Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2023

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2023

When you’re looking for an all-weather friend that you can wear out anytime, there’s nothing better than investing in a suitable hoodie. Depending on your needs, you could opt to get a cheap hoodie that keeps you cozy while looking fashionable at the same time.

There are tons of styles that you can use with your hoodie, whether at home or outside. Here are some styles you can try for your new hoodie:

Based On Your Personal Aesthetic

When you’re planning on investing in a hoodie, your personal style is the first thing to consider. If you’re more into minimalist designs and colors, you don’t want to get a bright and funky hoodie. 

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

Determining your style ahead of time can ensure that you’re making the right choice when it comes to buying your hoodie.


If you like laid-back styles that look casual but still stylish in their own way, you should try pairing your hoodie with other simple items. It could include ripped jeans, white sneakers, and even a plaid shirt underneath.

You could also try pairing your hoodie with pants made from velvet or corduroy to make it look casual but stylish simultaneously.


There’s no better option other than layering when you’re looking to make a statement with your hoodie. With layering, you can choose many clothes and accessories that make your hoodie look more sophisticated and edgy.

Try accessorizing with earrings and rings, as necklaces won’t be too visible on hoodies. You can also try out layering with a denim jacket, or go all out and get a boucle jacket to make it look trendy as well. 

Dressing It Up

If you’re looking to make your hoodie look a bit fancier than usual, try dressing it up. For women, it would be ideal if the hoodie was worn above a circle skirt that makes it look more feminine. 

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

Men can pair the hoodie with a blazer for a casual yet sophisticated look. They can also opt to wear a corduroy or denim jacket with a hoodie and some statement sneakers. 

Opting for A Classic Look

Many people like to wear hoodies, not for style but for comfort. However, there’s no need to sacrifice your personal taste even where hoodies are concerned. You can find a cheap hoodie that is quite plain and muted, making it versatile enough to go with anything. 

Pair these hoodies up with any of your classic looks, whether that’s skinny jeans and thigh-high boots or wearing a baseball hat and an oversized plaid shirt. 

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

For Athletes

Many athletes tend to wear hoodies all year round, and because they are available in a variety of materials and colors, they tend to be a perfect choice. If you want to sport your hoodie as an athlete does, consider wearing it out with shorts and sports sneakers.

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

Alternatively, you can also wear leggings underneath your hoodie to ensure that your body silhouette isn’t lost in the oversized hoodie. 

Accessorizing It Up

When you like bling, there’s no reason to skimp on it, even when you’re wearing a hoodie. You can wear earrings, rings, anklets, and more with your hoodie. If you really want to don a necklace, opt for a long one that can show clearly over the hoodie.

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

You can also accessorize further by carrying a fanny pack or something similar. Y2K bags and sunglasses also go great with hoodies, and you’ll look perfectly trendy too!

Business Smart

Don’t worry when you have to run out the door for a casual meeting but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort for it. Hoodies are the perfect item to wear to casual meetings as they can be dressed to fit the occasion.

Instead of wearing slides or sandals, wear shoes or heels with your hoodie. You can also change out your pants for something more formal. Top it off with a blazer if you’re really looking to take your hoodie style to the next level. 

Feminine Aesthetic

If you like being feminine and wearing flowy clothing items, you might think that getting a hoodie isn’t the right choice. However, choose to invest in a cheap hoodie that doesn’t break your budget and is the ideal testing product to see whether you like it.

You can dress your hoodie up by wearing a mini, midi, or long dress underneath. You can also pair it with flowy skirts and sandals, making the perfect feminine look. 

Donned With Luxury Items

If you want to upscale your hoodie a bit, consider wearing it with luxury items like a leather jacket. It will look steep, sophisticated, and edgy. You can also wear luxury watches and bracelets to complete your luxury hoodie look. 

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Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

How to wear the hoodie? Yes, the tracksuit is a recurring garment for wearing these informal designs, but not the only option. Just take a look at the looks of the most influential fashion experts to see that this basic has become a wild card in the cold months. Icons like Hailey Baldwin say yes to the mixture of jacket and hoodie, a mix that we already saw last year and that in 2022 is consolidated as a trendy look. Other lovers of classic combinations do not hesitate to wear this garment with skirts or suit and pants sets as an alternative to the usual shirt. Discover in the new FASHION video these and other options with which to rediscover the hoodie and update your style with minimal effort. 

Most of us have at least one favorite hoodie that recurs in our wardrobe. We probably overuse it a bit, seeking it out in almost any and every circumstance:

  • Going to work.
  • Hitting the gym.
  • Having a beer with a friend.
  • Cozying up on the couch for movie night.
  • Going for a run.

There’s something about hoodies: They’re as comfortable (and Eng comfy ) as functional.

Many people don’t give much thought to how, where, or why their clothing originated, but the understated hoodie has a fascinating history. It’s hard to think of a single garment that has changed so little since its inception and is worn universally worldwide in so many different circumstances.

Todd Snyder + Champion Heavyweight Popover Hoodie

The top of our list is this hoodie from Todd Snyder + Champion because it’s quite literally a modern classic. Champion created the iconic hoodie nearly a century ago and has perfected it ever since, while Todd Snyder is one of the best brands functionally and helpfully.

Todd Snyder teamed up with Champion to make this hoodie part of the brand’s Foundation Collection. The line contains impeccably made timeless classics, the perennial staples, or foundations, if you will, of the modern man’s wardrobe.

Top Ten Ways to Wear a Hoodie 2022

This hoodie is made from super soft heavyweight fleece, 80% cotton, and 20% polyester blend. The thick, softly structured material and popover hood give the sweatshirt a slightly more polished look, making it just as appropriate for lunch as for movie night.

prAna Outpost Hoodie

prAna makes excellent quality adventure-ready clothing, so it should be no surprise that the Outpost Hoodie earned a top spot on our list. The company makes incredibly comfortable clothing suited to intense activity as it is to lounging around, and this hoodie is undoubtedly no exception.

It’s made from a lightweight, ultra-stretchy recycled polyester-spandex blend that offers UPF 50+ protection. Ergonomic four-way stretch seams move with you no matter what you’re doing, and thumbholes at the cuffs help keep the hoodie in place. A classic large kangaroo pocket and popover hood are as practical and functional as cozy.

Carhartt Midweight Logo Hoodie

There’s a reason this Carhartt hoodie, affectionately called “The Grillin’ Hoodie,” has over 1,200 5-star reviews. There are several reasons: It’s got that perfect minimalist style but will keep you warm. Carhartt’s legendary triple-stitched construction and durability, and the price are almost too reasonable to be true.

Cut in a traditional fit, and the Drawstring Hoodie is built with the blue-collar worker in mind, designed to move with you. Rest assured, though, and it looks just as good off duty.

The hoodie is available in sizes Small to 2XL, plus special hard-to-find Big & Tall sizes from Large Tall to 4XL. There are over a dozen colors to choose from, so there is an option for even the pickiest men and those hard to shop for.

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