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Tips for Planning Your Summer Staycation

Tips for Planning Your Summer Staycation

Tips for Planning Your Summer Staycation

With the lurching forward of the clocks, more than a few of us have taken some time to re-adjust our sleeping patterns, and undoubtedly suffered some poor sleep as a result. But as with every year, the brief irritation levied at British Summer Time gives way to the realisation that summer is, in fact, around the corner! 

With the summer comes clement weather, and the holiday season. Many holidays this year are destined to take place on home soil, though, as international travel becomes too expensive a luxury for struggling households. No matter; the UK is home to some of the most brilliant tourist destinations on the planet! Not to mention some fabulous weather… So, how should you plan your own summer staycation?

Choose Your Adventure

First and foremost, what do you want your holiday to be? Are you after a weekend of peace and pampering? A city break full-to-bursting with culture and vibrant nightlife? A picturesque romp up mountainsides and through forests? The possibilities are near-endless, even on your doorstep; knowing exactly what you want out of your staycation can make planning it properly all the easier.

You don’t even need to have a clear idea of exactly what you want to do in order to pick your holiday of choice! You might have a vague notion that you’d like to spend some of it resting up well – a notion that could guide you to historic spa-towns or to country cottages with a lovely garden. Follow your heart, and the rest is sure to follow.

Set Your Budget

With some simple ideas of what you want from your staycation in mind, you can now secure a budget for it! With a bit of research into the kinds of activities you’d like to try, or locations you’d like to visit, you can begin to intuit the cost for your holiday – taking into account any family, friends or lovers you’re bringing with you, of course. If you’re a little strapped for cash, you can still achieve everything you’d like to achieve in your holiday – getting a little creative can go a long way.

Think Outside the Box

Thinking creatively can also inspire you to try out some new experiences altogether. One outside-the-box holiday idea might be that of the motorhome holiday. Motorhomes are easy to rent, and also a good investment if you were to budget for buying one outright. They also unlock the full possibilities of the open road, giving you the chance to tour the UK’s campsites and areas of natural beauty.

Of course, planning such a holiday requires a different kind of administration, with vehicle essentials like motorhome insurance keeping you covered and on the road – and road-trip shopping for campsite essentials from fire-starters to wind-breaks a must.

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Leave Ample Time to Relax

Whatever your choice for your holiday, it can be tempting to fill every second with activities and action. However, it is important to remember that a holiday is meant to be a relaxing experience – and that over-planning can lead to a new kind of stress altogether. Make sure you leave yourself ample time and space to take a load off, and to drink in your free time and holiday surroundings. This could be as simple as a lie in, or as involved as a half-day doing little more than sunbathing down by the shore. 

Tips for Planning Your Summer Staycation

Six tips for planning a fantastic summer vacation, despite COVID-19 

Wherever you’re going this summer, it’s helpful to plan your vacation wisely. And yes, that means programming down to the last detail. Cheer up! Despite the current circumstances of being at home practically without going anywhere, closing your eyes, and imagining your next vacation is free, and now more than ever, you have the time to allow it. 

As summer approaches, we feel it is the best time to plan your next vacation. You can usually plan an exotic vacation “less traveled.” This year exotic and adventurous destinations are waiting for you at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re taking a tuk-tuk in Bali, floating down the Ganges, or hiking in Peru during Asia Holidays, we’ve got some tips on how to take the trip of a lifetime.

Define your intentions

Just like when you start a new project, setting an intention for your next journey will give it focus and meaning. If you seek rest, set the intention to find peace and detachment. Or, if you are looking to find connection and love, plan a trip with close friends or with your partner. By solidifying your intention early in your planning process, you’ll ensure that you’re not planning a trip to an isolated seaside town when you’re looking for an adventurous and social experience.

Traveler Group

Choose your travel companions

Now that you have chosen the destination of your trip, you must decide who or what will accompany you. It may be that a diary and a camera accompany you regardless of whether you go on a trip accompanied or sit on the beach all day. Find a good travel companion who will most likely join you on your next adventure, no matter how last minute. Choose fellow travelers that match your level of experience, interest, and desire to connect with the local culture.

  1. Plan two unique experiences

Whether traveling to a nearby city or another country, you’ll have countless opportunities to meet new people, connect with other cultures, and visit natural wonders. Plan one or two experiences where you can go deeper and integrate with the culture. A trip through Argentina, Thailand, India, or Africa It’s not until you spend a week in a city that you realize that you can always find something new to do or visit no matter how many times you’ve been somewhere.

Wat Arun temple at twilight in Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Plan and let go

With the free time you enjoy, the desire to plan your trip minute by minute seems from another galaxy, especially when you start to see what you can carry in your suitcase. However, the fun of going on an adventure is leaving some aspects to chance. Sure, the Michelin-starred restaurant will probably impress you, but what about the corner cafe served up for decades? Plan essential logistical elements and some interesting places to visit, and then let your feet be your guide as you walk through the city, stopping whenever something piques your interest.

trekking in a forest

  1. Find some nature and adventure 

Walking around a city also provides a convenient way to keep fit. Connecting with nature by walking along a river or during a week of camping can help you reduce stress and enjoy life at a slower pace than daily life allows us and more at this time. If you’re somewhere mobile doesn’t work, consider using your vacation as an excuse to detox on those days digitally. These digital wonders are easy to use when waiting for the next train or bus, but don’t hesitate to take those moments to immerse yourself in the scene of a different local atmosphere.

Couple sharing trip

  1. Share 

Every trip away from home is an opportunity to give back or share experiences with others. Finding local organizations or disaster relief projects, and more so now that you’re living through it, can add purpose to your trip. Do some research before planning your trip to find out about local organizations or organized trips of this type.

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