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8 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Within Days

Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Within Days

8 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Within Days

By creating aesthetically appealing posts, using Reels and trending hashtags, and including keywords, you can easily increase the number of your Instagram followers.

For new businesses and startups, Instagram is one of the most suitable social media platforms to begin their outreach activities. Millions of people use the social app to connect with their favorite celebrities, companies, politicians, friends, and family members.

If you are the owner of a new business or startup, then you should use the excellent social media platform to increase the presence and the potential outreach of your brand. Not only that, but you can also get sponsorships and business partnerships on Instagram as well.

For people new to the business world, cost Investments are the biggest concern. With Instagram, you can not only increase your followers but also enhance your sales with very few cost Investments. A stable internet connection is the investment you require as a first step.

With an ISP offering economical prices such as Spectrum internet prices you can use the application even on the go. On Instagram, you can follow some tried and tested tips in the passages below to not only increase your followers but also improve your business prospects. Check these out…

8 Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Within Days

Growth is always a good indicator of a successful, thriving account and once you have 1,000 followers, a lot of monetization opens up for you. All in all, as long as you are seeing great engagement and creating quality content, you are on the right track to making money on Instagram.

By reading this post, you will know some tips to get followers on Instagram.

I am super happy to have Estelle Liotard on this occasion as a guest on the Vatoel – Marketing Agency blog. She is a content editor, a professional blogger at 3to5Marketing, and a writer at Wowgrade.

How to get followers on Instagram?

Oh, Instagram, that platform where we all want to be famous. It is one of the most relevant social networks and something that marketers should not ignore.

All the statistics speak of the enormous growth that Instagram has had in recent years, so, without a doubt, integrating it into your Social Media Plan is a safe bet.

Take a look at the following Instagram stats (Hootsuite image)

-More than a billion people use Instagram every month, and 500 million do it every day. Oh!

-71% of Instagram users are under 35, which is enormous for brands trying to appeal to younger generations. The distribution by gender is quite balanced.

-Its users ‘like’ more than 4 billion posts daily.

With these facts about Instagram, how can you retain your followers and gain some new ones along the way? These are our tips.

social media
  1. Optimize your Instagram account.
  2. Keep a consistent content calendar.
  3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance.
  4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content.
  5. Avoid fake Instagram followers.
  6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere.
  7. Post content followers want.
  8. Get the conversation started.

1. Making Aesthetically Appealing Posts

Instagram is primarily about images and visual content. Therefore, it is very important that you create posts that are visually appealing and aesthetically sound. Make sure to select vibrant primary colors for your business. A set design theme on your Instagram posts will also help you in getting more followers.

2. Use Instagram Reels for Short Videos

Instagram Reels is a new feature from Instagram that allows users to create short videos. They are going to add this feature to the “explore” section. Make sure to use this feature so that you have a dedicated section with short videos that visitors can see and explorer your posts. They will be able to appreciate your work by visiting this section.

3. Add Relevant Keywords in Your Posts

It is very important to use relevant keywords in Instagram posts just like it is important to use them in the website content. Keywords that are related to your target industry will help you to rank higher when users search for them. Hashtags will also play a key role in improving your account visibility.

As mentioned above, hashtags enable businesses to improve their visibility on Instagram. in fact, the keywords feature is a relatively new one compared to the hashtags feature. Initially, Instagram only used to emphasize hashtags. With good hashtags, you can rank higher when users search for them compared to your competitors. 

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5. Include Appropriate Captions on Each Post

Captions are quite an important part of an Instagram post. A good marketing professional who has refined writing skills will catchy phrases and elaborately explain the post. This will allow users to easily understand what the post is about and find it relatable to them.

6. Go Live with Instagram Once in a While

Instagram Live feature comes with a lot of potential to not only increase your brand followers but also improve your business prospects. With fun and lively conversations, engage your followers so that they can share the message with their connections. Going live will also allow you to get more followers with the help of direct engagement.

7. Develop Content that Boasts High Quality

Good content quality will allow users to share your posts. This will help to increase the traffic on your account. People on Instagram want to follow content creators that usually post engaging and informative posts. If your posts are interesting then people will come back to your account and even recommend them to their friends and family members.

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8. Collaborate with Other Influencers

Another way that you can use to increase the number of followers on your business account is to collaborate with other influencers. You can even enter into an agreement with them to mutually promote each other’s businesses and Instagram pages. With the help of this strategy, you will be able to get more followers and so will the influencer who partners up with you.


 How to get followers on Instagram for free. Have a thoughtful Instagram strategy. Define your target audience. Create a consistent brand story and aesthetic. Use keywords to appear in searches. Use relevant hashtags to reach new users. Craft a great bio and profile. Share engaging, high-quality content.

Whether you’ve just started a one-man business or are part of a 100-strong team, if you want to grow your business in 2021, you need to know how to get more Instagram followers.

Why? Because 500 million people are active on Instagram daily and 79% of them are looking for a product or service on the social media platform. It’s a giant audience that actively searches for the things you are selling.

Fact: Some of the most successful businesses in the world have taken advantage of Instagram to create incredibly fast-growing businesses. A beauty brand and D2C unicorn Glossier, for example, have focused their social media efforts on Instagram and have gained 2.8 million followers since 2014.

The competition is fierce, however. You are up against over 25 million other businesses with Instagram accounts. And forget to take shortcuts, like buying likes and followers. These shady tactics won’t work and can actually hurt your business.

No, if you want social growth like Glossier, you’ll need some solid strategies to get more Instagram followers the right way. Fortunately, Instagram continues to create new ways to engage and grow your audience. The trick is to follow these new options and learn how to use them to your advantage.

Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Within Days

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