Top 11 Ways to Earn Money for a Student 2023

Top 11 Ways to Earn Money for a Student 2023

11 Proven Ways to Make Money Online

  • Become a Freelancer
  • Learn Stock Market Trading
  • Become a Consultant
  • Earn Online Money from YouTube
  • Make Money from Facebook, Instagram
  • Buy & Sell Domains
  • Income from Writing Work
  • Start Blogging to Earn Money Online

Mostly, students do not have as much money in their pocket as they would like to have. That is connected to many reasons, which are more or less reasonable, but the result is mostly the same. Students may think they will not have enough time to combine part-time jobs (or even freelancing opportunities) with studies. Like, they suppose they choose between their smaller satisfaction now (earning some money) and their high grades and academic success in the future (prosperous career after graduation).

That perception is not correct. The world of today offers multiple possibilities for students to keep their grades high and still earn enough funds to live their full life even in college. Here below, you can find the ten best ways for a student to earn some funds without causing a negative impact on their academic performance. By the way, you might want to check some papers on accounting here, too.

Top 11 Ways to Earn Money for a Student

Is reaching the end of the month an impossible mission? If you wonder how to earn extra money as a student, you have come to the right place. We give you the best tips to earn income quickly and efficiently and know how to save. In addition to going out on weekends and paying for your residence or shared flat, you can even give yourself the occasional whim! Hundreds of job offers for writing, virtual assistant, teaching English and a multitude of jobs related to the digital world are at your fingertips.

Being in college and depending on a monthly allowance from your parents is sometimes tricky. Discovering how to earn extra money as a student can be quite a challenge, but it will allow you to have some economic autonomy. You are in luck because here you will find the best tips! Combining your studies with student jobs during the summer or weekend is possible. 

Before asking yourself what you can do to earn money, you should set a budget. What are your monthly expenses? Adjust your spending level to your family’s money and what you deserve. It would help if you planned at the beginning of each month what money you would allocate to food, public transport, and other extra expenses, such as nights out or whims. We recommend keeping all costs and income in writing and establishing a monthly control. You will avoid surprises! 

The objective is to obtain income that allows you to make ends meet and learn to save with straightforward guidelines. Take note of these 11 ideas to earn extra money as a student!

1. Stock Photos

Many students have high-quality cameras at their disposal. In case you are an amateur photography enthusiast, you can try selling your best frames by publishing them on photo stock websites (such as, for example). The point is, that’s a nice combination of a hobby and a profession able to bring you more than enough funds with the moderate effort invested.

The downside here is that you can’t just take a random photo, publish it, and then expect someone to pay you thousands of dollars. Stock photographers earn through remaining trendy, having their style, featured topics, and portfolios proving their qualifications.

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money for a Student
Top 10 Ways to Earn Money for a Student

Another good news is that some photo stock websites now accept even pictures taken with the use of smartphone cameras. So, anyone can try their luck and photography talent. Will you?

2. Social Media Marketing

The profession of SMM managers is not something new in 2023. Still, the growth of social media traffic all over the world has been tremendous, so the demand for full-time and part-time SMM specialists is stably high. As a freelance social media marketing manager, you’ll create text content for social media groups (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts, images, promos, etc.) to support and develop your employer’s brand and online presence. A skilled SMM manager will always find a vacancy to fill. Salary rates depend on your experience and skill level entirely.

3. Rewriting & Copywriting

This is another freelancing activity that does not require any investment but your time. Copywriters are people who create the overwhelming majority of the content you read online. Those are blog articles, website content texts, guides, instructions, explanations, shop descriptions, etc. Nowadays, it is great for a copywriter to have at least a basic understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) to boost their rates.

Rewriting is a bit simpler than copywriting. Rewriters take the text that is already published online and then paraphrase it to craft a copy similar in structure and sense but unique in expressions and words to explain the topic. Obviously, rewriters earn less than copywriters, but rewriting is still a worthy opportunity for a student who prefers working online without even leaving their dorm room.

4. Customer Support & Call-Center

Call centers and businesses always need people who would process their clients’ feedback and requests. Online customer support representatives are obligatory staff members of every online company selling goods or services in 2023. Most frequently, employers are happy to offer these positions to students as part-time or even full-time job opportunities. The point is, you’ll most probably be able to adjust your working hours to your studying schedule with no problem (evening shifts are welcome).

5. Tutoring

What? Why wouldn’t you consider that opportunity?  Tutoring turned into a much more comfortable money-making possibility after online communication threads evolved to their current level of development. The fact that you are a high school, college, or university student means that you know more than middle school guys do, for example. A lot of them will be ready to pay you for sharing some knowledge about your college major.  

6. Website Creation

Here comes the money-earning possibility that requires a bit of preparation. To become a beginning website creator, you don’t really need to know how to use graphics editing apps or other complicated software. All you’ve got to master is some CMS like WordPress or Joomla. The Internet is full of free website creation guides, educational materials, and instructions. And there is a high demand for entry-level freelancers ready to construct a website using a content management system they know well.

Top 11 Ways to Earn Money for a Student 2023

7. YouTube Vlogging

Let’s make it clear at once: the development of a YouTube channel won’t suit you if you need to earn money quickly. It requires thorough preparation, long-term planning, and a lot of creativity and patience. However, if you will be able to create contents that are interesting to a particular target audience and attract them to your channel, YouTube vlogging can become not just a hobby bringing funds from time to time. Many vloggers have their channels as main income sources and officially registered businesses. So, think about that.

8. Text Blogging

This one is nearly the same as YouTube vlogging. It will take a lot of your time, effort, and nerves. You’ll need to post exciting articles on your blog regularly to attract and keep an audience. Still, if you’ll be creative and lucky enough to generate a lot of traffic through popularizing your blog, it will bring you really much money in many different ways, beginning with context ads and ending with guest posting and brand promotion articles.

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9. Freelance Coding

It is the perfect opportunity for programming students or anyone else who is a coding enthusiast. If you know how to code, you’ve got a lot to offer to those who don’t. Coding freelancers of different qualification levels are in demand all over the world.

Writing scripts and simple apps can be more profitable than you might think. Simply check rates and prices of relatively easy freelance projects. Additionally, your applications will be a good proof of your experience, as you can add them to your portfolio when the time comes to look for your first full-time programming job.

10. Service Sector

Waiters, cashiers, sales managers, tech store consultants, and many other jobs are considered non-prestigious ones for no reason. So, numerous students prefer staying in their dorms without funds in their pockets to working as Mcdonald’s cashiers, for instance. Nevertheless, every job is a possibility. Students are extremely rare to become ultimately successful before they graduate.

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If you’ve got no plan on how to make your genuine business idea bring you millions so far, use every opportunity available to get experience and earn some funds. It’s the way to your financial independence. 

11. Bonus: Money-Making apps

Money-making apps are a perfect option for students to make some money on the side since it doesn’t require a lot of time and effort or initial investments. The apps may differ in the sense, that some of them require you to do various micro tasks in order to earn money, while others can offer passive earning possibilities. In order to find what works best for you, do your own research about money-making apps and learn about their features, differences, and benefits.

12. Offer experiences through Airbnb.

Did you know that in addition to renting your apartment for seasons on Airbnb, you can offer experiences? Are you an ax in the kitchen and want to take courses to teach how to cook paella? Offer personalized tours of neighborhoods in your city? Do you know how to get along fluently in other languages ​​to offer “experiences” to foreign tourists? 

Excursions, guided tours, cultural walks: Thanks to this platform that puts you in contact with thousands of tourists who visit its website every day, you can earn extra money. 

13. Work as a freelancer.

If you are still trying to figure out how to earn extra money as a student, note this idea. How about working from home, for hours, and on the project you want? Sounds good, right? To start with, you can open a professional profile on platforms like Nubelo or Twago. We recommend that you begin with international media since you will be able to contact clients worldwide, increasing your chances of earning extra income. 

Finding a job in your free time that you can combine with your studies will be easy. Hundreds of job offers for writing, virtual assistant, and a multitude of jobs related to the digital world are at your fingertips. 

14. Sell your notes online.

How to earn extra money as a student is easy to discover, thanks to websites that sell notes online. They are no more giving free notes to those who have decided to skip classes. Now this practice will allow you to earn income to make ends meet

We recommend looking at platforms to sell notes, such as Stuvia or Wuolah. Converting your notes into cash is now possible!

15. Sell your books 

Selling used books is a quick way to earn extra money as a student. Classic second-hand platforms do not work here; we have created a section to talk about this way of earning income

You can go to any of the stores in your city where they buy books by weight. In cities like Madrid, the area around Calle Libreros is very popular right in the center. If you prefer to do it online, you have several options, such as Abelibro or Second reading.

16. Answer paid surveys

Many companies carry out market research. To do this, they need to collect the opinions of a population group through surveys. Answering these surveys is simple and will hardly take your time. You can earn money with online paid surveys through platforms like Myiyo, GlobalTestMarket, or Ipsos, among others.

17. Work on telemarketing campaigns

You have to enter “work in telemarketing campaigns” in Google to see hundreds of job offers available in Spain. The telemarketer job is not particularly well paid, but it will allow you to earn extra money to make ends meet. The best thing is that the shifts are usually rotating, with night shifts included. In this way, it will be possible that your work schedule does not coincide with your classes. 

18. Create a YouTube channel

The consumption of videos by users is increasing. To such an extent that YouTube has become the second Internet search engine. Did you know that you can earn money by creating your channel?

YouTube advertising pays between 20 cents and 3 euros for every thousand views of a video. If you can post good content, give it visibility through social networks and publish videos regularly, you can earn extra money. 

19. Create your products and sell them

We still have more ideas to earn extra money for students. If you have creative talent and are good at crafting, it’s time to take action. You can use eBay or Etsy to sell your creations. You will only have to pay a small commission for each sale made. You’ve got nothing to lose!

20. Work as a waiter

Raise your hand if you hadn’t worked as a waiter when you were a student? It is a simple job that does not require much qualification. In addition to your salary for a part-time job, you can earn extra money thanks to tips from customers. Bring out the best in you when you serve a new table or a drink at the bar! You never know how generous some customers can be! 

21. Look for an internship related to your studies.

Why not look for a job for which you have a true vocation? Working as an intern in a company will allow you not only to earn extra money but above all to gain experience. Sooner or later, you will finish your studies, and you have to start thinking about the future!

22. Moving Help

Why not rent a van and offer your services? You can advertise by putting up posters in your neighborhood or area. The classic text “cheap shipping and removals are made” will be the best advertising claim. You won’t be able to do it alone, but you have a group of friends who are probably in the same situation as you. You can discover together how to earn extra money as a student thanks to moving. And, of course, pay the rent of the van together when you have obtained clients!

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23. Become a mystery shopper

Mystery Shopping is a practice many companies use to find out how their workers work and what kind of attention is given to customers. To be a mystery customer, you must evaluate how they serve you and all the details related to your purchase, pretending to be a regular customer. 

The first thing you should do is open a profile on online platforms like Service Check. Once you enter your data, you will be assigned jobs adapted to your consumer profile. They usually earn a minimum of 8 euros per visit to each store, plus the preparation of the report. They can also pay you with products from the establishment itself or discount or purchase vouchers. You should never advance the money. Simple, right? 

24. Be an extra in commercials, series, or movies.

If you live in a college town, commercials will likely run frequently. On platforms like Clandestino de Actores, you can find hundreds of casting calls for commercials, series, or movies every day. 

For most ads, no prior acting experience is necessary. It is mainly about adjusting to the physical profile that the advertiser is looking for. In the case of extras for film shoots, the same thing happens. It is an original and fun way to earn extra money as a student. 

25. Work as a delivery man. 

If you are still wondering how to earn extra money as a student, here is our latest proposal. You can find many job offers such as fast food delivery, supermarket shopping, and even flowers. You have to have a motorcycle or bike to start. 


Have you found an answer to how to earn extra money as a student? Enough ideas for income to make ends meet? We hope some of these tips have helped you! If you have more ideas than we should include in the list, do not hesitate to write us in our comments section. Thanks for following us!

Top 10 Ways to Earn Money for a Student

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