Top 6 Perks of Gaining Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification

Top 6 Perks of Gaining Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification

Top 6 Perks of Gaining Certbolt CompTIA Network+ Certification

Fierce competition among employees and the sheer volume of professionals in the IT industry have made it increasingly difficult for specialists to advance their careers. In this regard, the CompTIA Network+ certification is your golden opportunity to stand out from the crowd and land that dream job in the networking field.

If you’re still not sure, here you can find the top 6 perks of obtaining this certification from CompTIA.

Perk 1: Acts as a gateway to a successful career in networking

Often, even when already employed, it is difficult to get the desired promotion and career advancement. The Certbolt CompTIA Network+ certification will help you to overcome that obstacle. The certification is a great starting point for specialists who already have sufficient experience and do not want to a standstill. Therefore, some of the positions that certified professionals can apply for include Network Field Engineer, System Engineer, Network Analyst, and Network Support Specialist among others.

Perk 2: Gain an internationally accredited certification

CompTIA is a leading certification provider that has qualified over 2.5 million specialists spread across the globe in cloud computing, technical support, networking, cybersecurity fields. Meanwhile, the Network+ certificate holders are employed in some of the world’s top companies such as Apple, Intel, Verizon, and Canon. Thus, the CompTIA Network+ certification would make your resume stand out and create a great first impression when applying for the desired job position.

Perk 3: It helps exhibit your expertise

Most specialists find it challenging to prove their knowledge and skills making them less marketable to employers and recruiters. For this purpose, the CompTIA Network+ qualification track validates professional experience possessed by individuals and makes it easier for employers to judge potential candidates.

Perk 4: CompTIA offers a vendor-neutral certification

As you already know, CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test offers accreditations that are vendor-neutral. This provides candidates the ability to work with any networks and products as a universal specialist and find a job in any part of the globe.

Perk 5: Increased earning potential

Gaining the Certbolt Network+ certificate is an indication of an individual’s dedication and passion. That’s because Network+ certified professionals earn higher pay than non-certified professionals. At the same time, according to the website, the average annual salary of this certificate’s holders is $67,948. This is considered a great salary to keep you motivated as you go down the accreditation path.

Perk 6: Better prospects

Networking is a lucrative field that has several growth opportunities. For instance, the Network+ qualification paves the way to several advanced certification tracks that help professionals branch out into more specialized areas of networking. This includes CompTIA Server+, Cloud+, and Linux+. It’s important to note because there is a massive demand for advanced networking professionals around the world. So, if you are looking to widen your opportunities and excel in your career, pay attention to the CompTIA qualification path.


Evidently, the CompTIA Network+ Practice Test provides many benefits and opportunities for ambitious individuals. What’s more, the accreditation process is very simple and straightforward. So, if you are a motivated professional keen on carving out a successful career in networking, signup today and reap the benefits of the CompTIA Network+ certification.

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