Top 5 tricks to make a woman go crazy in bed

Top 5 tricks to make a woman go crazy in bed

It is no exaggeration to hear people say, “she went crazy last night.” Sex could be anything you want, depending on how well you understand it. So, it is possible that each time your partner sees you, they are always happy knowing that you are always at your best when it comes to bedroom activities. There are several relationships that what has been keeping it is sex. So, yes, sex could save your relationship (to an extent) depending on the calibre of people having sex. 

Women could go nasty for you if you know how to play your way around their bodies and make them feel great. One of the most controversial topics of all time is the “impact of sex on women’s behaviour.” Some schools believe that when you have sex with your partner and they enjoy it, they tend to obey you to the latter, while others oppose it. However, for the sake of this content, you should note that you may make your partner scream and go crazy in bed while having sex, and all you need is sexual know-how. 

If you’ve been meaning to have this experience, you should start by consuming HD porn videos on reputable porn sites. There are various forms and tips you can lay your hands on while watching and since it’s practical and graphical, you get to understand to the fullest all that needs to be done. However, here are some of the top 5 tricks you should have in your arsenal to make her always expect more of you in bed. 

  • Do the teasing:

Women tend to enjoy doing the teasing, but you don’t know if they enjoy receiving it more. So, start by taking over the tease. Take the tease to another level by making it even freakier by either introducing a sex toy or other fun acts. If she enjoys strip teases, or you love it when she does it, you should try doing it to her and watch her helpless right in front of you. 

  • Don’t rush. You have the whole time:

Having sex with the intention of rushing and getting it over with will only make things boring. While you tease, or romance, ensure you take your time. Be as slow and gentle as possible. It is also worth noting that these things don’t have to be on the bed. You can move to the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in the house. Since it takes longer for the woman to orgasm, you might want to use all the time you have slowly. 

  • Talk dirty:

Most women enjoy this more than they let on. Dirty talk is one of those special turn-ons that could take a woman from one to 10 in less than a minute. Since women are less visual than men, it is worth noting that you understand how to use your words to make her feel even more connected. Describing all you want to do to her into her ears slowly could be all you’d say that would make her go haywire. So, you should understand the importance of dirty talks when it comes to sexual intimacy, and don’t be shy to get into details, she wants it all. 

  • Take control:

Taking control comes with a bit of twist, which is by first, ensuring you know what your partner wants. It’s good to improvise, but improvising to what your partner doesn’t want or wouldn’t like could get out of hand quickly. So, ensure you and your partner have discussed boundaries and kinks. If your partner is into kinky sex, you should tie her up and give her commands, if she disobeys, don’t forget to spank her. 

  • Never break eye contact:

As cliché as this might sound, you should still note it. Looking into her eyes to see the vulnerability in her eyes could be a turn-on for you, and would help you understand how well she’s enjoying the intimacy. So, ensure she doesn’t break eye contact, and you don’t either. While teasing and telling her sweet words, allow her to see the vulnerability in your eyes. 

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Top 5 tricks to make a woman go crazy in bed