research and find out what features are included in each style and which brands and manufacturers offer the type of watch you are looking for. Some avid watch collectors collect luxury timepieces, like Rolex and Patek Philippe. Over time, these pieces will appreciate in value. 

2. Earrings and Necklaces 

Earrings and necklaces are very diverse. There are current silver and gold earrings that can be equally worn by men and women alike. There are earrings for different occasions. The same thing goes for other necklaces and pendants.

For example, if you are playing a show or a fancy dress party, you can wear your best earrings and necklace set to really complete your outfit. Instead of just wearing your regular “jazz band” style of earrings to the club, you could go all out with your “distressed” style necklace. By matching your costume accessories to your outfit, you will really make your outfit pop!

3. Rings 

Rings are one of the most popular accessories for both men and women. A ring is typically a flat, rounded band, typically of fine metal, worn as decorative jewelry. The word “ring,” by itself, always refers to jewelry worn on the wearer’s finger; if worn on another part of the body, the area specified in the term is defined, e.g., finger rings, earrings, toe rings, etc. 

Rings have become increasingly popular with both men and women over the past five decades or so. Men’s rings generally have a thinner bandwidth than women’s rings, which also tend to be lighter and more oval in shape. But currently, rings are being produced that are neither fashioned for men or women specifically. 

4. Unisex Shoes 

A distinctive lady’s shoe is the silhouette, but men can now wear shoes with Cuban heels. There are also different brands that both genders can rock, shoes like converse all-star. This model of shoe has had the same design since 1917, and there’s no indication it would go out of fashion anytime soon. Men and women can wear simple converse shoes with any casual outfit. Boots are also a great addition to your wardrobe and can easily blend well with any outfits.

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  1. Bow Tie 

If you’re attending an event that needs a tuxedo or a formal suit, you can rock a bow tie regardless of your gender. There are ready-made bow ties in different styles and colors that you can pull off as a lady. 

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  1. Bracelet 

A bracelet is an ornamental piece of jewelry that is usually worn around the hand. Bracelets can serve many different purposes, including being worn simply as a decorative piece. Worn as charms, bracelets can also have an inspirational meaning like charms. you check what is spinel stone for jewelry

The bracelet design has gone through many changes over the years. Gone are the days when artists or musicians only wear bracelets. Now there are bracelets made for both men and women to wear as a fashion statement. 

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Other Types Of Jewelry 

For the most part, when choosing rings and other jewelry, men and women follow the same basic trends in style and jewelry choice. However, there are some significant differences in what jewelry a man and a woman may wear. Traditionally, women wore wedding rings on their left hand’s ring finger. Currently, many couples choose to wear their wedding rings on the right hand’s ring finger. 

Wearing unisex Fashion Pieces is a great way to express yourself; You can let others see your style by wearing a bracelet. This fashion item can be worn daily or just for fun, and can become an accessory you put on daily. The key to wearing these types of clothing successfully is to wear them with confidence and ensure that you only choose items that you genuinely love and will be comfortable in. 

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In Conclusion 

Who says dressing up has a gender? In addition to boosting your confidence level, another advantage of wearing unisex fashion accessories is that they are convenient. For instance, if you buy a bracelet, you do not have to worry about it coming off as too masculine or feminine. 

Apart from boosting your appearance, these accessories also help you feel good about yourself, improve your self-esteem and let you express yourself freely. When dressing up, make sure to consider the ones mentioned above! 

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6 Unisex Fashion Items That Can Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Unisex fashion and the difference between genders

Unisex, a-sex, gender-neutral, or multi-sex fashion is the term used for clothing that blurs the difference between genders, to the clothes that women and men can wear without distinction.

Unisex, a-sex, gender-neutral, or multi-sex fashion is the term used for clothing that blurs the difference between genders, to the clothes that women and men can wear without distinction.

There are no cuts that accentuate the feminine silhouette nor square cuts that highlight the broad back of men. Unisex fashion is characterized by offering essential clothing, without pronounced cuts, that provokes and dresses anyone.

This type of clothing is used by people who want to show a behavior of equality and inclusion. It is not necessary to belong to any gender of the LGBT community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender).

Our way of dressing reveals our thinking. For Usua Manero, consultant at Imaginem, a firm specializing in image projection, “in the Mexican market, unisex clothing is beginning to be included at affordable prices; it greatly helps to minimize the differences between genders and reduces discrimination, it also means that those who la porta feels comfortable, welcomed and confident.

Without realizing it, in our closet, we have unisex pieces, such as basic jeans, t-shirts, shorts, shirts, jackets, and socks. Most of the fundamental clothes that we have in our wardrobe were made with men in mind and their comfort at work since they were thought to be the exclusive providers of the home. The situation has changed, and we have broken that barrier, and women have taken over the versatility of these pieces.

It is evident in the world of music and entertainment. Although not precisely with clothes for work. 

The tradition of wearing black and white was broken and only long dresses for women and tuxedos for men; now we see colors, daring, and the intention to attract attention. We find women with blazers or tuxedos and men wearing glitter details (diamond, glitter).

A clear example was the musician David Bowie, who always spoke out in favor of eliminating stigmas and breaking with aesthetic traditionalism.

David Bowie

“Questioning gender mandates is becoming a ‘fashion.’ I don’t think that in itself wearing clothes that are not generally associated with your sex is negative, but rather that it is not enough, and on the contrary, 

it can give the impression that doing so is very revolutionary and feminist”, said Martha Érika Pérez, an anthropologist and doctorate in sociology from El Colegio de México.

Unisex clothing can also be registered as a consumer trend or marketing strategy for clothing-producing companies. In 2003 the luxury brand Gucci launched a campaign for gender equality together with Salma Hayek and Beyoncé. This launch was called Chime for Change and was negatively criticized because they passed for children’s clothing without the cuts that make silhouettes look better.

Wearing unisex clothing “can make us feel that we are changing the world when all we do is change our clothes, consume and think that our action is enough,” in the words of Martha Érika Pérez.

Gender as a social construction

For the anthropologist Pérez, humans build meanings, norms, and values ​​​​to “give meaning to the world around us.” One of those constructions, she said, “is the one made on the anatomical difference. From there, the world is organized, tasks, duties, behaviors, clothing are assigned; it imposes how a man should be and how a woman should be”.

We can see it during pregnancy. When a couple is expecting a child, a need is created to know the sex of the baby, to buy clothes, accessories, and toys with a specific color or detail that makes a difference. It is the words of Pérez that are part of the social identification of people with a particular gender.

“These gender norms are neither even nor fair. Women are at a disadvantage: we are required to be beautiful, to dress in a certain way, even in ways that limit movement (tight skirts, high heels, for example); shave, have a specific body type, put on makeup. This social requirement is not the same for men; they can have hair, gut, be bald, dress poorly, “said Pérez.

Unisex clothing in Mexico

On January 24, 2019, the Swedish clothing chain H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) in Mexico scheduled the launch of a unisex collection in conjunction with Eytys, 

an American firm characterized by genderless clothing and its ugly sneakers, sports shoes hideous and very expensive that they have become fashionable.

The H&M collection is endowed with details for both sexes, viper skin simulation prints, round neck t-shirts, leather-like textile jackets, loose-fitting urban-style sweatshirts with minimalist prints in cotton fabric, straight-cut pants, and sandals, simple accessories, shoes, and slippers in the Eytys style. His color palette is diverse. There are yellow, green, blue, gray, white, and black shades.

It remains to be seen if genderless clothing leads society to break schemes that produce divisions and inequalities or if it is just a new marketing strategy.

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