Top 6 Reasons to Transcribe Your Video to Text

Top 6 Reasons to Transcribe Your Video to Text

Top 6 Reasons to Transcribe Your Video to Text

Video marketing is extremely gaining its popularity nowadays. Creating and spreading video content online is not only time and effort-consuming but also very rewarding. Needless to say, the competition is very high nowadays, and you can be successful only when your content is valuable and in high demand.

To enjoy the best engagement from your audience, you might need to turn your video to text. The truth is good videos do not mean high visibility for them yet. Your audience must find you somehow before watching the videos. A good and reputable YouTube transcription service would help you a lot.

Audio to text transcription has a number of perks, and you should learn about them right now. YouTube contains more than 4 million hours of video, so yours should really stand out from the crowd. Even though more and more users become lazier now and do not want to read but watch videos instead, the lion’s share of them still prefers to see a video transcription. 

Boost your target audience

You might be surprised that not only some people prefer reading instead of listening or viewing a video, but there are also multiple people with hearing disabilities all over the world. In the United States alone, their number reaches 35 million. It means that a vast number of the population depends on video or audio transcription, and if you do not provide it, you lose your potential customers.

Thanks to transcriptions, you can reach more audiences, and this is always the goal. Not only those who can listen to or watch your videos can engage with you and your content, but those who cannot do it due to their physical peculiarities will become your devoted followers. This way, you show that everyone is important to you. When you care about the audience’s needs, you have more people coming to you and appreciating that, 

Increase your discoverability

Your users do not only need to view your content, but they must find it first somehow. There is no need to explain that people search for the necessary content on the web by typing their inquiries. A video to text transcription helps Google index your content. Of course, you can always use the tags, meta title, and meta description, but they are just a small part of what your video needs to be found by users.

People want to see the text and read what your podcast or video is about before starting to watch it. When there is no transcript, the chances that they will not open your video at all are much higher. Transcripts are about the conversation because people do not use keywords when talking; they think, speak, and write in sentences. 

Google is not much different from people and wants the same from you. If your video or podcast has a good text description (with the necessary keywords inserted naturally, of course), you boost its discoverability and visibility. 

Drive traffic to your website, blog, or channel

Having videos alone will never increase your traffic and won’t bring more users to your website. Your content must be widespread across the web. To bring more traffic, you are not obliged to create more content. All you need is to use transcription services. 

When converting your video into text, you save your time and get more content without creating it. You also open new channels and opportunities. The same transcript can be used as a blog post, for example, or split into different posts for your social media accounts. By spreading your content like this, you simply drive more traffic to your website eventually.

Boost shares

Having your content shared by different users is a must. This is how you reach your core purpose — get more users. The more people see your content, the more they share it. Shareability is quite important. People are not likely to share content that doesn’t have transcripts. They might even misquote your content when not seeing proper text transcriptions.

Your content should go beyond its platform. Therefore, do a proper job and let people not only find your videos quickly but share them with one another. Social engagements are crucial for you, so don’t skip them. 

Save money for your SEO

So promotion is not only time-consuming but also a cost-consuming process. You should invest a lot and even hire a whole team of professionals to boost your content’s rankings. You can avoid big expenses by having a reliable transcription. 

Since transcribed content increases your visibility, discoverability, shareability and boosts traffic on your website, it doesn’t require additional expenses for SEO improvements. All you should do is include the most relevant keywords in your transcription text, so Google could index it, and people could see your videos when searching for relevant information.

Is it necessary to explain that all this increases your Google rankings and what it means for your content? It means that when people search for specific content related to yours, your website, blog, podcast, etc., appears in the top 10 positions. Isn’t that a total success? 

Reach the global market

When having a good transcription, you get the opportunity to translate it into different languages and promote your product on the global market. This will give you 10 times more users and traffic.

The truth is non-native speakers who might be coming to the United States or just search for relative content online will not be able to find, watch, or listen to your videos if they are not translated into their languages. Even foreign students in the USA constantly search for webinars, video lessons, and other materials online.

Eight out of ten top countries with the most active YouTube users are non-native English speakers. It means that thinking of creating subtitles for your videos in other languages would be very efficient for the success of your channel or website. Think of transcribing your content and getting it translated into other languages to engage with more potential buyers, users, listeners, or audiences. 

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Top 6 Reasons to Transcribe Your Video to Text

Top 6 Reasons to Transcribe Your Video to Text

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