Top 9 Amusement & Theme Parks in Gatlinburg

Top 9 Amusement & Theme Parks in Gatlinburg

When you are out and about on a vacation trip, one of the very first things that are more likely to come to your mind is visiting an amusement or theme park. Well, you can expect ultimate fun and of course create memories for a lifetime. Every year millions of people from across the world travel to Gatlinburg and certainly for obvious reasons.

The diversity of attractions and super-exciting experiences make your journey memorable than ever before. Considering the number of theme parks at this popular vacation destination, it might be overwhelming for you to choose one. Well, we are here to help you by listing down the most renowned options.

1 Rowdy Bear Mountain

The popular park is home to two amazing rides. The gravity-driven coaster lets you travel through the wonderful Great Smoky Mountains. The maximum speed range is 35mph that you can adjust accordingly. This racing coaster offers you a nerve-wracking fun experience. You would love to see the breathtaking views all around.

The good news is park is open throughout the year and has modified arrangements for every season and weather conditions. All you need to do is park your vehicle free of cost and enter the amusement park for an experience worth it. Don’t forget the Power Coaster and World’s First Laser Gun. Enjoy the Smokie Mountain Vacation at your best.

2 Anakeesta

Anakeesta is another renowned award-winning outdoor theme park. The site has many exciting adventures to offer along with seasonal exclusive festivals, shopping, live music, and much more. Well, we can say that there are endless family-friendly activities and therefore it makes a perfect place for the entire family to visit and enjoy. From riding a Ridge Rambler adventure truck to entering the world of whimsy, are you excited already?

3 Ripley’s Moving Theater

Get your hands on a bumpy ride! Gear up to secure the seat belt around yourself and enjoy the seriously REAL-D 5D Moving Theater experience. It’s one of a kind experience you may hardly find anywhere else. The advanced digital effects along with motion seats will make you feel as you are a part of the movie. Knock, dip, and jiggle as the adventurous journey begins. For all those expectant moms, we recommend you consult your doctor regarding any medical conditions before planning to take the ride. Hold on tight!

4 Dollywood

Positioned in the lavish foothills, Dollywood makes one of the best vacation destinations you cannot simply miss out on. Founded by the singer Dolly Parton, the theme park has a lot to offer. You will find above 40 rides – some of them are adventurous while some our kids friendly. There is something for everyone! In addition to exciting rides, you can visit traditional crafts exhibitions and occasional musical festivals. In many of the musical concerts, the singer gives a guest appearance.

What’s more? Expect a massive marketplace and numerous delicious food options. Further, you can visit another popular site at the park – a museum exclusively committed to gospel music. You will be more than happy to experience all those interactive cinematographic clips in addition to several antique items from wide-ranging genres.

5 Ober Gatlinburg

The renowned Ober Gatlinburg is located on the mountain top. Many people prefer visiting the site through an Aerial Tramway instead of simply driving to the park for a more fun experience. You will feel as you are high above the sky. Once you reach the top, get ready for the Ski Mountain Coaster. The best part about this roller coaster is you will sit on the driver’s seat controlling the ride speed. In addition, you can visit Alpine Slide and Water Raft Rides. Top 9 Amusement & Theme Parks in Gatlinburg

6 7D Dark Ride Adventure

If you are looking forward to an ultimate adventurous experience, you cannot simply go wrong with 7D Dark Ride Adventure. Get ready for an adrenaline-rushing interactive game. Whether you are interested in a scary zombies ride or the space exploration scientific game, there are multiple interesting options to choose from. Your entire journey on this 3-D motion ride comes with many surprises. Lift your gaming spirit and collect some points through the game. Make sure to book tickets beforehand.

7 NASCAR SpeedPark

Experience the best dramatic go-kart rides in the town as soon as you enter the all-time favorite NASCAR SpeedPark. The most exciting thing about the park is you can drive a 3/8th-scale version of the original Sprint Cup car – WHOOH. A few more popular tracks include Family 500 and the Intimidator.

For all those young adventure seekers, gear up on the Baby Bristol starter track. At the end of the day, take a classic fairground-style ride for an amazing experience. You cannot simply miss out on the Starship 3000 or Tilt-a-Whirl.

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8 The Track

Well, this one is simply amazing! The Track is another well-known destination for travelers coming from across the globe. If you are thinking that you have been to the best go-kart track, think again. Located in Pigeon Forge, the amusement park offers eminent go-kart rides on the signature 3-story track – this is commonly referred to as the Wild Woody.

Whether you are visiting the place with your friends or family, enjoy the 3 levels ride most excitingly. Afterward, you can prefer experiencing the Rookie Track or Kiddie Karts for a little more fun. If you are still looking forward to more, you would love to get on a 75-foot SkyFlyer ride.

9 Rockin’ Raceway Arcade

Finally, we will talk about Rockin’ Raceway Arcade. Here you will find more than 150 video action rides and arcade games that sit in the huge jukebox. Experience the fastest slick track with the go-cart rides. Whether you want to enjoy a roller-coaster or participate in the games, there are numerous activities to relish your day.

Well, there is a winning prize as well! On the other hand, get an iPad and control the joysticks and buttons to win the super-exciting games – Bart Simpson, Scooby-Doo, etc. Isn’t that amazing?

Wrapping Up

Have you read this far? If yes, you would love to visit the attractive town of Gatlinburg and enjoy the several theme park facilities. From exploring the great outdoors to having real friends or family fun, it will be a unique lifetime experience. Discover the fanatic landscape and the extraordinary wilderness to make your vacation simply unforgettable. When planning on the most exciting and fun attractions, these Gatlinburg theme parks make a must-visit destination for every traveler.

Visit one or more of these amusement parks and get your hands on the iconic rides and the 360-degree views. Spend some quality time with your loved ones and have the ultimate fun these popular theme parks bring to you. Looking forward to planning your very next trip to Gatlinburg? Do let us know about your preparations in the comments below. Your input is highly appreciated.

Top 9 Amusement & Theme Parks in Gatlinburg

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