4 tips to a perfect garden that requires little effort to maintain

tips to a perfect garden that requires little effort to maintain

4 tips to a perfect garden that requires little effort to maintain

Having a beautiful garden is a goal a lot of us aim to achieve. However, maintaining it can be time consuming and this puts us off tending to the gardens we already have. Having a beautiful garden doesn’t always need to be difficult. Here are 4 tips to help you create a perfect garden that requires minimal maintenance. 

1. Plant shrubs instead of flowers

A garden with beautiful and colourful flowers is lovely but requires a lot of tender love and care. If you want living elements in your back garden that don’t require much work, low maintenance shrubs are a good option.

Shrubs are easy to plant meaning you can do this yourself. You can find advice on how to best plant them from gardening centres. To purchase what you need, such as topsoils, plants and gardening tools, there is a Home Depot weekly ad that lists all your gardening needs to help you get started. For example, on page 4 they currently have garden soil that feeds your plants going for $10 for 5 bags, and each one can last up to 3 months. 

There are lots of interesting shrubs to choose from that can make your garden look appealing without the need to plant flowers. Once the shrubs are established, they will need very little maintenance as not much watering is required. You can have a mix of both if you don’t want to totally eliminate flowers from your garden. 

2. Consider hardscaping 

Having a lawn in your backyard requires time to look after it. If time is something you don’t have but you still want a garden feel, you can consider hardscaping. 

Hardscaping is all the nonliving elements that can be found in gardens. Examples include paving, gravel, decking, stones and walls. You can design a garden that is largely hardscaping with minimal greenery. This reduces the time you need to spend maintaining your garden. 

Installing hardscaping can be labour intensive and time consuming to begin with. You can do it yourself or get some professionals to come and do the work for you. After it’s done, you will have a garden that you won’t need to put much work in going forward. 

With hardscaping the most you may need to do is periodically maintain it as and when required. 

3. Artificial turf

If hardscaping is not appealing to you but you still don’t want the hassle of maintaining a traditional lawn, you can go for artificial turf or grass as it is popularly known. Artificial grass became popular in the 1960s after it was used in the construction of the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. The grass is made to look as natural as possible with a lifespan range of 10-15 years. The life span goes up to 20-25 years where there is no heavy traffic. 

The initial cost of installing artificial grass may be high depending on the grade you buy and whether you choose to get it installed professionally or do it yourself. With artificial grass, you get what you pay as there are different grades that look different aesthetically and have a certain level of comfort underfoot. It’s a long term investment that pays off by giving you a long period of minimal garden maintenance. 

4. Hire gardening professionals

Many people want to have a traditional garden with a mix of all the living elements including flowers, shrubs, bushes and traditional turfs. The alternatives may just not be as appealing. If this sounds like you, then one way to have it all in your garden while spending very little time on it yourself is to hire professionals. They can tend to it for you and all you need to do is enjoy it when they are done.

Hiring professionals requires you to have a set budget in place in order to pay them regularly. This is an option a lot of people who can afford it go for. Prices for gardening professionals will vary depending on location and expertise. It is worth shopping around and looking out for referrals to get the right professionals for your garden. 

There is no such thing as a zero-maintenance garden. Every garden requires some work to keep it looking pristine. What determines the level of work is what you choose to put in your garden. 

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4 tips to a perfect garden that requires little effort to maintain

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