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Trails Carolina: Why Wilderness Therapy Creates a Meaningful Impact

Trails Carolina: Why Wilderness Therapy Creates a Meaningful Impact

Trails Carolina: Why Wilderness Therapy Creates a Meaningful Impact

Wilderness therapy exists as an option for people of all ages to free their minds and learn a little more about themselves throughout the process. This therapy doesn’t work for everyone, but that goes for other therapy options as well. However, more and more people giving wilderness therapy a try have realized the true potential of this outside-the-box thinking.

Why has Trails Carolina created success for families from all over the country? Many believe that this different approach is shaking up the therapy world, and many who lost hope with other methods are finding success with wilderness therapy.

Early Beginnings for Trail Carolina

Located right in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina, Trails Carolina launched as a perfect location for wilderness therapy. Teenagers arrive and can see something new every day.

From an early stage, Trails Carolina strived to be different. The program has plenty of time for proper wilderness therapy while also providing a classroom experience. The base camp acts as a best of both worlds scenario, ensuring that students stay up-to-date with their studies.

A few of the main differences between Trails Carolina and other wilderness therapy programs are listed below. Trails Carolina focuses on a transition-based model that keeps students moving as they test the work they have done throughout the program.

Issue Assessment

When starting with the treatment process, there should be significant time to assess issues. It is the best way to identify the problems causing issues and create a plan that addresses them specifically. Failure to do so is only starting any treatment off on the wrong foot.

Better assessment results in better, more meaningful results. When nothing else seems to work, getting any type of breakthrough makes a huge difference. It instantly helps students at Trails Carolina see the success they can build for themselves.

Coping Strategies

The early stages of any wilderness therapy program involve a lot of behavioral observation from staff. Since everything is happening now, professionals have an excellent opportunity to see exactly how everyone’s managing their experiences. When something seems to be going wrong, they can intervene and provide some additional assistance.

The goal is to eventually get to the point where students make good choices for themselves without staff intervention. Students will learn more about themselves and understand that coping strategies work. 

Think of the field staff as a coach for students initially, but then they start to feel more confident later on as they are no longer needed by students. By the end of their time in wilderness therapy, teenagers are making good choices and improving their relationships with others. 


Many studies have shown that wilderness therapy programs are great at increasing self-esteem. That means having more confidence alone and building up relationships and social skills. It’s a bit of a self-discovery process that every teenager goes through at Trail Carolina, this is a great opportunity for growth and independence. 

It might take time for graduates to understand the impact Trails Carolina makes on their life going forward. What someone notices once they go back home is that they have a better understanding of who they are and how they connect with family and friends once they return to a home environment.

Multiple Educational Opportunities

Trails Carolina realizes the importance of academics. While there’s learning in the field, more traditional classroom work is done at the base camp. 

With a Cognia accredited academic program, students can get back on track for the potential to go down any path. Some graduates look at Trails Carolina as a jumpstart to a college education. Without wilderness therapy and classroom work, college might not be obtainable. 

Handling academic problems at Trails Carolina cuts down on other issues. Studies have shown that struggling with grades in school can be caused by behavioral issues, lack of effort, or little to no focus.

Part of a Bigger Process

Wilderness Therapy is a way to open up the mind, improve mental health, and make several positive changes.

The great thing about wilderness therapy is that it works well with other options. Since teenagers are not out in the wilderness for too long, they can feel confident that this experience has the chance to increase the outcomes of other therapeutic modalities. There can be a benefit in going back to more traditional therapy methods post-wilderness therapy as a way to maintain or even improve progress.

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Learn More about Trails Carolina

Interested in learning more about Trail Carolina? The program is geared towards teens and adolescents searching for a treatment option that helps them find the right path moving forward. Visit their website here to see all they currently offer.

Trails Carolina: Why Wilderness Therapy Creates a Meaningful Impact

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