7 Types Of Preferences And The Most Suitable Bed For You

7 Types Of Preferences And The Most Suitable Bed For You

Nowadays, people strive to embrace their uniqueness and individuality. People try to know themselves to get what is best for them. Therefore, home décor is one of the means to express their individuality, even with their choice of mattresses.

Having individuality and uniqueness in mattresses will help you be more comfortable when you sleep. People have different sleeping habits, lifestyles, looks, and preferences. This fact should reflect on your mattress choice.  Here is the list of your possible selections and the most suitable bed that goes with it.

If You Want The Softest Bed

If you want to buy the softest bed, then pure memory foam is for you. Memory foam contours to your body and is very comfortable, which makes it a popular choice. In addition, its softness can help alleviate joint and body pain compared to firmer beds. 

It is very soft, which can be an advantage but a disadvantage for those on the heavier side. Heavier people could sink in very cushiony memory foam, making it hard for them to wake up. 

If You Want A Medium Soft To Firm Bed

Suppose you want a bed that is not too soft for various reasons. For example, maybe you sleep beside someone with a different softness preference, or you are on the heavier side who would not want the sinking feature of a very soft memory foam bed. Then opt for either hybrids or latex.

Hybrids can be customized with materials you like. Hybrids can have memory foam with the combination of latex. Latex is known to be a comfortable medium-firm bed as well. Hybrid and latex foams are some of the best mattress 2021 has to offer. Consider purchasing one if you want a soft, comforting sleep.

Cheaper Beds

If you are trying to find a budget bed, meaning it is cheaper than most, then innerspring is for you. Innerspring have metal coils or springs that go along with its soft foam. It is more affordable than most beds, but it is not the most comfortable.

Although it is cheap, will it suffice your needs? It can be comfortable on its own, but it is prone to sag, and the coils might make you feel uncomfortable. In addition, it is not hypoallergenic and can be prone to pests as well. 

If You Prefer Never To Have Pests Living In Your Mattress

If you loathe having pests underneath your bed or you keep getting allergies from your mattress, then opt for a memory foam or a hypoallergenic hybrid foam. Memory foam is not habitable for pests and microscopic germs. This would be good as it is challenging to remove these pests and germs once they start living in your mattress. With memory foam, you would not have that problem. Hypoallergenic hybrid foams are also a good option.

If You Are Environmentally Conscious

Some environmentally friendly people opt to go for thrifting so they can lessen their carbon footprint. Meaning, they would buy second-hand items and recycle old things that were not used by their old owner anymore. For mattresses, however, that is not a good suggestion. Beds get old, and they need to feel new. An old recycled mattress might be too uncomfortable, and there might be pests as well.

A good option for environmentally savvy people is organic foams or natural latex. Natural latex is a good option, and it is made from rubber trees. However, other organic mattresses are also plant-based, use non-toxic materials, and are sustainability-oriented. 

If You Prefer A Part Of Your Body Raised

If you prefer some parts of your body elevated while sleeping, then explore the option of adjustable beds. Adjustable beds are not just for people who have disabilities, and it is not only for the elderly. It can also be for people who are more comfortable with a part of their body raised when asleep.

You do not need to be uncomfortable not knowing how many pillows your head and legs need. With adjustable beds, you can customize your raised position. In addition, this type of bed can help you with your blood circulation, which can relieve you of high blood pressure.

Sleeping Position

Sleeping position is a crucial element in choosing the right mattress for you. For example, you could be a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination sleeper. The most common type of sleeper is the side sleeper. If you are a side sleeper, then your position will put pressure on your shoulders and hips. Therefore, it would be an excellent option for a softer mattress such as memory foam to relieve pressure points. 

Back sleepers, combination sleepers, and stomach sleepers need to balance their weight when asleep and thus avoid softer mattress contouring features. Instead, these sleepers should opt for hybrid or latex mattresses.


People have different preferences when it comes to sleeping comfort. When buying a mattress, you should embrace your unique needs and wants. Every type of feature could help you and your individuality. Choose the most suitable bed and know yourself. 

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7 Types Of Preferences And The Most Suitable Bed For You

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